Vodka, Caviar & Fish Sticks


There is the foul stench of political desperation, and there is the echo of fumbling footsteps loitering in their own delusional waste. In the curious case of the American media chasing yet another Red Herring, it’s hard not to pin the tail on the drunk donkey wearing a Ushanka while selling party favors in Red Square. In other words, if you can’t defeat a politically incorrect capitalist with a bad comb-over who suplexed your credibility on the wrestling mat of social media, blaming a hated political rival for the identical crimes committed by your absolved constituents, why not besmirch the prodigal son who bears his very name but never ran for public office?

Not to burst the 99 balloons of Russian roulette, exactly what law did Donald Trump Jr. break; regardless of his intent or status as a private citizen? It’s well known English publicist Rob Goldstone initiated contact on behalf of Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, she recently admitted to not possessing or passing any notable information during their meeting despite misreported claims of damning revelations, and the President’s son freely and adamantly released all records of their so-called “scandalous” correspondence. Hmm, color me cognizant of the difference between Caviar and fish sticks, but this woman sounds far more like a political plant, a wealthy sycophant and convincing decoy used to imply misconduct, than a rogue character assassin conspiring to conquer the world with a married man from New York who religiously takes selfies with his kids in his waders.

And yet every election season, with little to no criticism or ethical standards, the DNC hires an army of lawyers and private investigators to find any crumb of usable intelligence to slander Republican candidates into submission. Not that Herman Cain would or Gloria Allred would digress! After all, just because the Clinton campaign initiated a quid-pro-quo rendezvous with Ukrainian officials last year to discuss trading Trump’s dirty laundry for possible future political concessions, or Ted Kennedy begged a Russian diplomat to defeat Reagan by directly interfering with the integrity of our elections, there’s no need for mass hysterics over real collusion and unpunished treason. Naturally the liberal press rarely mentions such shameless behavior because they’re the DNC’s proud propaganda pimps pushing an endless array of salacious narratives with zero discernible proof. Considering the Clinton’s longtime ties with the Kremlin, Uranium One and Moscow banks like Renaissance Capital sponsoring $500,000 speeches – yes, no foreign government is more acutely aware of Bill and Hillary’s sordid past and shoddy dealings than Russia – you would be a fool not to exhaust all leads blatantly ignored by the mainstream media when the most corrupt and dishonest candidate in our nation’s history was mere months away from permanently liquidating the American dream.

This entire, nonstop Russian conspiracy fiasco is but an absurd microcosm of how desperate the Fourth Estate has become to deflect from Trump’s growing list of successes and thus derail his extensive reforms loosening the grip of the Washington establishment. If anybody needs to be investigated for consciously colluding with Russia, China, Europe and the Middle East, for intentionally demonizing America’s heritage and values at every conceivable opportunity, it’s Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Does anyone honestly believe the $100 trillion dollar Paris climate agreement was actually about addressing global temperatures – a proposed scant reduction of .3 degrees by 2100 when solar activity alone can account for such variation in a single year alone – in lieu of perpetrating a globalist Ponzi scheme clearly designed to redistribute America’s wealth, sovereignty and historical influence? Why was Iran, a radical Islamic regime and sponsor of jihad against the West given permission to “eventually” build nuclear weapons, with almost no enforceable oversight, let alone made the beneficiary of a 400 million dollar ransom payment made out to “sorry”? Did Valerie Jarrett, a self-admitted anti-American Marxist, not possess ties to both Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood while serving as Obama’s most trusted adviser in the pinnacle of our government? Apparently not.

Unfortunately for “We the Pawns” of public perception, the media isn’t interested in ascertainable truth, exposing real impropriety through objective research, merely fabricating false appearances to incite further societal division and discord for the explicit purpose of destroying the President and his family by any means necessary. And to think Seth Rich’s death – a DNC operative gunned down outside his home in our nation’s capital – generated far less genuine concern or moral outrage than a completely legal and fully justifiable series of communications regarding one Hillary Rodham Clinton; a notorious lifelong politician and reckless reprobate whose name is synonymous with pathological deceit, inappropriate associations and personally profiteering from foreign dissent. It’s a tragic failing of journalism, our national ethos, when an unsolved, cold-blooded murder of a young man “resisting” rigged primaries, or God forbid a presidential nominee using her own “charitable” foundation as a campaign slush fund to defraud disaster relief victims in Haiti or for accepting “pay-to-play” bribes from foreign governments, doesn’t quite equate to the delusions of rabid partisans obsessed with chasing a figment of their imagination by ‘wagging the dog’ of implied indiscretion. Although there are no doggy bags big enough to dispose of the incalculable intellectual waste produced by the proud lapdogs of the progressive state, for the first time in modern history a man has dared to stick their collective noses in it. And the smell is glorious!


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The Conservative Depot, the official literary artillery of Xavier Keough, is dedicated to defending & promoting the timeless conservative ideals America was founded upon: individual liberty, limited government, God, hard work, accountability and duty. In the growing fog of progressive propaganda - class, race, gender & religious warfare - we're arming America with the truth because common sense never killed anyone!
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