The Path to Prosperity

Consumer confidence rose to 125.9 in October, the highest since December of 2000. The DOW has set over 70 new benchmarks since the election, even surpassing 23,000, and subsequently has added over 5 trillion dollars to the economy. Home prices have hit record highs, registering a 6% annual gain. The unemployment rate has dropped to 4.1%, down from 4.8% in January, and jobless claims are at their lowest level since 1973. One and half million fewer Americans are on public assistance. The US has now enjoyed two consecutive quarters of 3% GDP growth…even despite two devastating hurricanes, wildfires and the anti-business trust of California, New York and Illinois. By Contrast, Barack Obama’s median annual GDP was 1.6% in 8 years. And all this without a new budget in effect to aggressively lower the national debt or sweeping tax cuts to trigger even greater investment and expansion. Just imagine what the President could accomplish if 95% of media coverage didn’t purposely mislead the public, Democrats sought constructive discourse over scorched earth politics or 100% of his own party was dedicated to passing much needed legislative reforms. As Donald Trump continues to trim the endless Red Tape of excessive bureaucracy and federal overreach, I’d say such impressive initial progress more than qualifies as a worthy opening act for “Making America Great Again”.
If you’re interested in genuine economic upward mobility for individuals and families and not runaway statism dividing the fruits of other people’s labor, then true vitality and independence reside in a robust and diverse private sector. When a fertile environment for commercial growth produces more profitable businesses and quality jobs for an ever industrious populace, people are far more likely to own their own home, buy their own health care, and properly provide for their children. Unless you believe billions in taxpayers’ hard-earned money should be used almost exclusively as a means to an end – inviting mass dependency by rewarding envy and apathy to the point of federal insolvency and bankruptcy – why would you empower the most inept, corrupt and wasteful institution in America; or in socialist terms, legalize theft and the equal division of misery in a country predicated upon limited government? Considering no nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity and the top 20% of earners now pay 95% of all income taxes, as recently confirmed by the Office of Management and Budget, I believe “fair share” should equate to the amount of personal responsibility people accept for their own lives; including the greatest usurpers and domestic abusers of all, the Washington establishment. Once you realize a majority of globalists would rather watch America burn than Donald Trump succeed – our founding ideals, economic prowess and sovereign identity survive – the only acceptable path forward is a free republic’s unflinching resolve denying political arsonists a match.
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To Deflect by Design

Because of the damning revelations detailing the Uranium One deal and news of the fake Russian dossier finally coming to public fruition, the “unmasked” left is scrambling to maintain their mass media illusion of Trump colluding with and soliciting Russian interference…that which Hillary has perpetrated for years with both Robert Mueller’s and James Comey’s knowledge and/or involvement. Therefore, it is of little surprise Mr. Mueller has reportedly filed his first official charges being both politicians and pundits have called for his termination due to recent developments. My best guess is Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager who was fired and replaced with Kellyanne Conway, will be indicted for providing conflicting testimony and legal infractions regarding his business dealings while lobbying for the Ukraine in 2014. Beyond that, any possible charges implicating the President, his family or any of his cabinet would be a malicious abuse of power and obvious political stunt to salvage a rapidly sinking ship. The fact Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and James Comey have not been indicted for a slew of conflicts of interests, orchestrated leaks and repeated instances of collusion, is a crime in itself. What started out as a media induced hoax, a baseless investigation into alleged election fraud, quickly transformed into a partisan witch hunt for any conceivable crumb of wrongdoing capable of toppling a man Democrats want to unilaterally impeach for simply existing.

When yesterday’s definition of treasonous collusion becomes today’s interpretational alibi, or “opposition research”, prison somehow requires a convict’s consent. Any response to these disturbing events other than an immediate investigation into Uranium One, the fake Russian Dossier paid for by the DNC/Clinton operatives and fraudulently delivered by John McCain to the FBI, and the first ever ordered wiretapping of a presidential candidate and his campaign staff – an egregious action which presented the fake dossier as justification and continued even after his successful election – is a clear and present danger to the very concept of law and order and the absolute necessity of Constitutional checks and balances. The progressive establishment is not interested in justice or even necessarily concerned whether convictions are obtainable. Their overriding goal is to monopolize the national headlines by maintaining the false public appearance of scandal. The mere suggestion and political stigma of criminality is often far more powerful than the finality of any discernible truth. If the people’s voices ever needed to rise above the corrupt status quo, our moral convictions and demand for universal accountability in all facets of our government, that time is now.

***Just to clarify some misconceptions claiming the Washington Free Beacon, and not Hillary, was responsible for the fake Russian dossier.

Paul Singer, owner of the Washington Free Beacon and an open borders establishment Republican who gave freely to John McCain, was the original funding source for Fusion GPS’s research against Donald Trump. However, Fusion GPS’s research was later funded/continued by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which was directly responsible for the creation of the now-infamous fake Russian dossier; a document fabricated by former British intelligence, Christopher Steele, and eventually leaked to the FBI by Senator McCain. Shortly thereafter, a British publicist set up the well publicized meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer under the false pretenses she had damning information on Hillary. Yes, it was all an elaborate set-up from the very beginning with the explicit intent of manufacturing the perception of foreign collusion and solicited election interference.

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Why Hillary Really Lost

Why did Hillary really lose the presidency? Because she is forever synonymous with scandal!

