The Fog of Mass Hysteria


The FBI, DOJ, NSA or any other government agency would not wiretap the offices of a presidential nominee without the explicit instructions or approval of the President of the United States. It is way too daring and the criminal implications far too reaching.

The fact Barack Obama secretly obtained a warrant under false pretenses to wiretap Trump Tower over his delusional paranoia of Russian collusion – which is code word for fear of losing an election and control over your crumbling legacy because your party nominated the most corrupt and deceitful candidate in American history – is outrageous and nothing short of sedition. Let us not forget the former President himself wiretapped the press during his first term to monitor journalists for non-compliance and he ordered the IRS to target political opponents out of sheer spite. If anyone mirrors the despotic behavior of the old Soviet Socialist Republic and its KGB henchmen, it is very man who was raised and proudly mentored by anti-American Marxists: Barack Hussein Obama. I have never witnessed an exiting President conduct himself with such malice and juvenile contempt for our electoral process, the American people, let alone one who has plotted to poison the very authority and legitimacy of an incoming administration. Unless partisan witch hunts, media vendettas and obnoxious publicity stunts are now noble, patriotic pursuits – waged by those hypocritical mouthpieces guilty of real impropriety and treasonous collusion – then the next warrant issued should be for the greatest embodiment of extremism and lawlessness in America today: the Democratic party. Perhaps then Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can hold press conferences to explain how their indictments are null and void because no one pointed a finger at them on national television to convict them beneath a fog of mass hysteria.

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The Faintest Whisper

In light of these recent shameless tactics, blatant distortions and baseless accusations, I believe the time has come to prosecute the real criminals threatening the last vestiges of due process and justice: Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. Senator Sessions didn’t independently solicit Russian officials for politically subversive reasons; he did so as an empowered liaison of the Armed Services Committee long before Trump even nominated him for Attorney General. Mike Pence didn’t break federal statutes by secretly installing a private server, by sharing classified information with notorious regimes or by deleting 33,000 emails to avoid criminal prosecution; including the uncovered correspondence with a former President who lied about using an alias to remain anything but incognito. No, Mr. Pence merely used an existing AOL account in which he communicated with friends and family as the Governor of Indiana. Or are public officials, those not engaged in treasonous behavior or skilled in mass deception, not afforded a private life without the rash judgements of political terrorists? Rather than responsibly dispelling such malicious conjecture, the left has willingly become a self-fulfilling cesspool of toxic malcontents, incapable of reason or discourse, who are obsessed with exhausting every means possible, criminal or not, to disperse the remaining faithful servants of this republic in hopes of shoving their radical agenda down America’s throat at all costs. In essence, these staged theatrical ploys are nothing more than an orchestrated attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump’s authority, conceal his true popularity and undermine the wholesale changes his policies will inevitably bring to the most corrupt, wasteful and inept institution in contemporary America: the federal government.

When a majority of Democrats can’t even acknowledge the most rudimentary, discernible truths – Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, record debt, cultivated censorship, partisan judges ignoring explicit laws, a former President and Secretary of State plotting civil unrest by colluding with the media to sabotage our electoral process – let alone muster an ounce of compassion for the grieving widow of a fallen hero, your namesake does not even qualify as a pressed suit worthy of a handshake. Rather, your indoctrinated ranks personify the growing shadow of soulless aspiration suffocating a nation’s moral charter. If common sense and accountability do not find a way to once again seize the day, if men and women of sound mind and unshakeable resolve do not restore some semblance of order in our streets and notion of integrity in our public institutions, it is only a matter of time before these conniving agitators control every facet of government and possess the means to eradicate 240 years of transcendent history; the trials and tribulations, sacrifice and successes, born from the fleeting hope of an imperfect ideal known as the American dream. And when that day comes, no incontrovertible fact, no universal point of order or Constitutional check and balance, will be safe from the insatiable wrath of progressive absolutists. We are no longer dealing with honorable citizens bantering over the merits of mere dissenting opinions: loyal voices of mutual respect dedicated to the proposition of protecting America’s founding creed regardless of our differences. We are enabling would be kings, oppressors of human nature and undaunted propagandists who seek control and capitulation above all else; most notably, life, liberty and the right to dictate what you dare to believe. The faintest whisper of sedition is often disguised as the loudest coup of perception.

