Pulpits and Playgrounds

Nearly 1,000 protesters descended upon the NFL’s headquarters in New York to demand Colin Kaepernick is signed by a new team. Yes, the very same man who turned the football field into his personal political playground and who forgot he was paid to play a sport, is somehow now a victim of racist owners who refuse to lose more paying customers by indulging his wanton disregard. Yet, not one of these outraged activists have organized a single demonstration (let alone mentioned) concerning the 6,000 black homicide victims of annual black crime, the roughly 40% on welfare, the highest unemployment rate of any racial demographic in the U.S., or the fact less than 50% of blacks currently own a home. Raising a fist of solidarity through social media or kneeling during the National Anthem does nothing to assuage the true source of urban America’s struggles: the moral decay of our communities, absentee parents, rampant crime and drug abuse, insufficient higher education and job training, a crumbling work ethic and a glaring lack of respect for ourselves, our fellow man and America itself.

I don’t need a crystal ball to realize if Colin Kaepernick was a white player not one protest would have been held to validate his foolish actions. In what other universe can an athlete insult his fellow countrymen, disrespect their native flag, and not be attacked by fans, let alone keep his lucrative job? These volatile public displays concocted in the name of “social justice” are little more than opportunistic grandstanding designed to seek pity, fame or undue concessions through mass coercion, rather than getting in the unoccupied trenches of societal change and working tirelessly towards solving these perennial problems. Unfortunately for the resumes or Mr. Kaepernick, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, real “hope and change” requires responsible, competent leaders willing to lead by their actions – getting their hands dirty in the absence of fawning cameras and political agendas – without giving endless speeches, shouting racism at every misfortune and self-inflicted wound, or cashing seven-figure checks to further one’s professional aspirations. If you’re going to pawn off another decade of celebrated moral decadence, racial division and urban blight to the next sold-out generation of affirmative inaction, at least have the gall to admit the circus comes to town only once every four years. At least then the black community will know what the going price is for used stage props.


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In Living Color


ESPN has temporarily replaced an Asian American employee who was scheduled to announce a nationally televised football game in Virginia because his name is Robert Lee. No, that is not a typo and yes I wish I was joking. Somewhere a black Elvis has a job for not being Elvis and somehow no one has rioted or asked for a paternity test! Forgive my functional spine, but how do these neutered, hyper-apologetic and spoonfed sponges even make it out their door without spontaneously combusting from exhaling carbon dioxide or drowning in a kiddie pool overflowing with their own unbottled, politically correct tears? Although I typically love to watch a good farce, here’s a little friendly FYI, ESPN: your attempt to place bubble wrap around the fragile feelings of coddled Antifa and BLM viewers who probably cuss, drink, discriminate and watch porn even more than your network needlessly interjects social victimization into sports…was distinctly and unequivocally racist! Sorry but Asian lives matter too; no matter how bad your ping pong ratings may be! Next time try sending every melting snowflake traumatized by the mere coincidence of a name, a box of chocolate laxatives, a “shit happens” t-shirt and a signed picture of Forrest Gump wearing his U.S. Army uniform while defending his white hippie crush from an abusive communist at a Black Panther meeting. Or, if you prefer insanity with a side of infamy, just hire a surly replacement named Joseph Stalin and not one of your liberal viewers will be offended or wonder why the Ukraine never brings halftime snacks. Who would have guessed Gulags don’t have cable? Or food?!! Ignorance, not reality, is now the most widely acceptable form of political flattery.

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The AntiFa Police State

The reason the Supreme Court recently reaffirmed that hate speech constitutes protected free speech is because putting limits on self-expression inevitably invites further censorship, and if left unchecked, legalized tyranny. It is common knowledge the left wants to punish and even criminalize those political deviants who do not believe in global warming, gun control, abortion, illegal immigration or who refuse to address transgenders by their adopted pronoun of choice; and in some instances, some states and institutions have already sought to impose such nonsense. While I despise the racist rhetoric of the KKK, BLM, or La Raza, their right to do so is the crux of maintaining a free republic founded upon individual liberty. However, with that being said, please allow me to strongly digress. There is a stark contrast between detestable free speech and those who incite violence or seek to silence others through brutal oppression. The best way to confront the oxymoron known as AntiFa – the anti-fascist, fascist gang of partisan anarchists who oppose white supremacy with racial bigotry and defend democracy with death threats – is to confront them with overwhelming numbers wherever their hateful ranks seek validation through chaos. Only by recording their vile stupidity – their reckless assault on police, political dissent, patriotic Americans and the Constitution itself – can we defeat this rising tide of millennial fascism and educate the public, our children and future generations, as to the true destructive nature of the intolerant left.

