Vault 7, Agenda 21 and the Zero-Sum State

I’m not going to naively insinuate the American intelligence community has been a pillar of ethical behavior since its inception. From the McCarthy hearings to the infamous Rolodex of Herbert Hoover and the conviction of G. Gordon Liddy, no coincidence or common misappropriation was free the spotlight of scrutiny or the growing shadow of Black Ops. However, these actions, whether foolishly excessive or ever cognizant of a rising threat, were largely geared towards exposing and defeating our enemies; those countries or agents who overtly threatened America’s daily survival and despised our hallowed way of life.

Unlike the bulk of secrets obtained from the urgency of World War II or the heightened tensions of the Cold War, the massive digital espionage web cast during the past 8 years was not waged specifically against foreign foes or unvetted radicals, but for the convenient purpose of sabotaging political opponents and weakening the moral fiber of a nation’s defiant heritage. While Washington ushered Islamic militants across our borders with ceremonial spite and homegrown anarchists operated with impunity, the Obama administration turned phones, computers and smart TV’s into political weapons of mass corruption; illegally confiscated intel aimed at identifying and/or discrediting any law-abiding American citizen who opposed their radical agenda. Liberty lovers, capitalists, Christian conservatives, Jews, veterans, but most notably Donald Trump and his recently appointed cabinet members, all became the select targets of a 24-hour media assassination campaign designed to demonize anyone who posed a danger to the newfound “statist” quo, or more apropos…the New World Order of anti-American globalists. If you can’t intimidate, undermine or silence the damning truth, you can always hijack the navigation system of uncooperative whistle-blowers exposing the secrets of your rogue surveillance state.

Buried in the vast vaults of this endless Russia subterfuge, the unrivaled paper trail of executive abuse, is the revelation the very progressives leading the charge of civil insurrection are the forgotten radicals who have been endeavoring for decades to lead a Marxist coup of American’s founding ideals; and all despite the fact the former U.S.S.R. abandoned and denounced Communism as a failed ideology. If I may, which outgoing President instructed loyalists to leak classified information, moved his top adviser into his personal estate to spearhead “the resistance” of peaceful transition – the same Iranian malcontent who pledged to “fundamentally” transform America – and assembled a team of prestigious lawyers to obstruct nearly every policy decision of an incoming administration? Yes, there’s obviously nothing disconcerting about sedition or treason, let alone a former leader of the free world plotting to subvert a sovereign government he led by spying on his eventual successor. And because misery loves inconsolable sociopaths, what former Presidential candidate, not even a month after losing the election, had her campaign operatives organize national marches of vitriolic sensationalism and plan disruptive protests at town hall events to give the appearance of mass outrage over “fake” syndicated news? When a day without feminists or trespassing immigrants turns into a civil rights charade of partisan hatred, the only oppression evident is an unsuspected dose of reality.

Little is more amusing, if not deeply disturbing, than the absurd narrative Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler – a despotic, racist and genocidal nationalist – when he has respectfully reached out to all sects of American society in the name of unity and cooperation. Let’s not forget, mere weeks before the election, these same bastions of integrity reported a celebrity billionaire violated at least a dozen women, without one lawsuit or settlement, and that he later somehow colluded with Russians to pervert our electoral process; a laughable claim considering we now know the CIA has a program called “umbrage” to falsely imitate Russian “hacking” and that the Clinton Campaign has a lucrative history of soliciting favors from Russian operatives. If hypocrisy is now the most widely accepted form of political currency, or more succinctly bankrupt credibility, my Ruble is on the same esteemed propagandist who said he’d have more flexibility to work with Putin after his re-election.

Aspiring American communists, aka the current neurotic leadership of the Democratic Party, fully realize they cannot erect a totalitarian state of single party rule, especially in a country as ideologically incompatible as the United States, without first demonstrating an apocalyptic need; i.e., fabricating an unconditional excuse to both incite discord and restore social order through coerced conformity. By orchestrating mass chaos in our streets and cultivating fear through gross propaganda, professional agitators like George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch seek to unravel civility in a mad fervor of mob justice. Yet, no matter what political faction riots or sheds blood in the streets of duplicity, only the victims of such rabid violence will be blamed for opposing its absolute “necessity”.

How in God’s good name and infinite grace, you ask? The best way to justify censorship and purging intellectual diversity is by brainwashing the misinformed populace into believing the very vehicle of their individuality, free speech, is a perilous threat to their survival and desired quality of life. If you can cajole the same masses into believing illegal immigration is a crime against the actual criminals, vetting or banning Islamic refugees hurts our ability to combat terrorism, Christianity is glorified hate speech, and American patriotism is inherently racist, you can literally accomplish anything through the moral inversion of Marxist indoctrination. Whether maliciously publishing the email address of a respected dignitary’s wife, or imploring a sworn government agent to violate the Constitutional privacy of a Chief Executive’s inconsequential tax returns, there are no Rules for Radicals except the ones used to strangle the last breath of coherent dissent.

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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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