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The Dark Politics of “White Privilege”

In the latest chapter of the left’s ongoing campaign to immortalize the grandfather clause of social justice, but more specifically to permanently compensate America along racial lines, comes the politically convenient creation of “White Privilege”. Because the word “racism” obviously doesn’t denote enough singular intent to indict white America as the sole purveyors of hate, victimization has now evolved into blaming the pale subjects of suburbia as the greatest impetus for urban crime, poverty, civil unrest, and societal division. If “White Privilege” is truly designed to infer advantage or favoritism, then why did I grow up in a blue collar home, wear hand-me-down clothes, rarely have health insurance, never receive a college scholarship, get turned down for better paying jobs, repeatedly fail to qualify for loans, and suffer the consequences for the smallest infractions of the law like any other American? And how on Earth is it remotely possible I would literally not change one of these inconvenient truths: those perceived “injustices” that made me respect my family all the more and instilled the values that made me the man I am today? Without “struggle” do we ever truly appreciate the reward of perseverance or gain wisdom from the penniless gift of perspective? Apparently not.

If the ignorant stereotype “White Privilege” is meant to suggest millions of successful Caucasians didn’t sacrifice for their education, work tirelessly for a better wage, teach their kids right from wrong, and honor the country that affords them a level of opportunity few can fathom, then I’m assuming the even millions more of impoverished white Americans who did the exact same thing only to struggle incessantly also share your rightful claim to economic justice? I find it incredibly ironic minority entertainers, athletes and entrepreneurs making seven figure incomes are “getting paid” and the embodiment of the American dream, but those who fail to reach such levels of achievement are “slaves” and the victims of “White Privilege”? Just because everyone doesn’t get a blue ribbon, or enjoy the same blessings, doesn’t mean you’re a victim of discrimination or owed anything; it simply means “the pursuit of happiness” holds no guarantees and personal envy by no means requires a civil rights march or a bill for reparations to assuage the anger of those who were never slaves. When you sleep with an anchor named self-pity, labor under the delusion equal rights dictate equal outcomes, reality is the biggest obstacle to your own success. The only thing we are truly owed is that which we must do for ourselves.

Detroit and Baltimore are hardly irrefutable microcosms of racial oppression and “White Privilege” but rather a prime example of how liberalism breeds dependence and animosity by refusing to use sound economic principles, an unwavering standard of culpability from all citizens, in order to erect a vibrant and prosperous society. You can’t fault businesses for vacating urban epicenters that are rife with moral depravity, racial division, and decay – to avoid excessively compensating unqualified or indifferent workers – no more than you would tirelessly endeavor to remove your family from those dangerous exploits. Until people prove they’re ready to seek a better life through empowerment, education and hard work – to honor the law and respect others regardless of their heritage, beliefs or economic disposition – the results will reflect the barren nature of their fruitless intent. No obscene amount of money, no unending number of government bailouts, will topple the status quo until the people themselves are willing to personify the change they supposedly so desperately desire. You cannot liberate able-bodied individuals from the psychological ravages of misplaced anger and societal apathy by offering them a permanent crutch to compensate for their shortcomings or inevitable misfortunes; you must help them realize the crutch is the very source of their ills.

The real tragedy in this progressive ploy to use race as an excuse to eradicate personal responsibility, to displace equal opportunity with equal outcome, is that liberals have stereotyped and reduced minorities – specifically black Americans – into a helpless group of malcontents who are incapable of pursuing an education, succeeding in the workplace, obeying the law, raising children within wedlock, building vibrant communities, respecting White America, and loving a country that does far more for their future prospects and civil rights than any African nation has ever done for its indigenous population. In other words, Democrats have disgraced generations of minorities into believing their greatest ambition in life, or obligation if you will, is to be compensated via a menial government check and to repeatedly vote Democrat because a majority are not capable of anything more due to “White Privilege”. Yes, I concur, how utterly racist and insulting. And if you may, how has either changed their lives for the better? Ensuring an endless cycle of poverty and an inexhaustible source of voter discontent does nothing to help the black community seize the wealth of opportunities America inherently affords. Such bankrupt propaganda merely keeps progress shackled to an exploited legacy of mass injustice that no longer exists; except for the callous purpose of inciting violence through media hysteria to ensure the electoral aspirations of their proven historical nemesis: the Democratic Party.