The more the Democratic Party and the applauding media justifies the dissolution of discourse and all civility, the more likely these sponsored domestic terrorists are to exact further bloodshed and torment our communities. Nevertheless, as a fellow citizen and concerned friend, I must urge great caution. Never confront these masked cowards alone or without possessing some means of self-defense. The backpack brigade of college dropouts, gender militants, unemployed Marxists, and self-entitled video game assassins reside in a detached bubble, or quite possibly their parents air conditioned basement, where reality and empathy no longer exist. Any organization that is willing to drag an old woman with our flag, weaponize their bodily fluids against law enforcement, cut a pregnant mother, or ransack a public official’s home, obviously possesses no soul or any semblance of human decency. Because there is strength in numbers, but more profoundly providence by embodying unwavering resolve, “We the Everyday People” who come from all walks of life, who love our country and respect the rule of law regardless of our differences, will no longer be intimidated or accept living in a decaying state of perpetual moral depravity. Without coercion or needless savagery, our voices and mass demonstration of unity must dwarf any wandering band of sadistic malcontents or screeching bullhorn of blind contempt. The armies of ignorance who seek mass conformity to a regressive agenda, to demonize liberty and the voters of any election result they violently reject, represent the worst type of hate; fear born from the false propaganda of an aspiring police state. The only fate worse than living in a totalitarian nightmare is refusing to recognize the unopposed beginnings of one.


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The Scorpion and The Frog

For those who believe removing monuments has nothing to do with whitewashing history along partisan or racial lines, allow me an antiquated moment of indulgence. Although institutionalized remnants of Hitler and his infamous Third Reich were rightfully removed across Deutschland, there are countless young Germans today who know of his reign but are completely oblivious to the numerous atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. Many of their native citizens still do not believe concentration camps existed or that 6 million Jews were even exterminated as part of the Final Solution. Due to national embarrassment and/or fear of further retribution, these inconvenient truths were commonly omitted from their classrooms and history books; which, ironically, parallel the attempt by some U.S. educators and historians to conceal the Democratic party’s racist roots, insistence upon slavery, legacy of obstructing civil rights and indoctrination of Marxist/Islamic beliefs.

Until progressives accept that light and darkness innately exists in us all, for only our choices ultimately delineate our past from our future, their refusal to condemn their party’s tainted symbol and sordid history should be far more offensive than any weathered memorial that doesn’t reduce a man’s contributions to whether or not he associated with human servitude. Otherwise, please explain how an intolerant ideology founded by a glorified pedophile, misogynist, murder and thief has nearly two billion ardent followers today without the civilized world demanding a single reformation of its most barbaric practices and beliefs? Rather, now the executioners of American history are demanding Western xenophobes assist the unapologetic immigrants of Islam’s destructive creed.

If removing Confederate artifacts has nothing to do with sanitizing history or discrediting our heritage – subverting our founding values by demanding concessions through incited racial conflict – please explain how the besieged memories of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln are suddenly the American equivalent of Adolf Hitler or even Vladimir Lenin: a ruthless communist dictator guilty of genocide against his own people who Seattle currently honors with no less than 7 statues. And yet in this epicenter of progressive thought and social justice, not one, angry, offended soul has defaced them or demanded their removal? Although the Egyptian pyramids are universally revered as one of the seven wonders of the world, a monumental achievement of our ancient ancestors, I can find no condemnation by world leaders or organized protests over the fact they required prolonged slave labor, the forced conscription of peasants, and mass death. Do their lives or rights not matter or is history essentially a platform from which to evolve, dissect and understand, not posthumously adjudicate for political gain in order to justify mob violence hundreds of years after such injustices occurred?

