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Consequences, Complacency and Congressional Alibis

When either party has controlled both the White House and Congress, only a handful of times in the past 115 sessions did the majority power retain both the House and the Senate after midterms. Democrats were crushed by historic losses … Continue reading

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Cash for Chaos

And you can absolutely bet the American left is behind this sham; the second such “caravan of immigrants” in 6 months. Anything to manufacture a crisis and seize national headlines. At least we finally have a President who has the … Continue reading

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Arizona Sinema and the Twisted Feminist Mind

So ignorant and hateful. And this is the best candidate Arizona Democrats have to offer? My mother was a stay-at-home parent who worked tirelessly from morning till night caring for 6 children and rarely had a serene moment to herself. … Continue reading

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White Lies from an Even Whiter Senator

Well this bold-faced lie didn’t age well. Genealogists had to go back ten generations to find any relative who wasn’t completely of caucasian descent. In other words, Elizabeth Warren is as white as Ed Sheeran watching a virgin snowflake tumbling … Continue reading

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Life, Liberty, and Antifa Losers

Please beware, Antifa and BLM factions are planning nationwide protests on November 4th, as well as organized disruptions on election day at select precincts to intimidate voters. All the more reason to participate in early voting. However, if you do … Continue reading

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So You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

I’m still not quite sure what’s more idiotic…the fact Elizabeth Warren secretly took a DNA test in a desperate attempt to salvage her “scalped” credibility or the actual result which she now claims is “proof” despite revealing the European socialist … Continue reading

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John James for U.S. Senate

If you’re in Michigan, and have any spare time, please volunteer to campaign for John James. He’s an intelligent, articulate, America First candidate who reminds me a lot of Allen West. The Senate could really use a selfless man of … Continue reading

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Promises Made, Promises Kept: The 289 Accomplishments of President Trump

In the Washington Post, columnist Marc Thiessen said that Trump has proven to be successful at keeping his campaign promises. He wrote, “The fact is, in his first two years, Trump has compiled a remarkable record of presidential promise-keeping.” THE … Continue reading

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Release the Report!

Senate Democrats are insisting the FBI report, when completed, remains confidential. But if that investigation revealed anything remotely negative about Kavanaugh, their corrupt ranks would leak the contents in a heartbeat. If by some miracle the FBI exposes this partisan … Continue reading

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Truth or Dare the Deep State

Honestly, I’m extremely torn about conducting another FBI investigation. While I welcome any necessary validation to ensure Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, I do not trust the FBI whatsoever. And yes, what are they really going to discover after six in-depth background … Continue reading

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