Two Scoops of Sanity


While Kathy Griffin’s disgusting actions are not worthy of the ‘shock value’ attention some celebrity degenerates so desperately crave, they are disturbingly symptomatic of the mindless hate engulfing our country. In essence, her behavior is the toxic byproduct of an antagonistic culture, “fake news” and triggered fascism if you will, that rejects intellectual diversity and ruthlessly demonizes a man every waking minute of every single day without any regard for the truth, the welfare of America and the safety of her people. When constructive discourse is stripped of merit in favor of feeding a political lynch mob, college professors can keep their jobs after advocating genocide, racist students are actually allowed to organize “A Day Without Whites” as they verbally assault and physically threaten non-minority professors, a popular talk show host profanely berates the President with homophobic slurs but without consequences, a 10 year-old weary child is mocked as ‘autistic’ for braving the morning hours of election night, and highway billboards depict Donald Trump as a Nazi for opposing illegal immigration – laws created/ratified by both parties and a prosecutable crime in nearly every developed nation – and seeking to temporarily ban unvetted immigrants from Middle Eastern countries that either lack the resources or moral fortitude to document militant elements; an executive action exercised by previous Democratic Presidents without the faintest public whisper of party opposition. Maxine Waters kindly said it best…”if Hillary proposed the ban, I would fully support it.” Somewhere, facts still matter more than the syndicated newsrooms of fabricated outrage or the indoctrinated campuses of mob justice.

Oh, and by the way, Nazi merchandise that symbolizes authentic genocide is still available on Amazon while Confederate figures are being condemned and destroyed whether or not they partook in human servitude – a global institution practiced by only 1.6% of Americans before the Civil War – but needlessly continues to flourish across Africa and Asia today without notable protest or tangible international action.

Not only are these reactions devoid of rationale thought or any semblance of dignity, they are being actively cultivated and justified by political elites for the sake of overturning an election result that symbolizes our founding struggle to live as a Constitutional Republic free the historical ravages of intolerance and tyranny. Yes, who needs media accountability when the revisionist anchors of the Islamic creed, those “humanitarian” voyages and ruddy seas ransomed by the Tripoli pirates, are somehow magically sown into the iconic tapestry of the American dream? If America is truly dying, it’s because “We the People” have become too sick and self-indulgent to notice; let alone inconvenienced enough to care.

I am not going to hypocritically proclaim I embraced Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as honest, moral contemporaries worthy of my respect. I did not. However, my disdain for their political rhetoric and unscrupulous dealings never morphed into literally calling for their heads, threatening their supporters’ rights, using obscene gestures to voice my opposition or rioting in the streets of futility. Common decency and basic decorum, philosophical benchmarks of any civilized society, never constitute mocking our fallen heroes on Memorial Day or moralizing the number of scoops of ice cream a 70 year-old man has for dessert rather than unmasking the juvenile exploits of Antifa anarchists who are funded by some of the same commercial sponsors as their so-called ‘esteemed’ networks. That, my friends, requires a spoiled, detached and much less evolved mind.


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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