1) Russian Uranium One scandal – with Barack Obama’s consent, the knowledge of the Department of Justice and the involvement of former FBI Director Robert Mueller, Hillary sold 20% of U.S. Uranium rights for a total of $145 million in donations made to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One stockholders. Russian influence/dollars were also used to incite civil and racial discord across America for political gain.

2) Clinton Foundation – Established in 1997, the Clintons’ “non-profit” charity morphed into a political slush fund for Hillary’s political aspirations by funneling “tax free” campaign donations from wealthy investors, corporations and foreign governments.

3) Haiti Relief Ripoff – The Clinton Foundation siphoned millions in public donations collected for Hurricane survivors – administration costs, insider or defaulted reconstruction contracts, pocketing the difference for overpaid supplies – to subsidize her political aspirations and personal expenses such as her daughter’s lavish wedding; as confirmed by emails between John Podesta and former Clinton aide Doug Band.

4) Pay-to-Play – As Secretary of State, Hillary solicited donations from foreign donors/governments/organizations – Abu Dhabi, the Muslim Brotherhood, Uranium One – in exchange for current and/or future political favors: staff appointments, access to resources and favorable foreign policy decisions.

5) Benghazi – Despite repeated requests for additional security due to an increased terror threat at the US Embassy in Libya, including direct communications from then Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Hillary Clinton failed to properly act or notify the Pentagon. Furthermore, her failure to promptly respond after confirmation of an attack was underway, essentially abandoning staff and security personnel for the duration of the 7 hour attack, culminated in the deaths of 4 American citizens. In response to repeated questions lamenting the senseless loss of life due to her indifference and clear negligence, she angrily snapped, “What Difference Does It Make” to members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

6) Established an unauthorized private server to engage in government related communications and illegally transmit classified information. Roughly 33,000 emails and all relevant electronic devices were destroyed in an attempt to conceal her “innocence”.

7) Russia, Russia, Russia – Hillary Clinton knowingly broke campaign finance laws by secretly hiring DC research firm Fusion GPS to fabricate ties between Donald Trump and Russian operatives. The fake dossier was later given to the FBI by Senator McCain, which was also used to obtain FISA surveillance warrants under false pretenses. Media hysteria and Democratic outrage triggered a criminal investigation headed by former FBI Chief Robert Mueller – a personal friend of fired FBI Director James Comey – and staffed overwhelmingly with known Clinton lawyers and donors.

8) Conspired with DNC operatives to rig Democratic presidential primaries to defeat Bernie Sanders; actions the Democratic party confirmed in a recent lawsuit. Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who despised Hillary and was vocal corruption within the party, was murdered near his home in May of 2016; in the middle of a hotly contested primary season after DNC emails were leaked to Wikileaks from an anonymous source within the party. Shortly after Hillary won the nomination, it was confirmed she received presidential debate questions from then DNC Chair, Donna Brazile.

9) Whitewater Scandal – A precursor to the subprime mortgage crisis, the Clintons formed Whitewater Development Corporation with friends Jim and Susan McDougal as part of a joint real estate venture. Rose Law Firm, in which Hillary became a senior lawyer and billing partner, provided legal services. With an additional 1.2 million in credit illegally obtained from the Madison Savings and Loan, of which Jim McDougal was also a primary partner, home loans were given to unqualified applicants. After attempts to resell the foreclosed properties failed due to skyrocketing interest rates and a collapsing market, both entities collapsed. The scandal cost taxpayers $73 million. Fifteen people were convicted of crimes, including the McDougals, of which Bill Clinton later pardoned four of the participants as Arkansas governor.

10) Reprimanded by the House Judiciary Committee for misconduct after attempting to submit a fraudulent brief during the Watergate investigation.

11) Defended a child rapist who served less than a year in jail despite beating a defenseless 12 year-old girl into a coma. In an interview given years after the trial, Hillary humorously referenced the “fortuitous” verdict which left a girl with a lifetime of emotional and physical trauma; most notability, the inability to bear children.

Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the presidency because she was a helpless victim of cultural sexism or “Republican racism”, she lost because she is a corrupt, condescending, and soulless opportunist who reduced the electorate to “deplorable human beings, super predators, and taco bowl voters”. Her lust for power was only superseded by her disregard for the truth, the rule of law and any sense of accountability to the American people for her numerous criminal transgressions. In light of her sordid history and pathological hypocrisy, Hillary Rodham Clinton had no business being nominated for President of the United States, or running for a public office of any kind, because her vainglorious memoirs should have been written exclusively from inside the confines of a Federal prison.

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Flakes, Widows, and the Cold War on Reality

At no time during Jeff Flake’s self-aggrandizing sermon – a slanderous diatribe so scripted that the non-functioning brain trust of CNN and Salon applauded its detached duplicity – did the proud turncoat mention he had no chance of winning re-election in 2018 because he personally broke nearly all his campaign pledges to Arizona Republicans solely to spite President Trump. Arbitrary semantics aside, Senator, when exactly did your party, let alone those marginalized conservative voters responsible for your election, support Obamacare, higher taxes, amnesty, unrestricted refugees, gun control, and the media malpractice of anti-American race-baiting used to discredit conservative ideals, demonize patriotism and obstruct common sense reforms? For every Bob Corker lamenting hurt feelings and “unprofessional” behavior, there is a struggling working family burdened by the unsustainable costs of illegal immigration or a patient dying from failed healthcare abandoned by a handful of whining Republicans content on playing politics, orchestrating public spectacles to further imbue leftist talking points, in lieu of actually helping people and fulfilling their discarded obligations.

