To Kill A Whistleblower

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist for such accusations are typically rooted in knee-jerk paranoia and an insatiable desire to assume the worst about those we dislike or distrust. However, because human nature is as pernicious as it is inspiring, there are events that are deftly muddled by those guilty parties who purposely conflate the relevant details to bury the truth and discredit their accusers in the court of public opinion. That being said, if my close friend or fellow DNC staff member was murdered in cold blood – yes, Seth Rich’s death was ruled a homicide by Washington D.C. police after being shot twice in the back – I would by no means seek a hasty conclusion to the case, obstruct justice or callously slander those who sought answers to very reasonable questions. Without truth, there can be no justice, and without justice, there is no acceptable resolution or closure for grieving loved ones. If this vibrant and popular man’s death was merely a rogue crime, why didn’t his assailants take any of his valuables? Over 80% of all violent crimes are motivated by theft or personal discord. Why did he suddenly die, before he could give a police statement, shortly after doctors performed successful, emergency surgery in which he was expected to live? And why didn’t his superiors, whose response to such a horrific tragedy bordered more on stoic resignation than sorrowful outrage, immediately invoke a possible political motive being it occurred in the middle of a hotly contested campaign season? There is no party that loves to capitalize on the mere inference of scandal, expendable political capital to sway public opinion in an election year, more than the Democratic establishment itself. Their tepid reaction to such a senseless act, their continued desire to suppress information in this unresolved travesty, speaks almost as loudly as the absence of an arrest nearly a year later.

While these questions could either be quickly dismissed by provable, plausible explanations, or purposely left to linger due to the incriminating nature of such details, the answer to one remaining question, in my opinion, will literally spell the difference between conspiracy and untimely coincidence. If Seth Rich was the infamous source of the DNC email leaks, the insider who allowed Wikileaks to access their vulnerable servers, I have little doubt he was murdered in cold blood to seal a river of damning evidence and criminal behavior. From Hillary’s smug messages degrading Latino’s, blacks and Catholics, to rigging the DNC primaries with party officials to defeat Bernie Sanders and even her blatant collusion with the “unbiased” press to falsely accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment, these leaks were so utterly damning that they splintered the Democratic base come election day and created a public relations firestorm her Presidential aspirations would not escape. It is no secret the Clintons have a lurid history of skillfully and viscously attacking those who dare cross or attempt to hold them accountable for a litany of lies and abuses; i.e., Bill’s alleged rape victims, Vince Foster and the culturally eponymous Clinton body count. Likewise, Debbie Wasserman – a longtime Clinton ally and propagandist whose brother is also an assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington – was fired 18 days after Seth Rich’s murder, or 2 days after the first leaked emails were released, but more profoundly as part of an obvious ploy to shift blame during an exploding Wikileaks scandal that further magnified Hillary’s “corrupt” image and voter credibility issues. Yes, it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to connect the dots of suspicion and logically surmise that an ardent Bernie supporter within the DNC machine was targeted for attempting to expose a hopelessly compromised party. To quote the immortal Shakespeare, “who profits” because honesty does not invite a platonic mix of power, money and politics.

I find it incredibly disconcerting the liberal media will chase Russian rainbows without refrain or discernible proof, only to ignore a very tangible trail of unexplained irregularities surrounding the extremely suspicious and brutal murder of one of their own party’s operatives. There is a stark difference between sabotaging an incoming President simply because you disagree with his policies, and being slain for consciously exposing real corruption. Regardless of the outcome, or the inevitable political fallout, we must never forget a 27 year-old man who had a contagious lust for life and a clear love of politics was denied his future by a ruthless killer. Whether his death was a random act of violence and this is all baseless conjecture, or an orchestrated plot was hatched to silence dissention within the DNC, an unpunished murder is all that remains of a promising individual who may have died for simply trying to do the right thing. And if that doesn’t deserve our undivided attention, if only for the sake of laying his soul to rest and restoring his family’s peace of mind, nothing will acquit our conscience for failing to demand due diligence.



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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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