Does the fact New York City harbored more slaves than any other city (except Charleston) and was founded by Dutch slave traders warrant its dissolution; a thriving metropolis that now resides over a notorious “Negro Cemetery” because black slaves weren’t deemed worthy of being laid to rest with Christian whites? No, not even one toppled statue or public accusation of White Supremacy? Hmm, how not ironic. As expected, not one of liberal New York’s historical sites or erected personages of pride was vandalized to resurrect the forsaken or seek recompense if only for posterity’s sake.

Without perspective and unbiased reflection, it’s disturbing how quickly basic decorum morphs into AntiFa militants impersonating ISIS henchman by cursing free speech, assaulting innocent bystanders and destroying anything that contradicts or poses a threat to their hateful agenda. As “We the People” now wander aimlessly in this weaponized cloud of orchestrated deception, how many campaign issues that were so crucial to voters and Congressional candidates in November have resulted in meaningful discourse and earnest cooperation during past sixth months? The same public servants citizens elected to fulfill their solemn duty of working towards solving America’s most pressing issues in a civil environment, are now fully content spending every waking moment spreading absurd accusations, trading juvenile dispersions and waging petty vendettas that merely deepen partisan distrust, impede lasting progress and allow our government to toil in a perpetual state of dysfunction and undeterred corruption.

When politicians refuse to acknowledge the most glaring hypocrisies and toxic ploys used to suffocate common sense and poison unity, everything America has fought to overcome is surrendered to her salivating enemies as the social decoys of sexism, racism and inanimate objects are religiously blamed to justify the aftermath of false allegation. In a nation predicated upon helping the opressed escape the unjust whims of tyranny, who needs the annoyance of anecdotal history when pointing the sanctimonious finger of mass hysteria is sufficient enough for triggering cultural euthanasia.


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A Human Trademark

When I watch a staged mockery of kneeling U.S. veterans weeping at the feet of modern tribal leaders, basically begging for forgiveness amidst a media circus of cultivated resentment for actions they did not commit, witness or entirely understand, it is nothing short of disgraceful. Such shameless propaganda validating Hollywood stereotypes merely inflames lingering tensions by seeking the blessing of those who willingly portray themselves as the living remnants of unprovoked American aggression – i.e., the helpless and unsuspecting victims of Anglo-Saxon brutality – but never as the descendants ruthless predators who routinely embodied animosity and death to conquer any vulnerable target or perceived enemy without fear or reservation.

As someone who has studied Native American history, the Trail of Tears and the legacies of Pontiac, Tecumseh, Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph, I take great umbrage with pundits who claim America was nothing more than a bloodthirsty invader who can never atone for its past transgressions. I make no excuses for our government’s measured betrayals or those rogue generals who sought glory and fame through the cross-hairs of hate. Such grotesque violations were wrong and unequivocally beneath our nation’s founding charter. However, if we’re merely being objective observers, and not coerced apologists, Native Americans were hardly the benevolent and peaceful “victims” of European imperialism as portrayed by cinema and liberal academia. Vicious tribes like the Apache, Comanche, Cheyenne and Lakota butchered each other in droves – attacked settlements, federal outposts and mere common transients out of spite – and even kept defeated enemies as trophy slaves; routinely engaging in human trafficking with other tribes or French, Dutch and English traders.

It is also of little coincidence that nearly all Indians were highly adept in the art of human suffering. From the infamous practice of scalping men, women, and children – which colonialists later adopted as proof of successful kills – to removing the organs of captured adversaries while they were still alive, the sheer animosity and distrust of competing civilizations, let alone neighbors, merely fed the incessant brutality of the day. If you can imagine being buried up to your chin in the desert, or left to rot beneath the glaring sun as a sacrificial snack for ants, scorpions, or snakes, “injustice” is hardly a historically exclusive term. It’s a human trademark.