Unless you’ve been hypnotically lobotomized by fellow Arizona malcontent John McCain – still fuming over the realization a prisoner of war does not constitute a hero and personal vendettas never justify deserting one’s core political beliefs – don’t blame the abrasive demeanor of a relentlessly maligned populist for choosing to fallaciously present yourself as a right-minded patriot who believes life, liberty, unity and the pursuit of happiness are irreconcilable with modern progressivism. In other words, if you believe a politically incorrect CEO is a horrific human being because 93% of the media coverage is unforgivably negative and maliciously contrived, then you are bound to believe a lifetime Democrat and military widow showcased by every talk show, radio host and newspaper – shamelessly exploited by the obnoxious Frederica Wilson herself to publicly validate her anti-Trump obsession – has nothing to do with race, newfound fame and fortune, or the incessant “Nazi” narrative of the endlessly conniving Democratic party.

The same outraged “humanists” responsible for funding/fabricating the infamous Russian dossier and politicizing/doctoring the intent of a private conversation conveying a Commander in Chief’s condolences – a gesture Barack Obama routinely acquiesced in favor of written correspondence or delegated to subordinates – are plotting day and night to destroy the single greatest threat to the fake media monopoly and corrupt Washington establishment intent on fundamentally transforming America to ensure permanent control. While I grieve for the loved ones of all our brave fallen, I have no remorse for the soulless schemes of a hopelessly compromised press. The moment context and integrity are no longer relevant, dare I say conducive to controlling what pundits want the masses to despise and believe, is the day the left’s ambition of achieving a permanent state of political supremacy becomes an omitted anecdote in the crocodile tears of seasoned “super predators”.

For those avid history buffs, Nazi fascists and Marxist revolutionaries were both extremely adept at one practice: blaming their most vocal critics, political detractors, for that which they themselves were guilty of…fraud, conspiracy, bigotry, greed, treason. Because it takes a complicit village to raise and conceal a lie of such grotesque proportions – Hillary Clinton lost to a sexist “White Supremacist” because of solicited Russian interference – what’s the going price for a former POW, a bitter ex-First Lady and even the FBI itself colluding to frame a sitting President of the United States for that which they attempted; financing a vicious plot through the Washington D.C. firm Fusion GPS to incriminate a common political adversary? Better yet, what’s the incarceration rate for personally profiting from selling 20% of America’s Uranium stockpiles as the former FBI Maestro and Deep State magician, James Comey, exonerated his comrade Hillary Clinton before an “investigation” into her illegal activities even began?

Can you imagine the sheer chaos, the unrelenting screams for “justice”, if Hillary had won the presidency and Donald Trump attempted to falsely implicate her by conspiring with the identical historical adversary he publicly decried as our greatest foe? Just like the Democratic Socialists and Red Bolsheviks of old who invoked injustice with insatiable regularity, the loudest whistle blowers are the table-fed, seditious sneaks who wiretapped political opponents, sponsored hate groups, consorted with our foreign enemies and somehow managed to force a criminal investigation of an innocent man through the mere theatricality of accusation and media manufactured hysteria alone.

Whenever the billowing smoke of an impending fire sale draws an inquisitive crowd, the progressive circus sends out a glittering, one-trick pony who’s safe word is “racism”; or even worse, a grieving and graciously politicized military widow who only draws tears of outrage from the Anthem-separatist press corps during a Republican presidency. Only in the festering swamps of mass media manipulation would the death of four Special Forces members ambushed by militants while providing assistance to Nigerian counter-terrorism efforts, equate to four Americans murdered in Benghazi amidst repeated unanswered requests for additional security at a stagnant embassy due to intelligence reports warning of a possible terrorist attack: documented pleas that Hillary Clinton self-admittedly ignored, including rejected calls for military assistance over the entire duration of a 7 hour siege which left Ambassador Stevens dead. If Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Hollywood, media muckrakers and violent social activists were held to the same intolerant standard as Donald Trump – their every move scrutinized, spoken word distorted and very existence dehumanized – Senator Flake’s pandering attempt at martyrdom, the deceitful and destructive antics of the so-called “resistance”, would be impeachable forms of hostility awarded a much needed dose of prison cell humility.

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The Exploitation of Unequal Taxation

It’s common knowledge the socialist left would love nothing more than to excessively if mot fatally tax wealthy individuals, private business owners and corporations who already account for 70% of all duties collected; not to mention the countless jobs and disposable income their success inevitably generates. Regardless of what laws Congress may pass or what selective rules are used to justify such abuse, what gives our government the “constitutional” authority to tax one citizen more than another, one business or a specific industry more than the other? It is nothing more than discrimination, a violation of equal rights and equal protection under the law. Honestly, do these people toil or risk less? If every affluent household or aspiring entrepreneur went broke tomorrow, or even 5 years down the road, would they recoup their time, lost income or confiscated possessions from those disgruntled voters who supported such excessive taxation as a form of political protest; or more profoundly, compensated envy? Absolutely not. Such regressive reasoning makes about as much sense as a Death or Estate Tax, a government’s soulless attempt to profit from the loss of a loved one, despite the fact citizens already pay income, social security, medicare, property, state and/or sales taxes from adolescence through the duration of their adult lives.

