Hogging the Celebrity Crack Pipe

The only definitive mistake Laura Ingraham made was apologizing to the adolescent anathema known as David Hogg in the first place. The lynch mob left views such civilized gestures, necessary or not, as little more than public trophies used to validate their gestapo tactics. Not only were her comments completely harmless and self-evident, they paled in comparison to his obnoxious tirades; which include, to name but a few college resume builders, disrespecting a White House liaison on the phone, profanely slandering and falsely accusing the NRA of condoning/committing mass murder, threatening uncooperative politicians, disparaging mature voters and posting the private information of corporate executives, advertisers of Laura Ingraham’s show, on social media.

Semantics and pleasantries aside, Mr. Hogg is far more than a bitter, whining opportunist. He’s a crude, petulant child pretending to be a celebrity authority on gun violence, criminal justice, despite having never fought in a war, survived an oppressive regime or defended his loved ones from a violent intruder who neither cared about gun laws or the sanctity of human life.

Apparently, according to the commercial censors of acceptable behavior, there’s nothing quite as precious to consumers as the smug, spoiled offspring of a retired, Deep State apologist and CNN VIP using his 15 minutes of parasitic fame to lecture educated adults about their Constitutional rights, the relevance of the Second Amendment, while advocating the higher virtues of mob rule. Only in post, common sense America would the “esteemed” media give credence to such a foul-mouthed charlatan who couldn’t differentiate between a fascist, a young Democrat of voting age and a Twitter endorsed cult leader aspiring to boycott logic into submission. For those not familiar with Rules for Radicals, anti-American antagonists like George Soros, Media Matters, the Southern Law/Poverty Center and Hollywood elitists have not only been waging a non-stop war on Donald Trump to deflect from his many accomplishments, unforeseen popularity, but on established Conservative voices as well by using any perceived slight, unproven allegation of impropriety, to justify terminating their syndicated views.

Naturally, no such standards of offensive conduct have been applied to the newest publicity stunt props of modern academia: the reincarnated Hitler youth commissioned with headlining the midterm resistance that somehow peacefully slumbered during the one presidency that presided over the most mass murders, terrorist attacks, police assassinations and school shootings in modern American history…the tragically praised tenure of Barack Hussein Obama.

Fortunately for the Maestro of Marxism, the young and the feckless victims of propaganda forgot to schedule a Chronic catered revolution knowing the man never passed a single piece of gun control legislation in 8 years, despite Democrats controlling Congress for two of them, or the buried fact the Obama administration sold fully automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels resulting in the death of an American border agent. Apparently selective “outrage” requires hugging unvetted refugees and religiously ignoring public death threats of bullied students in the very Gun Free Zones liberals created to keep hypocrites like David Hogg from having to experience, God forbid pass, a real Civics class. While it may be breaking news to the paperboy proletariat, liberty is only as strong as your ability to defend it; or today’s case, water the historical roots of undeterred tyranny in your Pokemon pajama pants.

If “dumb-ass, old people who do not understand democracy” are to blame for the homicidal actions of the mentally ill, militant or hopelessly malicious, the same firearms that pull their own trigger must be responsible for the rapid moral decay of a self-absorbed generation that can name more Kardashians than amendments, Bible verses or actual people murdered by the NRA. When maintaining false appearances is imperative to inciting an electoral “blue wave”, politically orchestrated rage conveniently masks the realization you’re guilty of the very transgressions – intimidation, apathy, greed and ignorance – used to unapologetically destroy the lives of the wrongfully accused.




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Jesus of Nazareth: The Kingdom of Heaven

“The Passion of the Christ” – as difficult as it is to watch – is a transcendent work for one indelible reason: why wouldn’t a man, if he didn’t truly believe he was the Son of God, simply renounce his claim rather than suffer so horribly at the hands of his detractors? For many, those whose lives are equally fraught with human frailty, faith ultimately supersedes any fear of pain or indignation. Their spirit is ethereal and cannot be touched or diminished by any earthly device of such tangible hate. For others, it is a righteous pulpit to pass judgement and instill fear as a means to achieve power, fortune or fame. Either way, temptation and temperance is the crux upon which humanity can rise or fall.

Nothing is more profound, representative of the dichotomy between Jesus the man and Jesus the Son of God, than the philosophical bridge spanning these two iconic statements: “My God…why hast thou forsaken me?” and “It is finished”! It was this distinct juxtaposition that became the genesis of the “The Last Temptation of Christ”. Although many believed the book and film to be blasphemous, the writer was simply trying to reconcile these contrasting thoughts. In essence, Nikos Kazantzakis hypothesized that God gave Jesus a vision of what the world would have become if he was but an ordinary man – misled by temptation, evil and sin – in lieu of leading a life of virtue and willingly sacrificing himself on the cross for the salvation of all mankind. In this context, I believe this interpretation was both fascinating and ingenious for you cannot study or appreciate Jesus the Son of God without understanding his trials and tribulations as a man.

