The Aftermath of Appeasement

So it’s “big city life” when jihadists murder Westerners but it instantaneously qualifies as a “horrific tragedy” when Muslims die at the hands of an English assassin who targeted a mosque with suspected terrorist ties? Yes, make no mistake about it, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is a disgrace. For the record, I condemn all acts of senseless aggression…regardless of one’s nationality, race or religion. The man and any possible accomplices who perpetrated this brutal plot are criminals and should be shown no mercy in a court of law. However, when the British people endure attack after attack only for globalist activists to sweep such systemic radicalism under the rug in the name of unity, or more succinctly encourage submission to the hateful, intolerant and historically unaltered diatribe known as Islam, what do the Marxist merchants of “One World, One Government” truly expect? Simple: a slow, complicit death of our culture, sovereignty and values.

In the growing prevalence of such callous indifference, it’s only a matter of time before the sacrificial lambs slain by Muhammad’s soldiers become the unchained lions of liberty defending their fellow brethren and threatened homeland. While the media rejoices in selectively identifying the “worthy” victims of terrorism, they conveniently forget that assimilating to the societal norms of the civilized world is not a rhetorical question, a “get out of jail” free card or an open invitation for endless political debate to justify misogyny and martyrdom. It is a universal affirmation of human dignity that must not be abridged or broken to appease anyone regardless of your political preferences. And nor should it ever be disregarded when millions of Islamic immigrants supposedly weep for the opportunity to flee the depravity and desolation left by over 1500 years of Islamic oppression and indoctrination. If all we seek is the exploitation of death by marginalizing tragedy to manipulate the voting masses, then the innocent blood spilled during last night’s rampage is also on the hands of those who treated the countless Anglo-American victims of Islamic terrorism, for well over a decade, as arbitrary ‘bumps in the road’ to a New World Order; one that obviously doesn’t manufacture “Stop” signs in Arabic.

Once upon a time Western Civilization was a beacon for hope and a road map for securing human rights; now we willingly make excuses to protect those who silence, rape and beat women, who punish free speech against Islam as hate crimes, and who defend pedophilia, genital mutilation, as freedom of religion. Forgive my disgust, but where have all the feminists and humanists gone? Obviously to sleep…to protest a Judeo-Christian, capitalist, “patriarchal” society that ensures their economic, sexual and civil liberties in the face of such unrelenting evil. In Machiavellian terms, never confuse taste with tantrums when equality is a corpse and a cappuccino best served cold.

If you must dance naked and scream anarchy in the streets of “injustice” to condemn those who value the sanctity of life and free will, only to empower those militants who seek to religiously cover your face and demand your unconditional obedience, you’re earning less money and daily respect because you obviously misunderstand the relevance of “choice”. Gender is not an adopted identity of real victimization and human suffering is not a self-aggrandizing march eagerly embracing modern profanity and ignorance by pardoning a millennia of cruelty and intolerance to celebrate your heartless misappropriation. It is, however, most commonly the jagged aftermath of incited hate, dismissed circumstance and blind apathy colliding in history’s frozen wake. Only so many can needlessly die, without repercussion or remorse, before the abandoned prey become the undaunted predators of self-preservation. May God comfort the dead’s grieving loved ones and may he give mankind the unwavering courage and moral fortitude to save far more lives than those acceptable casualties eulogized by the part-time tears of political thespians.


About The Conservative Depot

The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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