This very conundrum is why the 16th Amendment, in part, is unconstitutional; it provides no constraints or limitations on the methodology of exacting tax rates. Does a doctor earning $200,000 still not contribute more tax revenue than a Fast Food worker also paying a flat 10% fee? If we are all created equal, and not reduced to the progressive sliding scale of class, race, or gender appropriation, shouldn’t our tax laws also reflect that founding principle and universal maxim? I myself have never been wealthy; however, if I were to come into money, I’d like to think I was entitled to keep my property and enjoy the earned fruits of my labor. That’s what America was predicated upon; rewarding hard work and protecting individual rights, liberty, without the illicit intrusion of excessive government regulation and taxation. If Washington truly wants to reduce the record $9 trillion deficit Barack Obama accrued alone – nearly double the national debt of all other Presidents combined – and restore the now politically incorrect American dream, they might start by cutting the trillions of dollars wasted on those improperly monitored socialist programs riddled with fraudulent claims, the continuous kickbacks of pork barrel projects, or by eliminating an indulgent caveat of Congressional perks; including, but not limited to, a lifetime pension and private healthcare for those elected officials serving only a single term in office.

While I willingly accept taxes are vital to public works and the civic/state/national infrastructure millions use on a daily basis, the methodology in which our government derives and collects these funds is as important as the manner in which they are allocated. The same progressive propagandists duping millennials into believing paying higher taxes is patriotic and society’s solemn duty – i.e., their those responsible citizens and parents who work tirelessly for a better life – have no reservations taking bread off our tables to feed a corrupt, failed establishment that subsidizes illegal immigration, refuses to balance the budget or enforce a debt ceiling, and has aided and abetted terrorist regimes with no regard for the American people’s safety or economic prowess. Why should those taxpayers already suffering the immediate consequences of such callous negligence bear the long term costs of enabling Congress to bankrupt America and destroy private industry in the process; the greatest known vehicle of economic independence and upward mobility in Western Civilization?

Whereas Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren love to decry greed and the inevitable commercial goal of profit, they both got rich off the “system” by convincing millions of able-bodied Americans they were “victims” because economic injustice and the natural inequality of achievement are somehow one in the same; and all despite regularly dining with fellow limousine liberals, sharing their campaign collection plates with donors earmarked for federal dollars, pandering to America’s most affluent enemies, and turning corporate America and collegiate campuses into their political pulpit of private speaking fees. It is by no means a coincidence the ten most solvent and economically vibrant states also have the most friendly tax codes and attractive investment packages: Texas and Wisconsin to name but a few. Adding and subtracting is not a revolutionary concept, nor is giving families a fertile environment to thrive, although expecting our elected officials to understand basic economics and act on the behalf of the people’s interests is quickly becoming an extinct one.

Every senator and state representative, regardless of party affiliation, should be required by law to balance the budget or thus automatically become ineligible for re-election. Being it’s the people’s money to begin with, the liquidated seeds of our blood, sweat and tears, this is neither an unreasonable request or a rhetorical question inviting pointless debate. If everyday Americans ran their affairs like the detached parasites plaguing Washington, they all would be destitute and homeless within a month; only “We the People” cannot simply print more money or shamelessly give ourselves a bailout at our neighbor’s expense. If the buck truly stops here – at the fiscal crossing of common sense and accountability – our government should have been foreclosed years ago for entertaining the indoctrinated lie collectivism is a harbinger of prosperity and justice, rather than the oppressive aftermath of scheming bureaucrats attempting to discredit the individual attributes of hard work, ambition, talent and education to reconcile the Socratic revelation equal opportunity will never guarantee the Marxist fantasy of equal outcomes.



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Bushwacked: From Apples to Alzheimer’s

As someone who voted for him twice and routinely defended his administration from partisan witchunts, I find it disgraceful globalist George Bush took a silent knee for 8 long years as Barack Obama divided & dismantled America with reckless abandon – insidiously inciting a culture war against the Constitution, conservatives, Christians, police and even our historical heritage – only to suddenly find the nerve to join the media lynch mob unapologetically attempting to destroy Donald Trump by any means necessary. Sorry, George W., but the same conniving propagandists applauding your decision to suggest white supremacy is our President’s burden to bear, let alone proliferating at all, also cursed your “failed and racist” tenure on a daily basis, organized monthly marches protesting a sanctioned campaign to overthrow a murderous tyrant, and even sought your removal from office by releasing fake memos disputing your military service. And despite what your selective establishment memory may wish to believe, or foolishly convey, Barack Obama was by far our most divisive President ever because “bigotry” was not only emboldened under his stewardship…it was his motive of operation, the bane of his bitter existence, his conduit of social change through anarchist activism.

The fact a self-confessed Marxist steered this transcendent republic so unimaginably far left is exactly why so many liberals suddenly cannot fathom a President who rejects discrimination as a one-way street and staunchly refuses to surrender America’s sovereignty to a globalist ideology that embraces the intolerant legacy of Islam, encourages the hostile exploitation of limitless immigration, breeds universal contempt for our laws, and justifies wealth redistribution (theft of earned property) as a form of reparations for historical inequities; or better yet, modern entitlement. Not only did Barack Obama fail the black community by choosing inflammatory rhetoric over responsibility – idle dependence in lieu of economic liberation, opportunity and urban gentrification – he funneled nearly every political issue and public event through a jagged lens of color, gender, sexual orientation and religion to solicit/galvanize a negative public reaction in order to distract from his own failures and radical aspirations.