Whether you’re a devout Christian, Jewish, agnostic or an atheist, one thing is for certain; a wealth of inspiration and wisdom can be drawn from the brief life and brutal torture of Jesus of Nazareth. Unlike the feared priests and prefects of the time, the selfless deeds and testimony of a humble carpenter from Galilee embodied love and forgiveness; a stark contrast from the “fire & brimstone” fatalism of the Old Testament. It’s not that he didn’t believe there would be consequences for one’s actions – albeit in life or the liberation of death – Jesus simply recognized that as long as hope remained, sincere contrition for our missteps, it was never too late to live a virtuous life and seek salvation. Our sacred duty to honor the divine gift of life lies not in any ordained structure or hoarded artifact, but in our willingness to honor thy commandments and sacrifice for the welfare of others.

Whereas his battered body eventually succumbed to the most unspeakable cruelty, Jesus’ faith did not. The resurrection of the human spirit, one man’s choice to feel compassion without contempt, bleed benevolence beneath the blade of belligerence, is now humanity’s cross to bear. Therefore, as we are all mired in life’s daily struggles and injustices – poverty, disease, conflict or petty, everyday contrivances – it becomes all the more vital to embrace one inescapable adage: the Kingdom of Heaven is in you, whether you believe in God or not. You need only be willing to find it.

May God Bless You All & Happy Easter!!!

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Unraveling the Thread of Liberty: The Fascist Youth of America

I find it extremely disconcerting that a former Supreme Court Justice, John Stevens, must be reminded as to why the Second Amendment was actually created: to protect the people against all forms of tyranny, but most notably from the oppression or subversion of their own government. To rescind the Second Amendment is to pretend human nature, our penchant for hate, intemperance, envy and hostility, does not exist; including criminals’ obvious refusal to follow gun laws. Although I freely admit a firearm in the hands of a wicked soul is highly dangerous, it’s even more deadly, unjust, when their unsuspecting prey have no equal measure of recourse.

Sadly, the growing prevalence of such absurd assertions are almost entirely predicated upon a misguided love of statism or intrusive, centralized government rather than rational thought based on the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Even worse, as a result of continuous illegal immigration and the unforgivable reality some blue states are encouraging non-citizen voting, it is only a matter of time before America succumbs to single-party rule despite being conceived upon the ideals of intellectual diversity, decorum, compromise, and universal checks and balances. In other words, when plotting, elected officials spend every waking moment undermining an administration’s most distinct accomplishments and the media knowingly misinforms the electorate to the detriment and fracture of a nation, the descent into despotism is all but inevitable. Insatiable malice is like patriotism without sight: you cannot find wisdom in the ashes of your blind contempt.

Tyranny, unlike our regulated right to self-defense, will endure regardless of era or circumstance because human nature, people’s lust for power and propensity to commit criminal acts of aggression, will always exist to some degree. Whether it methodically undermines our societal values, siphons the earned fruits of hard labor, erodes mankind’s natural born rights, or puts a boot on the throat of your uncooperative convictions, evil can manifest in any medium or willing personage. Unless legalized theft, free educational indoctrination, state censorship and systemic oppression sounds distinctly “progressive” to the human condition, what could possibly be more necessary than preserving the last, detectable vestiges of American independence with your own two hands? Apparently only “boring, old-ass parents” willing to defend their liberties, families and country are unworthy to vote in the eyes of today’s increasingly fascist youth.

One of the most deceiving arguments solicited by critics of individual liberty is that true security, harmony, cannot be achieved without absolute control or submission to a totalitarian authority; one, which naturally, has no agenda, corrupt elements or nefarious intent. Considering Europeans and now some Americans are being fired, fined and/or jailed for simply voicing their opinions – i.e., free speech deemed hate speech for speaking non-politically correct truths – I would say Western Civilization is quickly deteriorating into a regressive state of mob rule, political intolerance, if not one of denial itself. The fact a frightening number of judges now justify supplanting the most self-explanatory statues, legal precedents, with their own partisan beliefs is a grave threat to the equal application of justice, equality, but most significantly the survival of America’s Constitutional charter.