As a Christian who loves America and embraces people from all walks of life, I have grown tired of discussing race, refuting senseless rhetoric, and defending the color of my skin. It literally tears at my soul to repeatedly speak negatively about the country I love or any sect of society that includes a number of my friends and associates. However, I also cannot sit idly and watch liberty burn in the name of immoral politics and false supposition. I don’t care whether you’re black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight, a Democrat or an atheist: if you show equal regard for my life and family, judge me solely according to my actions, I will unconditionally return such respect with equal vigor and gracious humility. If I am truly the beneficiary of “White Privilege” and not the unique product of my efforts and struggles, then my critics are undoubtedly the festering product of “White Hatred”; or in presidential vernacular, institutionalized racism. What else can you call the malicious slights of a former President of the United States, one Barack Obama, who didn’t attend or send one delegate to the funerals of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Major General Harold Greene (killed in Action), or murdered American hero Chris Kyle, but somehow managed to deploy multiple representatives to the memorial services of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray; known convicted criminals and proud street thugs? What else can you call giving millions of illegal immigrants free welfare, healthcare and shelter from criminal prosecution – those non-citizens who have little regard for our laws or survival – at the cost of homeless veterans and those taxpayers struggling to make ends meet? Non-White Privilege? Affirmative action via racial entitlement is now the greatest form of discrimination in contemporary America.

Instead of focusing on inspirational stories of decent, industrious Americans who do everything in their power to make the world a better place, minority or otherwise, an antagonistic media continues to give preference to the brokers of race in order to drive a wedge in the institutions of logic, but most notably, the streets of America. “We the People” can either strive to eliminate these numerous misconceptions and punish those who applaud anarchy or invoke racism where none exist – often at the expense of real discrimination – or this nation can continue to succumb to the destructive relics of distrust, hatred and discord. When color is king, character is but a pawn sacrificed under the fluttering flag of blind allegiance. America doesn’t need more pious politicians claiming dominion over the historical inequities of race, nor does it require safe spaces absurdly seeking re-segregation to fulfill a political narrative of victimization. It needs a national intervention to illustrate the true victims of bigotry – those who actually needlessly suffered or died under unparalleled cruelty – would be appalled by their “privileged” descendants screaming racial injustice because God’s greatest gift, freedom, is now incumbent upon the bartered price of self-respect.

“Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.


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The Red Cult of Celebrity

Have you ever stood up at your place of employment and lectured your coworkers about politics? Did you ever hijack a charitable gala, sporting event or seasonable celebration and denounce complete strangers as racist, deplorable human beings for not sharing your personal beliefs? No? Never? Of course not…you would have been fired, escorted to the door, for unlike the celebrity lynch mob you possess both common sense and a healthy dose of respect for the opinions of others. Oh, there is a time to resist radicalism and rise-up against oppression, Jody Foster, and that revolution occurred on November 8th, 2016. For 8 years fawning celebrities attended presidential parties, held private photo-ops to the chortling pour of imported Chablis, all while America’s vitality, independence and security burned to their joyous applause of a bitter, anti-American propagandist. While “astute” Hollywood elitists were paid 7 figure paychecks to play charades on the Big Screen a few months out of the year, manufacturing jobs dropped by over 300,000, welfare recipients and the national debt nearly doubled, terrorist attacks and mass shootings rose by over 400%, gender identity supplanted gender privacy, and billions in taxpayer dollars went to Islamic regimes, illegal immigrants and unvetted refugees. Apparently “outrage” has an alternate definition on the glamorous catwalk of criminal misappropriation.

Excuse my curiosity but in what other semi-rationale universe does exposing systemic failure, reverse discrimination and unchecked abuse constitute being slandered as a hateful despot by those oblivious to their laughable hypocrisy? Inequity equally exists in those sanctimonious mouthpieces using fear and fabrication as an obnoxious pulpit to obscure one inescapable truth: if Barack Obama was held to the same warped standard as Donald Trump, he would have been impeached long before the hurt feelings of liberal activists superseded our absolute right to identify those who refuse to coexist with the American dream. No insecere apology necessary.