The rise of the American Indian population was eerily similar to colonial expansion in that they displaced other supposed “invaders”, earlier nomadic cultures, by “infringing” upon their lands and/or using brute force to establish supremacy. In essence, those more adept at killing and conquering their enemy survived for sovereignty was only as relevant as the strength of your spear or the aim of your arrow. And unlike the countless victims of Indian hostilities, which are too often disregarded by history revisionists, many of these tribes received monetary compensation, land grants, and tax abatements…which modern day descendants now use for commercial ventures such as casinos and mining ventures, or via subsidized college tuition. If equality demands equal treatment and unconditional respect, why aren’t all victims viewed or paid the same? To say any sect of humanity owns the political rights to human suffering in a world defined by universal hostility is to claim one form of terminal cancer is far more tragic than another. Educating all subsequent generations and foreign creeds to unite against such senseless brutality, however, is far more beneficial to the moral evolution and survival of mankind than any misguided attempt at financial recompense.

Contrary to misconception, the so-called derogatory term “red skin” was first adopted by Indian delegations as a term of endearment and solidarity when meeting with then President James Madison, rather than a callous epithet created solely to belittle an entire race. Like our newfound republic, they sought strength in numbers to survive an inevitable battle of attrition. Regardless of how we judge one another through the spectrum of history, I will always revere Native Americans as fiercely independent, skilled survivalists who instinctively found a symbiotic relationship with nature. Although they were deeply spiritual and highly perceptive, their way of life inevitably succumbed, like so many others before them, to an even greater force of nature: technology, or more succinctly, the mind of man. While both groups adopted and assimilated advantageous aspects of each other’s culture over the centuries…horticulture, horses, medicinal applications, tactical weapons…the supremacy of any civilization has always resided in its capacity for war.

Unlike those European countries that evolved from perpetual warfare, American Indians simply lacked the numbers and technological advancement necessary to defeat a more powerful and versatile foe. And if they by some chance repelled the rapid proliferation of Western society, who knows how different the world would be today in the extensive wake of America’s absence, economic prowess, military might, transcendent discoveries and immutable ideals. Otherwise, in a parallel universe of political correctness and mandatory guilt transference, the rightfully proud society of surviving Native Americans could very well be asked to apologize to the victimized descendants of European colonialists for being the historically superior nation or for instinctively guarding their borders to preserve their country, their culture and their very lives. In other words, placing an asterisk on an epitaph marking historical injustice is as pointless as asking your newborn baby permission to forgive you for being born a white male who must now atone for his genetically inherited sins. We all possess an inherent right to forge a life free from the burden of assumed obligation and the wrongful allocation of past strife.

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Dear NFL Executives

If more spoiled athletes refuse to honor the flag, respect our veterans/fallen heroes and recognize the countless blessings America innately affords all people, I suggest playing the national anthem before players are introduced or can even take the field. Why give a growing faction of ungrateful millionaires a national stage to needlessly politicize sports and thus feed the cultivated myth injustice is the private property of any sole ethnic group? Just because some foolishly choose to believe the senseless propaganda claiming a majority of Americans, Donald Trump voters and police officers are white supremacists, doesn’t make it so. It makes overpaid, fully-grown men recklessly paranoid and ostensibly gullible.

This country, those families spending hundreds of dollars just to attend a single game, deserve far better than such a grotesque display of ignorance and coddled lack of appreciation. Since when did insulting generations of loyal fans become an acceptable form of entertainment? The same whining activists currently threatening to protest NFL games because Colin Kaepernick is now unsurprisingly unemployed, were eerily quiet when Tim Tebow – a former Heisman trophy winner who won 6 games consecutively and beat the Steelers in the playoffs during his first season as a starter – was routinely mocked for his religious beliefs and couldn’t even secure a roster spot as a back-up quarterback on a last place team only one year later. Perhaps if he beat his girlfriend, wore socks portraying cops as pigs or partied with escorts on a yacht in Key West, he would have generated enough “street cred” to win the support of the anti-American establishment.