Whether the issue is enforcing the absolute necessity of immigration and voter ID laws, combating the uninterrupted brutality and discriminatory legacy of Islam, or simply agreeing two biologically born sexes do not require forcing people to recognize over 50 socially contrived genders, the masses ability to perceive the most rudimentary truths and safeguard the foundation of any free, vibrant and moral society is fading beneath the cultural warfare of political malcontents: radical activists who despise our way of life, founding heritage and who seek to dictate your every thought and action. Never fear, this gradual dissent into madness lead by a militant youth is the exact blueprint collectivists and Democratic Socialists have touted for nearly a century to bring about the end of American exceptionalism. To weave an enticing tapestry of tyranny you must first unravel the thread of liberty with the incited anger, imagined injustices, of the ignorant.

Roughly 11 teens are killed each day by texting and driving, a sum greater than the annual number of school shootings for almost every state, yet no one has suggested banning cell phones, boycotting Apple or holding a national march. Why? Political theater, unlike common sense, requires deception to achieve a superficial end. If this Constitutional Republic and the so-called civilized world ever needed the right to bear arms and protect that which is indispensable – our lives, liberties and autonomy – that time is now more than ever. Otherwise, those one million new Barack Obama’s the former President so openly dreams of politically fathering will eagerly embrace the depravity of Marxism only to judge the imperfect transcendence of America exclusively through the subjective prism of racism, sexism and greed. Or, in Communist Manifesto terms, the sensational propaganda an aspiring ruling class feeds to maintain the entitled, victimization mentality of a predominately apathetic and gullible generation.

My apologies to the countless millennials who spend more time complaining about Snapchat filters than studying the unarmed infamy of Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Mao, Stalin and Che Guevara in school, but David Hogg isn’t changing the world…let alone anything. He’s merely reaffirming the ominous adage those who are unaware of the past are the most likely to repeat it. And that especially includes any opportunistic hypocrite hijacking an avoidable tragedy solely to push a false NRA narrative his family already believed. While I do love a good farce, what’s more preposterous than a smug suburbanite posing for a picture with Valerie Jarrett – a doting Marxist and Islamist – while complaining about his potentially infringed civil right to conceal the private contents of his backpack in the very Gun Free Zones that leftists publicly advertise the availability of mass murder? Apparently the “grassroots” revolution of privately flown students will be televised on every major network with a complimentary Democratic registration card and an iPhone map to every Soros voting machine in America. Irony, it seems, is not without a sense of morbidity.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” ~ Ronald Reagan

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” ~Benjamin Franklinfascism

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When Tantrums Aren’t Enough: Protesting the Wet Beds of Unarmed Statistics

Has the NRA ever committed a single murder, let alone planned or applauded one? No, not one? How not ironic. The only one’s who have blood on their hands are criminals, the mentally ill and those subversive agents who tirelessly encourage disrespect for the law, America and their fellow man through the increasingly antagonistic, amoral mediums of pop culture, mass media and public education. If standing-up for the necessity of the Second Amendment, the Constitution and Supreme Law of the United States, is now synonymous with murder, what do you call former Senator Joe Biden introducing “Gun Free Zones” which would inevitably leave millions of our children and loved ones defenseless to deranged militants; or better yet, lying and ambivalent bureaucrats seeking a counter-intuitive end for political gain?

Pretending evil does not exist – believing human nature can be cajoled by partisan rhetoric, staged protests or wishful thinking – will not save one soul from its wrath. Such ignorance will merely ensure logic, freedom, dies at the hands of armed propagandists whose real objective is to increase the historically low Democratic turnout during midterms and somehow impeach a President they failed to frame with their own treasonous plot. The same progressive zealots who conjured the fictitious term “assault weapons” to recruit a gullible public on the need for extensive gun control, despite the fact common hunting rifles like the Ruger-Mini have the same magazine capacity as an AR-15, want you to believe drugs, drunk drivers, medical malpractice and poor diets don’t kill exponentially more Americans in spite of widespread government regulation and individual self-awareness. Or if I may, is liberal academia still suggesting “throwing rocks” at armed campus intruders or “peeing” on rapists as viable solutions? Unless you truly believe gun abolitionists have your family’s best interests at heart, only to aid and rationalize the terrorist regime of Iran’s quest for nuclear armanents, pay no mind to the tactically trained and fully armed detail of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. Clearly, not all lives matter.