The more we as a society acquiesce to “racial” grandstanding and the malicious media norm of false accusation, the more the real issues dividing and hindering this country are forever obscured by the functional fallout of identity politics; i.e., our ability to critically think independently, logically, and function as a nation predicated upon due process and limited government beyond the diversions of blame, stereotype or mass hysteria. When the “resistance” blueprint seeks to avoid individual accountability and never engage in substantive debate – acknowledging reality, not hyperbole, by accepting relevant points of contention instead of drowning dialogue in endless demagoguery – kneeling during the anthem becomes a celebrated fad, national security branded a form of white supremacy and every word spoken or decision made by Donald Trump is molded into a Red Light scandal of Right Wing extremism.

In other words, never mind jobless claims are at a 44 year-old low, the stock market has added over 5 trillion to the economy with repeated record highs, over 200 million in Executive waste has been eliminated, the DOJ is waging an unprecedented campaign against pedophilia and illegal immigration has dropped by over 70%, because only Hitler would want to lead a nation of proud, prosperous, law-abiding citizens against the clearly treasonous subversion of its founding charter. Until “We the People” can have an honest conversation about real issues without crass condescension and the malicious media manipulating every single detail for partisan gain – understand equality is not affirmative action or verbose millionaire athlete’s ignoring the urban epidemic of absentee parents and systemic crime – the closer America comes to committing self-assisted suicide; a fate a number of morally twisted and financially bankrupt states like California would hail as a “progressive” milestone. If a house divided against itself cannot stand, neither can a propaganda state built upon victimization politics, spoon-fed anti-Americanism and a growing belief Government, and not God, is our salvation from the tyranny of a corrupted heart, mind or regressive regime.

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Tinsel, Gold Teeth and A Warm Body Underneath

The best tours of Hollywood should always begin with the seductive long legs of la la Land leading to the toast of Tinsel Town where it’s not what you know but who you know can fill your glass with their unquestioned sexual needs. Whether you’re greeted in the 5 star foyers of celebrity bliss or lured into the wine cellars of the ultra 1% dream, privilege is a political podium tied to the trysts of Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus spoiling the fruits of our unsung labor. Unbeknownst to the nostrils, bank accounts and notched bedposts of America’s most wanted lifestyles, the “Go Fund Me” extravagance of fan-paid escapades, America would be a far richer place – ethically and financially – if “We the People” withheld a dollar and an hour of our time every time Michael Moore, Katie Perry, Eminem, Robert De Niro or Rosie O’Donnell mocked middle America as a hateful abyss of Right Wing supremacy. For every James Woods or Tim Allen blacklisted for quoting the Constitution and lamenting the unborn, there’s an anti-American Jane Fonda or racist Whoopi Goldberg fanning the flames of societal discord for the syndicated shock value of gross exaggeration.

The only public menace more hypocritical than the entertainment industry incessantly lecturing America about discrimination, equal rights and human decency is their unquenchable thirst to bathe their ego – sow their political seeds and feed their carnal desires – wherever and whenever they please. Just like the pharaohs and kings of old, no amount of self-indulgence or moral subversion can fill their vacationing hearts; a lifestyle define by excess and adulation. And yet amidst the suffocated stories of coerced victims the world is finally beginning to see the film and music industry for what it is worth; a cesspool of greed, sexual exploitation and social degradation that not only poisons the minds of generations of our youth for the price of a ticket or song, but eagerly ransoms the frail, budding aspirations of “dreamers” who too often are forced to pay a pound of flesh for the slightest hope of fortune or fame.

For years renewed claims of sexual harassment, rape and pedophilia have plagued the entertainment industry with little action or collective concern from the inner circles of cinematic, sports, and music executives. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, both of whom were prominent 80’s childhood stars, admitted to being raped on the same night in separate rooms. And while Haim eventually succumbed to a drug addiction – one he battled for years after being introduced to cocaine as an emerging teenage star – Feldman has been ostracized for his campaign to expose what he calls “rampant pedophilia” in Hollywood. As expected, his assertions based from personal experiences were immediately dismissed as “false and damaging” by Barbara Walters during a televised interview. Then again, if you can stomach former Chief of Staff Jon Podesta’s taste in modern art as much as a slice of his brother’s pizza, no child is really off limits. It’s therefore of little surprise pop star Kesha was also shunned by the press after revealing music producer Dr. Luke raped her when she was an 18 year-old virgin and that he threatened to destroy her career if she ever exposed his vile behavior. Naturally many within the mercenary mud pit known as journalism labeled her accusations as spiteful, baseless indictments without merit. But as we all know, appearances are everything when entitlement and self-gratification are the greatest impetuses of achieving such control…the OJ Simpson illusion of innocence. Money buys influence and access is a drug the adoring media rarely moralizes no matter what the human cost.

Although Harvey Weinstein has become the tip of the proverbial storm – rightfully so considering Rose McGowan was allegedly raped by him, a young model pressured into allowing him to perform oral sex, a reporter forced to watch him shower/masturbate, and now other woman have come forward with stories ranging from repeated harassment to forced sex acts – how many other aspiring actors, actresses, models and musicians fell in the cracks of his constituents’ complacency; even worse, the media’s silent consent or willingness to falsely debunk almost any claim of industry indiscretion to maintain a reputable lie of social activism?