It’s an ominous failing of our culture, our most intrinsic values, when reciting an universally inclusive prayer during a nationally televised game would garner far more contempt from the media than those applauded opportunists inciting hatred of our country, the law enforcement community, with their misguided actions and morally select outrage. Until 70% of NFL players realize less than 10 percent of the population accounts for 50% of all violent crime in America – the fact a black athlete is 30 times more likely to be murdered by another black man than shot by a “racist” police officer – the only flag anyone should be protesting on Sunday is that of the yellow variety. Although bigotry and injustice will always exist in some form or facet of society, a hypothetical future forged upon the replayed cards of racial distrust and adopted victimization will inevitably falter beneath the collective weight of endless accusation. United we stand, but divided humanity falls.


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The Ruse of Revolution

A few final thoughts on Charlottesville…

This entire political melodrama reeks of an orchestrated ruse for two reasons. First, the “Unite the Right” march organizer, Jason Kessler, was a known Occupy Wall Street participant and a vocal Obama supporter who held many traditionally liberal views: such as, but not limited to, gun control, abortion rights and socialist healthcare. He is no more a voice for right-minded Americans than I am for Antifa. Second, no self-respecting conservative, libertarian, Independent or traditional Republican would align themselves with the KKK, white supremacists, knowing how tirelessly the media has worked to paint Donald Trump as a lifelong racist and Nazi sympathizer since the inception of his campaign. While I do not deny hate groups have held public events for decades, it’s obvious this specific gathering was targeted and hijacked by prodding leftists with the explicit intent of instigating violence and manufacturing national outrage to further undermine the President’s endlessly besieged credibility. Why else would local police from a known Democratic state stand down in the face of eminent hostility, anarchy and potential loss of life? If it smells like fire but looks like arson, the most plausible explanation typically resides in the spark of false accusation emanating from the sponsored bullhorn of those critics who unapologetically wish for your death.

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The Cost of Ignorance


Media charlatans and lynch mob Democrats want to censure, even impeach the President for saying he unconditionally opposes hate groups and violence in his original public response to Charlottesville. And yes, I’m pretty sure that universal maxim included white supremacists, Neo Nazis and those KKK members who fought with Antifa and BLM agitators in the name of “unity”. When your only goal is to slander, assassinate or remove the President by any means possible, the simplest statements become the most offensive and misconstrued truths. Or, if common sense is far too taxing on the average anarchist, anti-American mind, perhaps the unbiased jurors of mob justice should smash some more historical monuments to end racism, dig up a few more Confederate graves to combat depravity, or demand the posthumous inquisition of our Forefathers who apparently must now be evicted from the very Constitutional Republic they risked their lives to build – to provide a better life for the poor, the persecuted and the forsaken from all walks of life – but just not stricken from the transcendent document that provided the indelible means for America to overcome the most glaring injustices stemming from any culturally accepted norm during any socially imperfect era.

Burning America to the ground will not make the world a better place, or right past wrongs, it will merely reaffirm who truly despises our way of life and seeks to divide us according to the identity politics of race, gender or any variety of “victimized” plights. Who needs the validation of foresight when fascism is offering ignorance by erasing history for free?

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Sticks and Stones and Assassination Prose

Free speech does not cease in a nation predicated upon individual liberty, nor does it inevitably qualify as a “hate crime” simply because you disagree with or are deeply offended by the personal beliefs of others. There are no ‘safe spaces’ from the self-inflicted micro-aggressions of reality…i e., one’s own insecurities or deep-seated biases. Tolerance, disregarding the newly socially engineered version that slanders or threatens divergence with now disturbing regularity, is a prerequisite of free will and the fundamental crux of open and constructive discourse; a Socratic ideal colleges should be obstinately preserving rather than forcibly constricting in the name of fostering political uniformity.