In other words, never mind the FBI and Florida law enforcement egregiously failed their job and the American people by ignoring over 39 warnings of a mentally disturbed individual planning mass murder. The NRA, a predisposed target of radical leftists for decades, must be blamed and brought before mob justice so rabid critics can politicize another tragedy to demonize the President while a handful of profane Parkland teenagers tour the liberal news circuit, pose for magazine covers, hire publicity agents and are flown to a national rally that never once condemned the actual criminal. Agendas? Never! Do you actually believe selfie-obsessed students organized nationwide school walkouts as “unsuspecting” principals and educators alike eagerly joined the rehearsed chorus; even punishing those independent voices who abstained or disagreed in lieu of halting unruly children hijacking our tax-payer funded institutions for an obvious political stunt? And to think superintendents now regularly obsess over the tyranny of patriotic t-shirts or excessive snow days. When facts no longer matter, the historical dangers of a disarmed, coerced and powerless populace disavowed by the executioner of free thought, the only trigger being pulled is that of “justifiable” fascism.

If ‘Enough is Enough’, as socially conscious millennials love to proclaim, why is modern America so willing to embrace violent movies, video games and the absurdly perverse nature of social media? If ‘Enough is Enough’, why is the traditional family paradigm being derided as outdated and misogynistic – only for open marriages, transgendered or same-sex parents to be celebrated as enlightened and courageous – as dysfunctional and single-parent households continue to proliferate? If ‘Enough is Enough’, why are kids, celebrities and politicians mired in a clear culture of disrespect, bullying and entitlement instead of embodying temperance, civility and personal culpability? If ‘Enough is Enough’, why is it OK for the free press to distort and selectively report the news, recklessly incite discord and prevent the public from making informed decisions, by knowingly pushing a hopelessly biased and often vindictive narrative? And if enough is truly enough, I’m sick and tired of glorified hypocrites slandering, silencing and physically threatening anyone who dares disagrees with or denounces their juvenile, belligerent behavior. Without decorum, a mutual respect for all people and viewpoints, democracy cannot endure.

Rather than educating our youth to respect and properly use firearms, restoring basic values, teaching coping skills and instilling a universal love of life and liberty, political activists are breeding hatred, intolerance, through the intentional misinformation of mass hysteria. Then again, when eroding gun rights is a prerequisite of your totalitarian aspirations, distraction is always key. While the NRA and an overwhelming majority of gun owners support thorough background checks and universal registration, preventing violent felons and the mentally ill from purchasing weapons, no such level of outrage or demanded accountability has been bestowed upon grown adults mobilizing a rebellious student populace to conceal the fact parents, politicians, school administrators and a politicized intelligence community are the greatest contributing forces to enabling mass shootings. After all, if some of strictest gun control measures in America failed to deter the over 3,000 shootings and 650 homicides last year in Chicago alone, perhaps the secular humanists of urban decay should begin by disarming hardened criminals before asking law-abiding citizens to apologize for believing in the “offensive” notion of self-preservation.

The moment playing the National Anthem or reaffirming there are only two biological genders is far more of a concern than unearthing the contemporary roots of gun violence, is the moment you realize your life is the expendable garnish of conspiring globalists and your Constitutional rights the main course. The greatest trigger of hostility, death and tyranny resides not in the mindless finality of an inanimate object, the preferred weapon of choice, but in a regressive culture’s refusal to accept responsibility for its own unresolved failings. And that includes exposing the deceptive ploys of parading opportunists poisoning the founding creed of a once vigilant, proud and industrious society solely to sow the seeds of a distinctly anti-American, statist agenda: complete subjugation to the moral degradation and economic disrepair of absolute progressive rule.




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Aloha, Snowflakes!

The same neurotic drama queens blaming the President for an Emergency Broadcast “error” thousands of miles away, would also immediately ask what happens to Hawaii’s electoral votes if it was destroyed by a Super Volcano. That’s right…spare me the opportunistic outrage when these moonlighting “humanitarians” have no idea what the cost of gas, milk or a decent home is in the Aloha state. Unless they’re one of the millions of North Korean citizens who are starving, oppressed, imprisoned and even murdered by a fanatical dictator, they should be thanking God someone has the courage to confront tyranny rather than appease a madman’s ruthless ambitions; a myopic and self-destructive mistake consistently prevalent throughout history.

The same fawning snowflakes who applauded one Barack Obama for allowing ISIS to flourish for 8 years are now predictably oblivious to the fact Donald Trump has decimated over 80% of their terrorist network in a single year. Yes, here in the real world where political propagandists invent injustice for personal pleasure and smear American resolve as Right Wing fascism, it takes a leader not lobotomized by political correctness to remind those willing pinatas that pretending evil does not exist, justifying or enabling the nuclear ambitions of radical regimes, will not save the naive masses from their own ignorance. If World War II veterans were given the option of fighting a global conflict that spanned six continents and claimed 50 million lives or enduring the brief, albeit startling inconvenience of an erroneously triggered emergency alarm in their own backyards – most notably those heroes who fought and died at Pearl Harbor for our freedoms – my guess is they would ask how anyone could possibly determine the number of medals needed for those brave souls who cried themselves to death in less than 60 seconds while holding their own cell phones. In other words, why foolishly complicate an already embarrassing situation for the State of Hawaii by making reckless, absurd assertions when simply finding an employee who drinks less caffeine will clearly suffice.