Contrary to the glittering purse of make-believe, the real Red Carpet isn’t the one where Meryl Streep denies demanding compensation to wear a $100,000 dress, or doting reporters ask Beyonce who designed her $500,000 ear rings. The real Red Carpet is the unsung road that takes millions of Americans to a modest job every morning to put food on the table and a roof over their families’ heads in the hopes their children may one day have a better life; that is, if their parents don’t go bankrupt from a “pre-existing condition” or laid off due to an anemic socialist economy that hasn’t witnessed 3% annual growth in a decade. No, unlike Mr. George Clooney and the pompous hypocrites living in a cognitive bubble where non-citizens deserve lavish detention centers and neglected veterans die unceremoniously everyday as feminists march for free birth control, most Americans don’t have French maids cleaning their Malibu beach home or Beverly Hills masseuses flown to Europe for an awards extravaganza in which they maliciously denigrate their own President; a populist candidate their own blind apathy and reckless ignorance willingly created.

The only revolution necessary to restore order, or more succinctly sanity, isn’t the one led by overpaid fascists using public warfare to harass political opponents. It’s a revolt against the lost institution of reason perverted by mindless partisans who believe intellectual diversity is a crime and that assimilation – respect for a host nation’s laws, let alone the forgotten victims of terrorism, murder, rape and other foreign born crimes – requires entertaining our own fiscal, electoral or physical demise without hesitation or regret. If putting America First triggers the gated communities of cultural apologists, those basking daily in the greatest blessings this republic provides, when do the ordinary lives and livelihoods of “We the People” matter? The price of admission to jurisprudence and due diligence far outweighs the cost of indulging the intemperance of cinematic bliss.

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Playing With A Hot Stove

Because it has been so unseasonably warm this February, most notably setting record high temperatures in the Midwest, a number of people have expressed their concern over this “unnatural” phenomenon and potentially dangerous trend. Although I always advocate being cognizant of our environment and the inevitable climatic variations that ensue, I find solace in a far more organic and self-evident explanation. The fact we’re just now eclipsing a 137 year-old record – a benchmark set before modern industrialization, the dawn of automobiles and when America harbored only 15% of its current total population – is a stark reminder of how insignificant humanity is in relation to the unrivaled power of the Sun. If the degree of the Earth’s tilt changes but a fraction in correlation to our favorite Yellow Dwarf, the results can be devastating…from droughts and widespread desolation to glacial periods that last tens of thousands of years. Not suprisingly, there is a strong link between solar activity – the length and ferocity of solar cycles – and Earth’s annual temperatures. In other words, when perspective requires oven mitts, blame the nuclear fusion reactor in the sky that produces 500 times more Hiroshima bombs per second than the reported energy accrued from “climate change” during a 15 year period.

Any statistical model, regardless of whether you’re tracking a baseball player’s batting average or the daily heat index, is going to experience “natural” fluctuations or even statistical aberrations. Those activists who believe climatic changes are neither natural or cyclical are both naive and predatory. The truth is even the Earth’s radioactive core and its incessant decay, accounting for roughly 50% of the heat omitted from the planet, plays a significant role in surface temperatures and a magnetic field that extends into outer space for the overriding purpose of deflecting damaging solar winds. Furthermore, it is only a matter of time or roughly every 250,000 years before another polar shift occurs. No, you won’t die in a fiery ball of Hollywood pyrotechnics but the effects are tangible as earthquakes in Oklahoma or tsunamis in the Pacific. Even amidst the aftermath of a callous hubris that threatens our rain forests and poisons our waterways, man is but a fly in the perilous vacuum of space compared to the unparalleled prowess of Mother Nature’s wrath.

Wheres global warming and cooling cycles are distinctly inevitable, I will not contest or deride the importance of the Ozone layer. Despite the ongoing debate concerning its exact state of degration and the magnitude of distress levied by such changes, it is invaluable in terms of absorbing the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Any depletion in the Ozone caused by free radicals such as Nitric Oxide and Hydroxyl, fluorocarbons in the form of banned aerosol sprays or industrialized emissions containing Methyl Chloroform, can cause skin cancer, cataracts, genetic mutations, damage to entire ecosystems, and an increase in greenhouse gasses, Carbon Dioxide, which in turn precipitates higher levels of air pollution. While I by no means support an alarmist mentality regarding climatic fluctuations – those political mouthpieces predicting apocalyptic doom to demand more control over our everyday lives or as a means to legislate higher taxes – I believe all nations and persuasions should work tirelessly to protect the environment through responsible regulation, collaborative research, general education, and greater public awareness. By finding promising new alternatives to age-old misconceptions or destructive practices, mankind can achieve equally meaningful reform on both an individual basis as well as an international platform.