Students, our own sons and daughters, should never be afraid to speak their mind out of fear of condemnation or retribution in our institutions of higher learning, let alone in the sovereign confines of a constitutional republic that openly rebelled against intrusive government, religious persecution, and the oppression of mankind’s natural born rights. If the immediate goal is to label all conservative views as hate speech, then the ultimate objective is the dissolution of our nation’s founding premise and the justified demise of due process. Tyranny goes by many names and you don’t have to be a philosophy student to matriculate into the baited den of madness. One merely must realize that totalitarianism is a futile endeavor because human nature, regardless whether America is buried and replaced by the most progressive state, will always challenge the limitations of any authoritative society that seeks to stifle our unique faculties and man’s innate desire to be free. While freedom of speech does not guarantee freedom from consequences, nor does it pardon terroristic threats, those activists attempting to suffocate the rights of unwelcome perspective, using “racism” as a justifiable alibi to incite violence and civil unrest, represent a far more nefarious threat to America’s survival than those brash voices willing to speak their coarse minds and openly face their detractors. The first step in accepting tyranny or unconditional subjugation is to rationalize why you must first surrender your rightful independence.

Although I have no love, respect or earthly need for white or black supremacists, ANTIFA, La Raza, the Muslim Brotherhood or Marxist-Leninists, no one sect or ideology should be less entitled or more accountable for their actions. To quote Voltaire, and to rejoice in the “Common Sense” of Thomas Paine, I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, Christian, atheist, white, black, gay, straight, rich, poor, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton…to bask in the light of liberty, the transcendent gifts of humanity’s intellectual prowess, spiritual and empathetic capacity, is to shed the shackles of coerced silence. Those beliefs which cannot stand upon their own merits and withstand the natural rigors of honest scrutiny, will in due time wilt beneath the unsustainable of their own hypocrisy. When confronting “hate speech” requires the political distraction of false accusation, juvenile antagonism and welcomed brutality, the so-called justified response becomes far more deadly and divisive than an annual parade of fools or the mere deployment of words. I am far more wary of those lost souls who are willing to adopt the morally bankrupt premise of senseless rhetoric, then those who merely speak of it to solicit attention.

Right or wrong, I would much rather embrace the uncertainties of individuality, encourage the open exchange of competing ideas to challenge my convictions and unearth the best possible solutions, than to faintly exist amidst the blaring stigma of stereotype to justify mass conformity. Progress, our insatiable thirst for excellence and innovation, isn’t born solely from the comfort of serenity or the pulpit of self-righteousness; it is most often forged from the fires of failure, dissent, necessity and most notably, self-discovery. If people are not willing to discern truth from fiction, volition from fascism as sentient beings, then perhaps it is the media’s job to tell us what to think, feel, eat and drink. Two and a half centuries of Americans didn’t toil and sacrifice so their tepid descendants could bite their tongue and recoil in fear amidst the Orwellian tactics of glorified political terrorists. They risked their very lives and the welfare of their children so the flame of freedom, the very First Amendment of our inalienable Bill of Rights, would endure without condition. These unfiltered voices of free will knew what it meant to be an American; more succinctly, they overwhelmingly understood their liberties were a birthright, derived from the grace of God, and not ransomed by any government decree or bloodthirsty movement.

As long as the media wastes more time and resources manipulating public opinion to needlessly demonize or potentially “assassinate” our President – his repeated recognition and clear rejection of hate in all facets of America – instead of equally exposing the actual instigators and perpetrators of mob violence, hate will grow in congruence with society’s unwillingness to identify racism without the prism of political consent. Inflaming century old racial tensions simply to selectively report hate exists, does nothing to alleviate its existence or to responsibly condemn intolerance in any of its sprouting forms. Even if ANTIFA, the KKK and the sponsored armies of fascism beat their perceived enemies into submission, they would merely ensure the reciprocal means of their own demise. You can no more command the dead than a tyrant can earn the respect of the brutally oppressed. When “tolerance” requires bloody knuckles and hateful epithets – flash mobs of masked thugs assaulting political dissent – America becomes the first casualty of partisan contempt. Anarchy, however, eagerly invites them all.