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The “Oral” Grounds for Censuring Hypocrites

What are the tangible grounds for a formal censure, except of course to validate the liberal media’s insatiable anti-Trump crusade, when two Senators claimed the President never said “shitholes”, a known Democratic agitator is the source of this accusation, no audio proof exists of these comments, and technically, well, they’re a factual description of a number of destitute countries ravaged by corruption, crime and disease? Demonizing a successful populist the left hates regardless and therefore incessantly plots to end his presidency sounds far more like a desperate ploy to gain concessions for a more favorable DACA deal, an opportunity to stir greater public outrage over the necessity of building a border wall, than any punishable transgression that rises near the level of “uncensured” misconduct as illustrated by Bill Clinton lying under oath or receiving oral sex from a young intern in the epicenter of our trust: the Oval Office.

No, pardon my perfectly operational “bullshit” detector but I’m far more offended by the Obama administration labeling liberty lovers as the greatest terrorist threat in America – a country predicated upon individual liberty and limited government – while having the audacity to call Islam a peaceful religion which played an instrumental part in the founding of this nation. If “respected” Democrats, celebrities and media pundits alike can repeatedly call Donald Trump the most vile names on a daily basis and incite violent discord by spreading the most outrageous propaganda with no regard for the aftermath, only to somehow find the moral fortitude to transform an unconfirmed characterization into a Watergate inquisition, I neither have the time or the inclination to entertain the insanity of bitter partisans who actually believe America is a “shithole” every time they don’t get their way.

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Black Pots, White Lines and Brown Paper Bags

A startling majority of immigrants who come to America, many with little more than the shirts on their back, do so to escape the extreme poverty, corruption, oppression and inept leadership plaguing their native countries. Sadly, having three meals a day, let alone a high school education or a functioning hospital, was and still is considered a luxury. As someone who has personally known and befriended people from Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Uganda, I couldn’t help but ask them one inescapable question: “If you had the opportunity, other than to visit your remaining family or friends left behind, would you return to your homeland?” Their unflinching response? “Hell no!” These individuals and their loved ones literally lived in dilapidated “hell holes”, routinely watched people die of starvation, violence, rampant pollution or non-existent healthcare, and therefore chose to do everything in their power to escape the depravity of these dysfunctional regions.

Whether or not a known politically incorrect President actually made these truthful remarks is actually a petty and moot point considering the harsh reality millions are facing and fleeing on a daily basis. Rather, it is incumbent upon our government, our founding charter as a beacon of hope for all people willing to respect and preserve America’s abundant opportunities, to find an equitable balance between properly/diligently documenting the skyrocketing numbering of immigrants seeking our shores, a better and more humane life, and how to ease their suffering through the auspices of responsible, legal immigration. In a world where shock value is no longer shocking and FBI collusion commendable, I’m far more offended by the now acceptable obscene, profane and immoral content of pop culture and social media – a supposed feminist icon and crooked presidential candidate that used her “humanitarian foundation” to siphon millions in donations from disaster survivors in Haiti – than an unfiltered CEO who views progress by results, pragmatism, instead of the pampered sensitivities of shameless propagandists who cry racism and sexism every time someone disagrees with their fragile, ignorant and distinctly Anti-American beliefs.

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Walls, Whims and the Border Less Traveled

For those who refused to surrender their critical thinking skills after 2008, DACA was never about saving a handful of wrongfully persecuted “Dreamers” from the xenophobic pitchforks of Right Wingers. It was and still is about shamelessly exploiting the plight of roughly 800,000 adolescent illegals, a majority of which are now adults, to justify cultivating an additional 3.2 million relatives: i.e., an untapped expanse of eager Democratic voters. In fact, according to a campaign memo co-authored by Hillary’s former Communications Director, Jennifer Palmier openly admits “the Democratic Party needs to protect illegal immigrants brought here by DACA in order to ensure those additional votes”; which, of course, was the unwavering contention of conservatives all along despite the media’s exhaustive efforts to paint such allegations as heartless and false. Even if “Donald Trump the White Supremacist” allowed all DACA families to remain and prosper in the United States, contingent upon forever relinquishing their right to vote as recompense for their illegal status, Democrats would still cry injustice despite his willingness to pardon their incontrovertible crimes so they could pursue a better life without fear of arrest or deportation.

