The Dark Politics of “White Privilege”

In the latest chapter of the left’s ongoing campaign to immortalize the grandfather clause of social justice, but more specifically to permanently compensate America along racial lines, comes the politically convenient creation of “White Privilege”. Because the word “racism” obviously doesn’t denote enough singular intent to indict white America as the sole purveyors of hate, victimization has now evolved into blaming the pale subjects of suburbia as the greatest impetus for urban crime, poverty, civil unrest, and societal division. If “White Privilege” is truly designed to infer advantage or favoritism, then why did I grow up in a blue collar home, wear hand-me-down clothes, rarely have health insurance, never receive a college scholarship, get turned down for better paying jobs, repeatedly fail to qualify for loans, and suffer the consequences for the smallest infractions of the law like any other American? And how on Earth is it remotely possible I would literally not change one of these inconvenient truths: those perceived “injustices” that made me respect my family all the more and instilled the values that made me the man I am today? Without “struggle” do we ever truly appreciate the reward of perseverance or gain wisdom from the penniless gift of perspective? Apparently not.

If the ignorant stereotype “White Privilege” is meant to suggest millions of successful Caucasians didn’t sacrifice for their education, work tirelessly for a better wage, teach their kids right from wrong, and honor the country that affords them a level of opportunity few can fathom, then I’m assuming the even millions more of impoverished white Americans who did the exact same thing only to struggle incessantly also share your rightful claim to economic justice? I find it incredibly ironic minority entertainers, athletes and entrepreneurs making seven figure incomes are “getting paid” and the embodiment of the American dream, but those who fail to reach such levels of achievement are “slaves” and the victims of “White Privilege”? Just because everyone doesn’t get a blue ribbon, or enjoy the same blessings, doesn’t mean you’re a victim of discrimination or owed anything; it simply means “the pursuit of happiness” holds no guarantees and personal envy by no means requires a civil rights march or a bill for reparations to assuage the anger of those who were never slaves. When you sleep with an anchor named self-pity, labor under the delusion equal rights dictate equal outcomes, reality is the biggest obstacle to your own success. The only thing we are truly owed is that which we must do for ourselves.

Detroit and Baltimore are hardly irrefutable microcosms of racial oppression and “White Privilege” but rather a prime example of how liberalism breeds dependence and animosity by refusing to use sound economic principles, an unwavering standard of culpability from all citizens, in order to erect a vibrant and prosperous society. You can’t fault businesses for vacating urban epicenters that are rife with moral depravity, racial division, and decay – to avoid excessively compensating unqualified or indifferent workers – no more than you would tirelessly endeavor to remove your family from those dangerous exploits. Until people prove they’re ready to seek a better life through empowerment, education and hard work – to honor the law and respect others regardless of their heritage, beliefs or economic disposition – the results will reflect the barren nature of their fruitless intent. No obscene amount of money, no unending number of government bailouts, will topple the status quo until the people themselves are willing to personify the change they supposedly so desperately desire. You cannot liberate able-bodied individuals from the psychological ravages of misplaced anger and societal apathy by offering them a permanent crutch to compensate for their shortcomings or inevitable misfortunes; you must help them realize the crutch is the very source of their ills.

The real tragedy in this progressive ploy to use race as an excuse to eradicate personal responsibility, to displace equal opportunity with equal outcome, is that liberals have stereotyped and reduced minorities – specifically black Americans – into a helpless group of malcontents who are incapable of pursuing an education, succeeding in the workplace, obeying the law, raising children within wedlock, building vibrant communities, respecting White America, and loving a country that does far more for their future prospects and civil rights than any African nation has ever done for its indigenous population. In other words, Democrats have disgraced generations of minorities into believing their greatest ambition in life, or obligation if you will, is to be compensated via a menial government check and to repeatedly vote Democrat because a majority are not capable of anything more due to “White Privilege”. Yes, I concur, how utterly racist and insulting. And if you may, how has either changed their lives for the better? Ensuring an endless cycle of poverty and an inexhaustible source of voter discontent does nothing to help the black community seize the wealth of opportunities America inherently affords. Such bankrupt propaganda merely keeps progress shackled to an exploited legacy of mass injustice that no longer exists; except for the callous purpose of inciting violence through media hysteria to ensure the electoral aspirations of their proven historical nemesis: the Democratic Party.

As a Christian who loves America and embraces people from all walks of life, I have grown tired of discussing race, refuting senseless rhetoric, and defending the color of my skin. It literally tears at my soul to repeatedly speak negatively about the country I love or any sect of society that includes a number of my friends and associates. However, I also cannot sit idly and watch liberty burn in the name of immoral politics and false supposition. I don’t care whether you’re black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight, a Democrat or an atheist: if you show equal regard for my life and family, judge me solely according to my actions, I will unconditionally return such respect with equal vigor and gracious humility. If I am truly the beneficiary of “White Privilege” and not the unique product of my efforts and struggles, then my critics are undoubtedly the festering product of “White Hatred”; or in presidential vernacular, institutionalized racism. What else can you call the malicious slights of a former President of the United States, one Barack Obama, who didn’t attend or send one delegate to the funerals of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Major General Harold Greene (killed in Action), or murdered American hero Chris Kyle, but somehow managed to deploy multiple representatives to the memorial services of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray; known convicted criminals and proud street thugs? What else can you call giving millions of illegal immigrants free welfare, healthcare and shelter from criminal prosecution – those non-citizens who have little regard for our laws or survival – at the cost of homeless veterans and those taxpayers struggling to make ends meet? Non-White Privilege? Affirmative action via racial entitlement is now the greatest form of discrimination in contemporary America.

Instead of focusing on inspirational stories of decent, industrious Americans who do everything in their power to make the world a better place, minority or otherwise, an antagonistic media continues to give preference to the brokers of race in order to drive a wedge in the institutions of logic, but most notably, the streets of America. “We the People” can either strive to eliminate these numerous misconceptions and punish those who applaud anarchy or invoke racism where none exist – often at the expense of real discrimination – or this nation can continue to succumb to the destructive relics of distrust, hatred and discord. When color is king, character is but a pawn sacrificed under the fluttering flag of blind allegiance. America doesn’t need more pious politicians claiming dominion over the historical inequities of race, nor does it require safe spaces absurdly seeking re-segregation to fulfill a political narrative of victimization. It needs a national intervention to illustrate the true victims of bigotry – those who actually needlessly suffered or died under unparalleled cruelty – would be appalled by their “privileged” descendants screaming racial injustice because God’s greatest gift, freedom, is now incumbent upon the bartered price of self-respect.

“Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.



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