Rinse, Lather, Retweet


Donald Trump didn’t ascend to the pinnacle of real estate or become a global business icon because he was afraid to speak his mind and step on a few uncooperative toes. He made his proverbial bones by being a brash, fearless entrepreneur who learned to survive, dare I say thrive, in a cesspool of bloodthirsty sharks, yellow journalists and political parasites. The man does not apologize for his success, his survival instincts or Darwinian tactics, any more than you or I would apologize for being shot by a home intruder. If you choose to berate him, Mika – repeatedly labeling him a goon, a liar, a fraud and joyously mocking his appearance – he’s going to piss in your Morning Joe and posterize your hypocrisy for the entire world to see. Your smug ploy for ratings solely to promote a hateful narrative, neither invites or requires grace and tact. And yet despite his rough, politically incorrect exterior, his compassionate nature has recognized and assisted countless people from all walks of life with his generosity, vast resources and sincere appreciation. Too bad your sagging journalistic integrity omits reporting the unadulterated truth.

For over a year now, the President’s family has been viciously slandered, harassed and threatened by nearly every facet of society with little outrage or condemnation from the supposed moral high ground; specifically, those pundits who believe social media is somehow beneath the dignity of the Presidency but a worthy platform for his obscene assailants. Celebrities have openly fantasized about his assassination, feminists urged raping Melania to defend women’s rights, Barron Trump has been called an autistic brat who should have been aborted, and even the President’s young grandchildren have been subjected to profane attacks in public settings. If the hysteria surrounding Trump has taught us anything, it’s that progressivism has become the epitome of a soulless dystopian culture which celebrates Planned Parenthood, a baby chop shop founded by a genocidal white supremacist, only to decry the frequency and nature of a populist’s “inappropriate tweets”. Unless using a young intern as human humidor for your Cuban Cigar is now offensive to the guardians of slumbering standards, my guess is the Bill Clinton litmus test for Presidential etiquette miscarried the righteous perception of moral relevance long ago.

Today’s political landscape is no longer 1950’s America, let alone the patriotic renaissance of the 1980’s, where right-minded politicians could voice their beliefs without every word being doctored, fact misrepresented or logical solution maligned by the media. The 2016 election confirmed the press has no intention of honoring the faintest notion of objectivity, instead choosing to advocate for the Democratic Party on a full-time basis. A recent Harvard study revealed 90% of all media coverage during and after the campaign has been overwhelmingly negative towards Mr. Trump. The liberal establishment, even that of the new “progressive” GOP itself, has worked assiduously to destroy his reputation and fabricate any imaginable instance of impropriety, perceived failure, as long as it results in his humiliation, impeachment or future electoral defeat. Yes, when you’re suffocating beneath a poisonous blanket of propaganda, you’re not exactly concerned about articulating the most respectable response to the rabid lynch mob zealously plotting your demise.

Do I wish Donald Trump would engage in fewer social media spats to better concentrate on the tasks at hand? Of course. Then again, when your family is the incessant target of such insatiable hatred and shameless dishonesty, I cannot blame him. Public perception, that psychological weapon used to taint one’s reputation and incite blind resistance against real reform, is a commodity that cannot be undervalued or ignored. Whether you admire or despise the President, he is clearly a master at beating the media at its own game. He confronts their monopoly, lures their sense of superiority, unhinges their violent intolerance, and ultimately exposes just how corrupt and destructive the press has become in its partisan quest to control the electorate at all costs. By the mere suggestion he was going to resurrect the “birther” issue – an accusation the Clinton campaign originally researched and introduced – Donald Trump duped every cable network pledging to blackout his speeches into unwittingly broadcasting a campaign ceremony honoring our veterans. That’s power you cannot buy, but is paid for by the karmic manifestation of your adversaries’ malicious intent.

Whereas some of the President’s communications are admittedly unnecessary or self-indulgent, there is undoubtedly a method to his so-called madness. No other figure in contemporary society has done more to single-handedly discredit, or potentially topple, the mainstream news hierarchy. In the matter of a few seconds, or 140 characters if you will, he can instantaneously bypass the filtered progressive bias of traditional media and literally reach, dare I say liberate, 100 million brainwashed minds from the matrix of corporate news and public education. In a single tweet alone, Trump convinced James Comey to tell the truth by insinuating he taped their conversations. In a matter of minutes, he reduced CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post into supermarket tabloids whose most trusted sources teetered between the Arkansas Booger, the Southern Sasquatch, and an Oval Office desk plant that was once watered by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. By smashing the misconception the media represents an independent, credible source of information, Donald Trump has transformed the once sacred bell cows of syndicated thought into sniveling relics of privilege complaining their Depends are too tight. Apparently the unyielding stench of their disposable duplicity is not near as uncomfortable.

In 2012, despite challenging a divisive socialist sporting the worst economic record since World War II, a polished politician codenamed “Mittens” lost with a “dignified” smile and a cordial concession speech. As a result, eight years of unchecked anti-Americanism ensued. Now those same media mouthpieces and spoiled celebrities who ravaged Romney’s record and “fact checked” his intellect without refrain – burying the numerous failures, lies and abuses of Barack Obama – are suddenly upset their new victim is unwilling to be a political piñata; i.e., refusing to honor the media’s “house” rules when “tweeting” against the crooked status quo. Spare my cinematic nostalgia, our President’s abrasive persona, but honestly “We the People” need him on that wall; I want him on that wall fighting to preserve those forsaken timeless ideals that once made America great. I’d much rather have an undeterred President who lives and breathes to reclaim our vitality and security, engaging his detractors at 3 am, than watching the country I love dismantled behind the affable Orwellian facade of “Hope” and “Change”. While Donald Trump may lack Reagan’s oratory refinement and social elegance, his political instincts and the unflinching manner in which he acts upon them are equally if not more impressive. The difference between proven leaders and regurgitated rhetoric is that only “fake news” serves garnish 24 hours a day to the malnourished masses. Bon appetit!


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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