Once you factor in the realization 40% of Hillary’s votes came from states which rejected Voter ID laws and currently house over 5 million illegal immigrants of voting age – many of whom harbor negative, exploitative or even hostile views towards this country – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the Democratic Party has almost zero regard for America’s sovereignty, ideological and fiscal survival, let alone the rule of law. If over a century of immigrants from across the globe managed to respect our borders and fulfill the naturalization requirements under the most dire circumstances, surely a handful of “dreamers” and their tailgate-crashing relatives can understand the need for a wall, if not a moment of silence for those Americans denied the same level of impunity, economic entitlement, by “racist” Central and South American governments. That’s right…who needs easy lighting briquets when U.S. bureaucrats will provide a bonfire burning the effigy of American gullibility.

It is common knowledge, except for millennial marshmallows inviting themselves to a free lunch, the Marxist minions of cultural suicide have conspired for decades to undermine our immigration statutes by encouraging mass migration, shielding trespassers from prosecution and even giving preferential treatment to those perpetrators over actual citizens; including those individuals with extensive records or radical associations. And because victimization indoctrination is the affirmative action appetizer professional propagandists, progressives have fabricated a humanitarian crisis to pull on the heart strings of America and thus justify their reckless, if not emphatically criminal behavior. DACA, in all its misappropriated glory, is little more than an extension of this inexcusable endeavor. Not only is Obama’s electoral trafficking program completely unconstitutional, as recently confirmed by the Supreme Court because it was never ratified by Congress and his executive order violates existing immigration law, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals futile attempt to force President Trump to honor such an abusive, non-binding farce is the equivalent of a slumlord decreeing every new tenant must sleep in the previous owner’s pissed stained sheets.

Until these spiteful judicial obstructionists are put on trial and impeached for their pronounced abuse of power, choosing to collude with pandering plaintiffs by placing shared partisan hatred over legal precedent, the President should either openly disregard and/or bypass these obscene rulings which are completely antithetical to any sense of moral obligation. After all, the sheer level of lawlessness prevalent in the Obama administration would make such a principled stance, dare I say, seem revolutionary. With the unapologetic assistance and/or convenient indifference of the DOJ and FBI, Obama’s regime was able to auction off nuclear grade uranium to a known historical adversary, finance Islamic terrorism with unauthorized ransom payments, absolve Hillary’s countless transgressions with admitted preferential treatment, instruct DHS agents to distribute millions of green cards to unvetted recipients despite federal court injunctions, weaponize the IRS to target conservatives, empower the BLM to terrorize ranchers or needlessly confiscate state/private lands, and validate a knowingly fake dossier used as justification to wiretap a Presidential candidate for the first time in U.S. history, the crime syndicate now known as the former party of JFK could use a double dose of reality, better known as, accountability.

The growing crescendo to end DACA and to build a wall are both justifiable and crucial to restoring responsible immigration. However, even as a staunch conservative who has advocated swift action for years, desire doesn’t always dictate with the complexities of legislative reform. It is true, within several months, DACA will expire on its own accord without further intervention. And yes, I’m confidently assuming the Supreme Court will once again vacant the 9th Circuit’s newest display of masturbatory lunacy. Unfortunately, erecting a border edifice over 2,000 miles by navigating between three separate, polarized but intertwined branches of government is not nearly as simple as many mistakenly assume. While it is true the cost of constructing a wall pales in comparison to the annual $100 billion price tag of harboring approximately 15 million illegal immigrants, funding requires Congressional approval. Republicans hold but a narrow 51-49 advantage in the Senate and a number of GOP Senators – McCain, Flake, Collins, and Murkowski to name but a few – have expressed resistance to the idea of a border wall, let alone any agreement/compromise that doesn’t include explicit protecting “dreamers; that political manifestation which turns logic, rightfully enforcing existing immigration laws, into genocidal hyperbole on the five o’clock news.

Therefore, in the face of rapidly deteriorating circumstances and the increasingly anxious expectations of his supporters, I believe Donald Trump has but two viable options…

1) Allow DACA to expire in March and seek funding for the wall elsewhere. As much as I’d love to see a modest “border tax” on all travelers entering from south of the border, as well as imposing duties on money transfers sent to these respective countries, revenue changes are still incumbent upon Congressional approval. Unless the GOP is willing to wait for the conclusion of the 2018 mid-term elections, which could either bolster their advantage or negate it entirely, a more pro-active solution is required. If the President really wanted to push the proverbial envelope, he could stockpile funds “donated” from foreign governments in exchange for technology allowances or military assurances. Or, he could personally solicit money from private entities – corporations, wealthy individuals, endowments – that have a personal interest in contributing to enhanced border security. Either war, success is far from guaranteed. Luckily, the fact $1.6 billion was specifically earmarked for initial construction in the recent temporary spending bill is a good sign the wall will be built one way or another.