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The Offensive Flag of Truth


The Confederate or “Rebel Flag” so widely commercialized today, the suddenly controversial symbol which replaced the original “Stars and Bars” of the Confederacy in 1863, was merely the battle flag of the Northern Virginia Army under General Lee. It later became the official embodiment of state sovereignty in the face of excessive or intrusive federal power; a struggle that continues today against militant groups like Antifa who believe centralized rule – silencing dissent, wealth redistribution and assigning conditional rights – is the answer for erasing America’s imperfect history and finally achieving racial/economic equality once and for all. Wheres the infamous Nazi swastika represented white supremacy, fascism and mass genocide under Adolf Hitler, the Confederate flag came to fruition long after human servitude first appeared in America. To those proud descendants outside of the race-baiting media plantation, the “Dixie Flag” remains largely symbolic of those fiercely independent states that were loyal to our founding creed of limited government, rather than the sole product of those racist attitudes so prevalent throughout the 19th century world.

Just because liberal academia has convinced a sizable portion of America the “Confederacy” possessed no redeemable achievements outside of slavery – such as our early agrarian prowess or saving America by defending New Orleans alongside black and Indian volunteers during the War of 1812 – doesn’t invalidate their contributions to a country that now affords millions of immigrants and minorities opportunities their native countries could faintly fathom. And yet as we stand in this Orwellian whirlwind of purging history and labeling politicians racist who dare employ reason rather than joining the firing squad, how ironic is it no one is asking the Dutch, the English, Portugal or Spain -nations who streamlined slave trading to the New World – to surrender their recognized colors or commissioned monuments of so-called national identity? If “We the People” are going to be historically accurate in this politically correct centrifuge of posthumously adjudicating justice, shouldn’t America give equal credence and outrage to those symbols, leaders and organizations that bear equal, if not more horrific legacies?

Unless knowledge now requires a press pass to buy Nazi memorabilia on Amazon, which it doesn’t, the Democratic Party fiercely defended the institution of slavery for over 30 years since its inception, forged the KKK as the terrorist arm of their party to dissuade blacks from voting, and opposed nearly every civil rights reform from the Emancipation Proclamation to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If Dylann Roof was guilty of being an unapologetic racist, the twisted disciple of the KKK, Democrats are undoubtedly his founding father; the same ideological seed behind the fascist/supremacist factions of the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. Coincidence? Hardly.

The black flag of ISIS, an internationally despised symbol of religious intolerance and hatred – guilty of denying women basic civil rights, killing gays for merely existing, and beheading nonbelievers at will – has been spotted in Muslim communities across America and its representatives have even been invited to college campuses; the supposed safe harbors of enlightenment for our youth. Does embracing such antiquated evil not enable further depravity, degrade our societal values and inherently invite more death? How is it a flash mob of rabid delinquents “rightfully” destroyed a divisive city memorial that had nothing to do with the civil unrest their ranks consciously sought in Charlottesville, but the images of Che Guevara, Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx, infamous Communists and/or known mass murderers, have become an honorable political statement and the preferred wall décor of students and educators nationwide; yes, notorious butchers also displayed in the election headquarters of the former President of the United States. If I may be so bold, where is the outrage, the acute awareness and ingrained sensitivity for mass injustice? Those who violently seek to eradicate history for the “common good” are typically the one’s most readily implicated its existence or most likely to repeat its timeless failings.

If people find solace in toppling statues and blaming a flag that has flown for 150 years for the misguided actions of a deranged driver triggered by the violent clash of orchestrated chaos, so be it. There is enough tangible guilt and cultured misconception to indict both sides. But know this; banning a colored piece of nylon or smashing monuments to sanitize history and appease anarchists will not heal America’s racial divide or assuage this culture war progressives are waging to achieve their goal of criminalizing American history. It is but a convenient scapegoat camouflaging America’s true ills and moral decay. And because most of these radical leftists view America as an evil construct of white imperialism and greed, where does this purge of the most transcendent country in modern history effectively end? Better yet, where would this “beacon of hope” be without our imperfect past and subsequent cultural growth from these transgressions?

Does the fact George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves during an era when it was culturally acceptable, diminish their indelible contributions to this nation, the Constitution, or somehow negate their life’s work? If a black athlete murders his wife or an illegal immigrant kills an officer while fleeing arrest, does that make their life moot and devoid of all meaning? Apparently not if you’re an anti-American radical who views all morality, one’s intrinsic value, almost solely through the prism of race. The more “anti-racists” view patriotism as the most prevalent form of enduring bigotry, how long will it be before our flag, the National Anthem, is stripped from our schools, the military or sporting events because its deemed just too offense for public consumption? Once you realize our sons and daughters are being sent home for wearing patriotic clothes, penalized by teachers for supporting the Second Amendment, Donald Trump or God forbid the rights of the unborn, the delineation between freedom and fascism has never been so frail.

