The Hijacked Gender of Jihad

Oh, Linda Sarsour? Methinks the grifter doth protest too much! Or shall I compare you to a soiled blade betrayed by a handle bearing your unindicted name? There are innocent laughs shared among mutual friends, and then there are malicious plots waged by unarmed saboteurs who squat on your hospitality, seduce your sense of security, solicit dowries to consummate your demise, before unlocking your backdoor to smile at sovereignty’s death. The only revelation more hypocritical than an anti-Semitic “feminist” advocating Sharia Law in a country predicated upon universal human rights is the militant Islamic offspring of anti-American immigrants organizing a national protest march to galvanize women already liberated by Judeo-Christian values. How else can the self-identified, third party victim of a democratic election result rise to the forefront of American social justice by advocating “jihad” against the Leader of the Free World? Yes, whenever tolerance and self-respect won’t suffice, there is always the honorable platform of making terrorist threats and invoking Taqiyya; i.e., the Islamic practice of deception to topple a foreign foe by any means necessary. Or, unless I’m horribly mistaken, are your Zakat payments made out to “I Love America”…regardless of who is president?

I find it ironic the outspoken daughter of Palestinian parents who fled the decadence and destitution of the Middle East to bask in the ubiquitous opportunities and freedoms of Western Civilization, dismisses the uncooperative reality she would be beaten unmercifully by the barbaric tenets of the same Islamic creed she willingly applauds with such wanton ignorance. If Hamas and Hezbollah are indeed freedom fighters not bent on eviscerating the Jewish state, how is glorified misogyny and an unyielding legacy of mass murder no longer a travesty simply because you consensually cover your head and accepted an arranged marriage to honor a deified “prophet” who believed martyrdom begets 72 virgins of “virtuous” fornication? Refusing to assimilate to Western customs, an American nation forged upon the anvil of individual liberty to shatter the glass sword of religious persecution, is about as ingenious as banning water in hell. An ounce of common sense is more than enough divine recompense for 150 pounds of searing flesh. Gratitude begets grace.

While it’s easy to predict your obnoxious opposition to Donald Trump – a patriotic President who recognizes Islam as the greatest singular threat to humanity – it’s extremely disconcerting to witness the Democratic party (American citizens, mind you) confuse political disagreement with ingratiating the ruse of a seditious ingrate who would gladly watch America and Israel burn beneath the same vile breath she spent praising terrorist attacks against both nations. Obviously there must be something so morally redeemable about a self-proclaimed “social justice warrior”, one who actually mourned the death of Saddam Hussein, spearheading an orchestrated coup to dehumanize our President – excuse me, publicly opine for his overthrow or death – only to consciously conceal the suffering of millions whom continue to toil beneath the tyrannical rule of a religion that still beheads nonbelievers, profits from slave auctions or rationalizes raping “infidel” women in lieu of eating a ham sandwich; a despicable act of “questionable” character strictly forbidden by the Quran.

It’s a sad indictment of our God-given capacity for empathy and love when basic human decency, the value of human life, is increasing incumbent upon one’s political loyalties some 2000 years after Jesus’ crucifixion. Truly, what remotely reputable movement barters the dignity and equality of all women by demanding their submission to a violent theocracy which treats our sisters, wives and mothers as disposable pieces of property unworthy of education, let alone free speech? The moment saving an unborn baby, buying your own birth control or “manspreading” are condemned as more ideological extreme, dare I say sexist, than suicide bombers, genital mutilation or throwing gays off buildings to honor Muhammad – a known murderer, pedophile and thief – no amount of sanity will justify grown women wearing pink hats to collectively acquit real injustice.

The same gender terrorists who somehow believe bitter nude females screaming obscenities in our city streets is the highest form of maternal empowerment, or God forbid child friendly entertainment, are now validating Islam’s grotesque treatment of women simply because they both increasingly share a misguided hatred of America. Strong, independent women don’t require a fake cross of false victimization or harbor a shameless desire to weaponize their menstrual cycles to prove their self worth to the detriment of society. Real women who appreciate the evolution of gender equality in a free republic, especially those mentors and mothers not fooled by dysfunctional political stunts, see themselves in all people and plights; including those voices marginalized by the myopic propaganda of religious bigots like yourself. Only in the malformed mind of modern liberalism is Linda Sarsour a feminist hero and Islamic Law most synonymous with America’s timeless ideals: life, liberty, due process and the pursuit of happiness for all crying partisans, hijacked genders or unapologetic infidels.



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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Sir Silence Dogood, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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