2) Use the DNC’s insistence upon saving DACA to barter greater concessions. Many Republicans have reiterated their support for universal Voter ID, as well as ending the destructive aftermath of chain immigration and the Lottery system. Of course, such prudent measures threaten the left’s long-term goal of permanent political supremacy through foreign demographic superiority. If the President really wanted to put Democrats on the spot, he could publicly challenge their supposed unconditional support for “dreamers”; those political props used by media pundits to discredit our laws and dehumanize critics. If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi refused to capitulate, Trump could appeal to Latinos directly to vocally demand a compromise. Likewise, if he failed, at least the President could say he earnestly tried to reach a resolution. The one caveat I would insist upon in any potential deal is that no new “dreamer” designations could be made and those approved will applications currently residing in this country must be fully vetted, regularly monitored and required to abide by all laws in order to avoid deportation. Furthermore, because I have no doubt the next Democrat elected to the White House would immediately seek a “tear down that wall” Kodak moment etched into the annals of liberal academia, the completed fence could be officially designated the property of a private organization/company; a binding agreement granting exclusive rights for 25 or perhaps even 50 years under the prerequisite of actively monitoring/maintaining border security by working in conjunction with federal immigration agents and state law enforcement.

Regardless of the inherent difficulties or inevitable political posturing, Donald Trump did campaign on the absolute necessity of building a wall. That being said, those concerned spectators demanding immediate action must realize such a daunting and politically volatile endeavor is a collective process, not a unilateral whim. Truly, the sheer number of variables and conflicting interests involved is dizzying to the most accomplished statesman. Even though we may all concur DACA represents a tangible threat to the legitimacy of our laws and the integrity of our elections, that protecting our border in a post 9/11, caustically anti-American world is both ethical and our sovereign right, the Checks and Balances bestowed upon our Constitutional Republic requires an equally reverent level of respect; no matter how much progressives are willing to circumvent their sworn duty, if not any remaining vestiges of personal credibility.

Before “We the People” vow to abandon arguably the most persecuted and daring President in our history, a man whose family has withstood an endless barrage of hateful epithets and criminal partisan schemes to confront a corrupt ruling class, let us remember that unity – unrelenting faith in the face of the most trying circumstances – and not ultimatums, is what nurtures success. How many angry voters lamenting the repeated failed attempts to repeal Obamacare, myself included, actually predicated a sweeping tax bill would essentially remove the individual mandate and thus cripple Barack Obama’s Trojan horse intended to usher in an eventual single-payer system? The more plotting leftists know Donald Trump is left isolated with little flexibility or recourse, the more their unscrupulous ranks will feel compelled to sabotage his aspirations with the added leverage of our discontent. Honestly, what other Republican nominee would have achieved half as much, let alone survived the incessant onslaught of public humiliation, media duplicity and unprecedented degree of Deep State collusion? Patience isn’t a virtue because fear demands immediate reassurances from the unforeseeable means of achieving closure. Patience is often the conscious revelation that one must open a new door to remove the greatest obstacle hindering progress: our closed minds.

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Hollywood’s Black Mass of Cognitive Dissonance

What could possibly be better than watching an ostentatious parade of detached, condescending, and grossly overpaid thespians lecturing everyday Americans about exercising their political freedoms? Hmm, how about yet another pompous, privileged award gala that blissfully celebrates Hollywood’s rape/pedophilia culture by attacking those “immoral voters” who have the audacity to pay their “unfair share” salaries but somehow adamantly refuse to applaud the entertainment industry’s smug, hateful hypocrisy? When an annually televised circle jerk of bitter celebrities demands a Red Carpet of international adulation, hijacking a once revered artistic platform to needlessly slander a President seeking to restore accountability and prosperity, reality is as foreign as the concept of patriotism; i.e., preserving a sovereign Constitutional Republic conceived in liberty, the human capacity for self-government, forever incumbent upon intellectual diversity. Unlike the hostile pulpit of political intolerance, respect for others, the blessings of America, never requires a scathing acceptance speech.

Despite the orchestrated pageantry of designer black dresses proudly revealing their own “me too” cognitive dissonance to fawning cameras, the so-called social pioneers of Hollywood knew countless actresses were being sexually exploited and they did absolutely nothing because the entire industry feared the public humiliation of scandal, preserving their own careers, far more than ending decades of perverse injustice and discrimination. And what did the “honorable” heroes of the progressive left gleam from these disturbing and brazenly self-righteous turn of events? Oprah should run for President! So much for the noble humanitarian icons of cinema. #GoldenGlobes #TheyKnew




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Et Tu, Bannon?