America, like all noteworthy civilizations, clearly bears its share of misgivings and missteps. However, the United States Constitution, and not the flawed cultural norms of any era, provided the blueprint for overcoming society’s most daunting challenges and glaring injustices. Because of our Founder’s sacrifices and the foresight of their surviving wisdom, our capacity for self-reflection and societal evolution, I earnestly believe America has contributed far more to the dignity, potential and liberty of mankind – from her countless transcendent discoveries to centuries of economic liberation and by repeatedly confronting tyranny across the globe – than those despotic regimes and inhumane ideologies that continue to flourish today beneath the slumbering scorn of opportunists who continue to disparage America with unbridled pleasure.

While historians and media revisionists attempt to make America the immortalized epitome of human bondage, despite the fact less than 2% of all Americans owned slaves at the height of the Antebellum period, slavery was a global product of cultural relativism that stretched from Mesopotamia to the heart of Africa – the custom bartering practices of African tribes that sold their brethren for common trinkets and an industry that still thrives today with little to no protest or interference from the international community. Contrary to tales of unwavering moral clarity and universal symbiotic harmony, even Native American tribes engaged in slave trading and claimed conquered enemies as indentured servants. Are the armies of millennial mob justice picketing Indian casinos, protesting their federal and state tax exemptions, or burning Teepees dawning hundreds of Southwestern gift shops? Whether proceeded by a spear, a whip, or an Apache Attack helicopter, human nature is the most consistent trigger of injustice but the most grotesquely misconstrued fingerprint of politicized blame.

No, I’m not absolving the South for its sins, I’m just putting them into perspective. There are millions of decent, compassionate, law-abiding Southerners who aren’t racist or murderers, who proudly bear the colors of the Confederate Flag to honor their ancestors, and who also unconditionally weep for any man or woman killed by soulless bigots. If the enduring struggle of racism and mass violence can be pinpointed to the existence of inanimate objects and not the rogue acts of disturbed individuals, blind hate groups, then we should rejoice in the naïve delusion that wiping the enduring images of Islamic extremism and Communist oppression off the face of the earth will eradicate their destructive creeds forever. Or is their survival simply a matter of historical context and personal choice? Well that depends on whether or not you’re the modern disciple of 60’s radicals and subversive Marxists living in a land predicated upon individual liberty. Although disagreement is inevitable and discourse the innate blessing of living in a free republic, indulging militants who abolish civility for celebrated anarchy marks the end of everything our Constitution represents and what centuries of Americans fought to preserve.

Do not believe for one moment the same lynch mob mugging the moral high ground would not hesitate to destroy Mount Rushmore, drag “demonized” conservatives from their Congressional offices or ransack Corporate offices in the name of social justice. Any person or party that can support an organization founded by a Nazi supremacist with the founding goal of exterminating the black race – one that sells dissected baby parts for profit, no less – will have few qualms following in the soiled footsteps of fascist Germany or Maoist China to coerce conformity, imprison ideas and destroy the mindful teachings of mankind’s ascent from institutionalized persecution and lingering injustice. When the end justifies the means, the means of erecting an imaginary utopia is as easily concealed as the brainwashed bodies willing to bury any proof of their own graves. To each his own beneath the offensive flag of truth.

“…In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution, is a moral & political evil in any Country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages. I think it however a greater evil to the white man than to the black race, & while my feelings are strongly enlisted in behalf of the latter, my sympathies are more strong for the former. The blacks are immeasurably better off here than in Africa, morally, socially & physically. The painful discipline they are undergoing, is necessary for their instruction as a race, & I hope will prepare & lead them to better things. How long their subjugation may be necessary is known & ordered by a wise Merciful Providence.”

– A letter from Robert E. Lee to his wife, 1865


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