Of course when so many detailed allegations come forward with such ferocity, victims can finally breathe and the dam can no longer deny the portending public relations nightmare, the truth finally finds the light of day. A video of “esteemed” Trump critic Jimmy Kimmel recently surfaced showing him asking an 18 year-old girl to guess what was in his pants, along with a dignified plea for her “to put her mouth on it”, while footage of Oscar winning writer and actor Ben Affleck relentlessly groping and objectifying a television host has empowered other actresses, including a well respected make-up artist, to go public with similar tales of abuse at the hands of the now infamously dubbed, “buttman”. Whether you’re a common stage hand, a doting fan or yet another Red Carpet VIP sipping Chablis in a guarded trailer, it’s obvious no one is immune from being the recipient of such unwarranted advances; i.e., the moral relativism and callous apathy of Hollywood’s so-called imaginary “rape culture”. Few examples can better exemplify the dichotomy between private deviance and public admiration than Bill Cosby. For decades he was universally beloved for his comedic genius, a devoted family man regarded as the epitome of wit and clean humor, only to be exposed as serial predator who drugged unsuspecting women for the explicit purpose of violating them. When fame or wealth can no longer seduce the adoring senses, the spoiled celebrity appetite for excess too often attempts to cash a forged check forgoing the prerequisite of individual consent.

In light of the worst offenders, I’m not recklessly suggesting everyone in the entertainment world is guilty of sex crimes and unparalleled misconduct. There are a number of conscionable thespians, musicians, and athletes who walk the walk and tirelessly work to make the world a better place with their time and money. However, as much as I agree all people should be judged on an individual basis and given the benefit of the doubt, that same has not been afforded to Republicans, Christians, or anyone in traditionally conservative states who have fought to preserve our Judeo-Christian values and have repeatedly warned about the consequences of eroding the family paradigm. The last time I checked, glorified violence, ingrained disrespect and unchecked hedonism sit squarely on the shoulders of “cultured” urban activists who believe a married woman choosing to raise her children is sexist oppression and who portray self-defense as an armed crime that pales in comparison to movies or video games that mindlessly shoot or invite viewers to kill everything in sight; including cops, free speech or God-forbid our own President.

When sex, materialism and an insatiable desire to live the celebrity lifestyle – mass adoration, soulless vanity and living a life without regrets or boundaries – replaces society’s need to raise generations of respectful, well-adjusted youth ever cognizant of their choices, the results speak for themselves. Social change and female empowerment isn’t achieved by parading around naked in the streets, scrawling slut across your chest and profanely degrading anyone who finds such lack of decency offensive. Such obscene sensationalism merely seeks validation through political intimidation and does nothing to encourage civil discourse, let alone instill an acute sense of accountability in anyone; regardless of their political leanings or sexual identity.

True feminism is about reminding our daughters they are not reduced to the sum of their body parts; that the content of their character and the legacy of their actions are the greatest indicators of their self-worth and natural born rights. Equality begins by teaching girls to respect themselves, as much as it does empowering young, impressionable boys to see all females as their sisters and mothers; deserving of equal regard for their well-being and aspirations. It does not require a political affiliation, demonizing the opposite sex or denouncing morality and basic decency as fascist gender control. Likewise, sexual freedom or personal gratification without restraints, an innate concern for others, merely invites philandering, uninvited aggression and even pedophilia. One needs only to peruse the unfiltered depravity of social media, those more concerned with their genitals, convincing Holocaust survivors Trump is a Hitler or garnering the maximum number of “retweets”, to conclude regression and progressivism are now one in the same.

Not to rain on Hollywood’s incestuous love affair with itself, but not all boundaries are meant to be broken and conditioning society to treat violence as entertainment and women as stage props hardly exonerates their ranks from culpability. Harvey Weinstein personally befriended and/or routinely partied with cinematic heavyweights such as George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon, Quentin Tarantino and Russell Crowe. And despite the reality so many witnessed and/or personally learned of his improper behavior from colleagues, not discounting published pictures revealing the distressed faces of actresses like Emma Watson while in his libido’s therapeutic presence, little was ever said or done out of fear of hurting their careers by unnecessarily writing a best-selling script of industry scandal; or better yet, self-incrimination. Yes, how utterly courageous and apropos when the names of modern sex toys are seen as more life-like, more memorable, than the actual expendable victims of Hollywood sex crimes. Apparently only Brad Pitt, seething over the mistreatment of then girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, had the gumption to confront the film mogul with a “Missouri Whipping” if he did not cease and desist.

Only under the protective halo of the colluding press could a heavyweight Democratic fundraiser like Harvey Weinstein, a personal confidant of both the Clintons and Obamas who was repeatedly invited to White House events, be publicly hailed as “a wonderful human being” without one network rewinding the remarkably absurd comments of one Michelle Obama for posterity’s sake. And to think Hillary kissed congressional colleague and former Klan leader Robert Byrd on the cheek, while the President has been disparaged daily by networks as a white supremacist for saying hate is not a race because it inevitably exists in all facets of America. Who in their right mind could actually believe the media isn’t hopelessly compromised, built to indoctrinate trusting, ignorant minds, when incontrovertible maxims are clearly twisted to house partisan lies? How many women, without a shred of evidence, were given press conferences by the major networks just weeks before the election in hopes of thwarting Donald Trump’s campaign? Twelve more than the number who made police reports or filed lawsuits: none.