I have always have always respected Steve Bannon’s fierce intellect and steadfast convictions, and I by no means blamed him for the Roy Moore fiasco which entirely resulted from the shameless meddling of the spineless GOP establishment. However, I cannot deny being sorely disappointed in recent revelations no matter how casual his words or misconstrued his intentions. In my humble opinion his greatest mistake was even conversing with Michael Wolff in the first place, an unabashed opportunist and propagandist, who has a long history of distorting/fabricating comments without proper context, confirmed sources or any detectable sense of journalistic obligation. Second, and perhaps most revealing, these remarks were reportedly conveyed shortly after the Russian fiasco was in full hype mode when the media discovered Donald Jr. had met with a Russian lawyer who requested a private meeting to supposedly share dirt on Hillary Clinton; an obvious set-up since day one, not to mention a common political practice which is neither illegal nor constitutes election collusion.

Of course, as we all know, the Russian dossier has since been debunked as a complete fabrication, paid for by the Clinton campaign with the knowledge/assistance of the FBI and DOJ, to wrongfully obtain surveillance warrants in an attempt to frame the Trump administration through the mere repetitive accusation of alleged misconduct. In other words, just like Steve Bannon will freely admit, it was all one elaborate ruse designed to give the impression of extensive election tampering, a conveniently deployed smokescreen if you will, to conceal the undeniable fact the Obama administration (including one Hillary Clinton) was already knee deep in scandal, voter fraud, treasonous conspiracy and the continuous misappropriation of public funds. Deflection and blame are powerful allies in the War on Truth.

While I do understand why Mr. Bannon is still bitter from being excommunicated from the White House, mainly due to the growing media narrative of White Supremacy and Right Wing extremism, much of this conflict truly stems from clashes with Jared Kushner and Ivanka; both of whom are social progressives, globalists, have voiced their opposition to the travel ban, the border wall, and whom have needlessly given credence to many of the President’s critics by supporting Planned Parenthood or the recently affirmed unconstitutional DACA program. However, no matter how valid his opposition may be, I find it inexcusable that such a close confidant allowed access to the highest levels of our government was consciously contributing to a fallacious book despite signing a confidentiality agreement; especially when you realize the Breitbart executive is acutely aware of the endless hate and propaganda Donald Trump has had to overcome in his arduous quest to restore American prosperity and expose the true depths of partisan corruption poisoning Washington.

Therefore, knowing what is ultimately at stake, why on God’s green earth would a known conservative – one who understands this blessed nation was but a fraction away from sinking to a point beyond salvation – give more false hope to already compromised, stagnant investigation gasping for any hint of legitimacy and relevance? If anyone was guilty of committing treason, other than the obvious Deep State puppeteers ensuring the survival of the progressive cesspool, it’s hard to deny how his planned betrayal was anything but a seditious act of treachery. My best guess, or should I say hope, is his escalating frustration with Ivanka, Jared, GOP apologists and some remaining Obama loyalists fell on deaf ears and Wolff’s project presented an opportunity to clear the air, if not an impulsive attempt at altering public perception to salvage his damaged reputation and thus assuage his unrelenting anger.

Despite Steve’s clearly reckless interaction with a notoriously shady journalist long ago, his foolish decision will most likely result in being subpoenaed to testify under oath and the manuscript in question confiscated as potential evidence. Although his rash comments will ultimately present no tangible proof of wrongdoing, it may give Mueller a much needed breath of political momentum to persuade his kangaroo grand jury to issue an indictment against Donald Jr.; one of his goals all along since his father can only been linked to media hyperbole and little more. Like I said months ago, Mueller doesn’t care whether or not he can actually prove collusion because appearances are far more valuable to the left…especially when these deceptive ploys rarely result in consequences or forced accountability. If a sizable percentage of the people believe anyone associated with Donald Trump acted inappropriately, such manufactured fervor will immediately be interpreted as validation by Democrats salivating at the mere thought of an impeachment media circus if they somehow regain control of Congress in 2018. After all, public sentiment born from misplaced paranoia can carry far more of a damaging stigma come election time than any vindication from an appellate or even the Supreme Court months or even years later. In today’s culture of hyper-partisan judges where the law is quickly becoming secondary to personal agendas, anything is now possible. I for one mistakenly assumed Steve Bannon understood that perilous concept and the true nature of Marxist politics.

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