The fact Mr. Weinstein “bravely” announced he’s entering rehab and hired a high profile criminal attorney reveals his response is as phony as it is entirely devoid of remorse. Of course, the real question is what happens now? How many conspicuously silent talk show hosts – the same politically conscious hacks who lambaste the President daily over mere hyperbole and unsubstantiated paranoia – will demand its viewers choose between rejecting the cultural rot of pop culture, the sexual impropriety of celebrity affluence, or watching their obnoxious programs? How many award galas, public classrooms or athletic venues will be hijacked to rail against Hollywood indecency, exploitation and liberal hypocrisy? And lastly, when will America unite to reclaim their dignity by stripping away their support and hard-earned money from those detached elitists, moral degenerates, and political terrorists who sanctimoniously dehumanize any dissension from the celebrity status quo? “Strip away the phony tinsel from Hollywood and you will find the REAL tinsel underneath”: Sycophants, narcissists, traitors and always a warm body beneath. The real American heroes we crave and so desperately need are not born from fiction or cut from the commercialized cloth of a marketed name, they quietly walk among us everyday in our homes, schools, hospitals and uneventful streets.


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Celebrity Slaves & Stale Political Stunts

Now that the NFL is losing millions in ticket sales, merchandising and advertising revenue, Commissioner Roger Goodell has come to the miraculous conclusion players should indeed stand for the National Anthem. In fact, after watching the NFL’s favorability rating plummet to below 50%, he recently sent a letter to all 32 owners suggesting the phrase “players should stand” in the official league handbook should be changed to “required to stand” for the National Anthem. Naturally, such a self-evident and rationale revelation stirred racial parasites like Al Sharpton who are now calling for an all-out player revolt if this new language is adopted, while ESPN commentator Michael Wilbon even had the gall to call Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a “slave owner” for already requiring his players to do so. Excuse my penchant for historical perspective, basic human decency, but when did millionaire athletes become “slaves” and exactly which employers allow workers to make the rules – dictate or rewrite the terms of their employment – let alone encourage them to insult good-paying customers with such reckless abandon? Whether you work at a convenience store or head a Fortune 500 company, every staff member is required to follow a universal code of conduct. If you don’t like it…quit, find a new job or buy your own damn team. Then again, even owners who purchase a NFL franchise must adhere to league guidelines or they too will be forced to sell their team. That’s not discrimination, that’s not racism, that’s common sense!
Comparing overpaid, pampered players to lifelong servants who toiled, suffered and died under the auspices of human bondage – victims of real oppression and injustice, mind you – is morally grotesque and blatantly obtuse. If I may, when did slaves own Malibu mansions, drive Ferrari’s, wear $100,000 suits, tweet to millions of adoring white fans or safely conceal the numbers of their “side bitches” on their back-up, gold-plated iPhone? I think not. Many slaves were lucky to eat a decent meal or God-forbid enjoy clean drinking water. In contrast, today’s affluent athletes refusing to stand at attention for 60 seconds to honor our National Anthem, despite basking in the immense blessings America affords, are either too ignorant or hateful to realize they’re living a life few will ever experience for doing little more than playing a little boy’s game. I don’t need to watch a condescending, self-indulgent video showcasing the homophobic, obscenely profane, recreational addict and serial misogynist known as Eminem – the same hypocrite who religiously raps about killing his mom, partying with “niggers”, shooting enemies and violating women – to know these protests are nothing more than a leftist orgy hijacking yet another national venue to express their insatiable hatred of Donald Trump; a man they were predisposed to reject regardless.
This media orchestrated movement to turn Colin Kaepernick into a glorified martyr by encouraging similar anthem demonstrations, recruiting and teaching participants as young as grade school to despise America in the name of a syndicated lie, is far more about seizing every conceivable opportunity to further demonize America’s heritage and viciously slander all Trump supporters as white supremacists than fighting any semblance of true oppression. The same intolerant celebrities who can’t tell the difference between an undaunted Chief Executive challenging modern identity politics and a genocidal war criminal from the Third Reich, want you to believe they sincerely respect the military, first responders and uninfringed freedom of speech; well, except on college campuses and nationally televised award shows. Not surprisingly, a clear majority of those “brave” kneeling athletes and plotting activists claiming they simply want an honest discussion on real societal issues, label anyone who quotes crime statistics, blames eroding societal values or invokes a need for personal accountability as racist, sexist or a Nazi Republican. Truly, there is no greater bigot than someone who judges everything through the subjective political lens of race, sexuality and gender.
Refusing to control your political impulses in entertainment forums that once allowed families a much needed escape from political discord hardly constitutes discrimination or a matter automatically worthy of immediate concern. Furthermore, shamelessly attempting to politicize the American flag to further fracture an already divided country merely confirms a clear lack of regard for the time, money and rights of others. Any self-respecting citizen who truly loved America and supported our unsung heroes would never disrespect, publicly or privately, the very symbols of hope and opportunity so many lost their lives defending and still sacrifice to preserve today; regardless of their political views, economic class or skin color. A reasonable adult would have simply concluded Colin Kaepernick was an unapologetic, anti-American opportunist who still refuses to accept the consequences of his foolish actions. If workers from all walks of life are fired every day for the slightest infractions – failing to be punctual, dressing improperly, or unnecessarily imposing their personal beliefs on others – what makes a football player immune to being held responsible for alienating millions of consumers and rightfully proud Americans? Unfortunately for the future prospects of America and the forsaken sanity of sports fans, truth is no longer a commodity accepted in the real world.
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Life, Liberty & Liberal Gun Lies

Of the roughly 4,300 shootings in Chicago last year, how many were perpetrated by NRA members? Less than one one-thousandth. Grossly misrepresenting the deranged actions of a mass murderer by no means makes the NRA a terrorist organization or its over 5 million law-abiding members Right Wing extremists…especially when a clear majority of gun owners support background checks, mental health stipulations and restrictions on high capacity, automatic rifles. Otherwise, the documented fact a majority of mass shootings are committed by disgruntled or radicalized leftists would support an immediate public outcry to permanently disband the Democratic Party; that same accusatory organization which espoused slavery, founded the KKK, repeatedly marginalizes Islamic terrorism, misogyny and homophobia, incited a nationwide war on police, wields racism as a unilateral weapon of ascendacy, and encourages an increasingly militant response to conservative views and politicians. Educating our youth on how to properly use firearms, respect human life while protecting the vulnerable, is a far more effective solution than contributing to a belligerent culture of hyper-partisan paranoia that displays little outrage over the exponentially greater number of defenseless victims of urban crime.

Whereas ignorant stereotypes and reckless accusations merely inflame societal divisions by needlessly politicizing human tragedy, real progress requires holding individuals accountable for their choices regardless of any societal failure or partisan agenda; including those media, congressional and celebrity opportunists who are quickly becoming the unrivaled harbingers of hypocrisy, hostility and hate in contemporary America. Within every inconvenient truth buried by Snopes or Politifact to protect a false narrative, those sacrificed pawns of abandoned reason, resides the means necessary to both save lives and preserve liberty.


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The Moral Carnage of Cultural Terrorists


Blaming guns for mass murders is like accusing cars of kidnapping drunk drivers. Until we somehow remember to respect our neighbor and value life, teach our children morals rather than brainwash them with soulless pop culture, the weapon of choice is moot. Better yet, it’s garnish for the logically impaired. Criminals rarely follow gun laws and will always find a way to unleash their hate. September 11, 2001 is case in point…a terrorist plot carried out with nothing more than box cutters. When mass death is the objective you could drive a semi-truck through a parade or public gathering and instantly kill hundreds without blinking an eye. Critics refuse to invoke morality, let alone God, because they’d rather exploit death for political gain,fulfill a predisposed campaign agenda, instead of addressing the actual source of the problem: the rapid decay of our most basic societal norms and a glaring lack of respect for our fellow man.

Contrary to the doomsday prophecies of political opportunists, the weapons Stephen Paddock used were already banned by state statutes and federal laws; he simply modified their magazine capacity to inflict maximum casualties. Like the failed policies of Chicago, the left’s gun control narrative is false, futile and naive. History has proven excessive regulation merely leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless because criminals – oppressive regimes included – will always obtain firearms and/or any other weapon necessary to terrorize society. You cannot stop mass shootings anymore than a government can legislate evil…i.e., human nature. The question isn’t why are guns legal; the question is why are so many people now comfortable ending a human life? A crisis of culture, an erosion of our everyday humanity, cannot be abridged by any law or solved by any soulless politician seeking to exploit a tragedy in the name of a lie. The Windy City boasts some of the strictest gun control measures in America and in a mere matter of months routinely exceeds the total number of individuals who were killed or injured in Las Vegas: the single, greatest mass shooting in American history. Progressivism no more mourn the victims of violence than it values a free, prosperous and independent populace capable of defending itself against all threats; most notably, a corrupt media, modern academia and celebrated anti-American hate groups.

I’m not foolishly claiming guns are the solution to all our problems, not by any means, but they’re a necessary liberty and viable defense in a world rife with crime, danger and tyranny. A majority of Americans fully support the safeguards of background checks, as well as those legal limitations placed on the sale and ownership of automatic weapons since 1986. Ultimately, however, these inanimate objects are only as “evil” as the souls pointing them. Accountability and America’s founding Judeo-Christian values aren’t revolutionary ideals; they’re abandoned “relics” in the name of “progress”. Instilling a sense of decency in our youth and demanding personal culpability from all people is not a matter for partisan debate, but a prerequisite for ensuring the survival of any civilized society.

Celebrity semantics aside, I’m confused as to how an Antifa sympathizing, anti-Trump lunatic targeting patriotic Americans constitutes a legitimate demand for responsible gun owners to further surrender their right to bear arms to the same conniving Democrats who have publicly advocated a hostile “resistance” since November 8, 2016. Perhaps if media propagandists and militant activists didn’t constantly preach class, race, and religious warfare – inciting mass paranoia with the goal of convincing millions Donald Trump is Hitler reincarnated – the world would indeed be a much more united, responsible and safer place. It’s pretentious at best to claim you’re part of the solution to end gun violence when the problem begins with your equally smug rejection of family values, a growing intolerance of political dissension, a hostile ignorance towards the Constitution, or better yet common sense, and an unrelenting desire to demonize America’s heritage and/or poison her future in the name of secular globalism. I fear the fascist goals of aspiring Marxists and the moral carnage of cultural terrorists far more than the inherent risks of living in a country blessed with free will, ample opportunity and natural born liberty.



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