As long as globalists continue rewarding destitute, unscrupulous nations that pollute our atmosphere with reckless abandon – i.e., granting free trade agreements and conceding basic regulatory guidelines – any attempt to pigeonhole America as the unrivaled source of the problem is clearly a veiled attempt to diminish her influence and/or redistribute our wealth in the name of “science”; that “independent’ institution which supposedly should never be challenged by conservatives but is frequently perverted by pseudo-scientific progressives. Considering New York is not under water and the Arctic Ice Shelf is as profound as it was 25 years ago, I don’t need to pay Al Gore six figures to recognize a convenient lie when his carbon footprint is one thousand times greater than mine. The same politically perverted data models used to sell an incontrovertible truth can also statistically prove GMO’s and fluoride are safe for mass consumption. That is…as long as you boil for parasites.

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The American Refugee


California is bankrupt, losing even more federal funding for refusing to repeal Sanctuary Cities, and what’s their solution for restoring order and solvency? Create a single-payer healthcare plan for illegals, mandate free tuition for “Dreamers” and grant suffrage to all driver’s license holders; which now includes any willing, warm body. Behold the madness where employed, taxpaying citizens are treated with less regard than those illegal immigrants who verbally abuse our nation, burn our flag and assault Trump supporters on American soil to the complicit silence of plotting progressives. Spare my petty indulgence but if I went to Mexico City, publicly cursed their country, demanded free benefits and waved the American flag with unbridled spite, in what cemetery or prison would I reside? Would their educators speak English for the benefit of my child or offer them free lunches to the exclusion of their own? Better yet, would any of their citizens hold a nationally organized march on my behalf demanding justice or an officially recognized safe space from criminal prosecution…that my rights and financial well being superseded that of the Mexican populace? Of course not, for belligerent, subversive guests who seek chaos in lieu of cooperation or electoral supremacy in lieu of preserving our founding charter – the timeless catalyst of their economic and liberation – should never be given preference to law-abiding, loyal citizens who toil and sacrifice on her behalf everyday.

As a transcendent beacon of hope and liberty founded for all of humanity, Americans are not opposed to “legal” immigration; those documented procedures of safety protocols ratified by both political parties that have duly existed for over a century. “We the People” merely reject those who seek entitlement over assimilation or breed enmity over unity. Contrary to the racist narrative of DREAMERS, the Geo-political theater of the world today is a far cry from the mass influx of foreigners so synonymous with Ellis Island. Yes, once upon a much saner time, millions flocked for our shores seeking or asking for nothing more than an opportunity to forge a better life with their own two hands; an intrinsic desire to prosper – proudly grabbing the reigns of accountability – and to respect, if not fiercely protect, the limitless blessings America afforded. They had little to any discernible interest in toppling America, the very source of their salvation, let alone murdering 3,000 innocents in the name of a kind, wise and benevolent God.

And now? Now an entire new generation of immigrants, guided by the regressive Red Carpet of American apologists, i.e., progressive politicians and media propagandists, are being baptized by a growing tide of mindless malice; that immigration laws designed to safeguard American lives and interests are supposedly intolerant relics of greed and hate…despite the fact every civilized nation recognizes their absolute necessity. If America is truly driven by insatiable prejudice over principle – and bankruptcy, terrorism and riots are but figments of our xenophobic imagination – why would so many risk so much to journey to such a universally despised harbinger of injustice? Why would entire families cling to the faintest hope of a new beginning in makeshift rafts drifting upon the rogue currents of inescapable death? Simply put…they wouldn’t. The death certificate to the American Dream is the relinquished deed to American sovereignty.

The prescribed path to U.S. citizenship is not a Right Wing conspiracy nor a prerequisite for a weekly civil rights march. It’s both a course of due diligence and due process exercised for the benefit of all parties involved; including the rights and welfare of its most obstinate critics. However, failing to abide by these elementary terms or evade prosecution does not constitute a humanitarian crisis born from bigotry. It is a crime of conscience, choice, and little more. When completing mere paperwork, pledging allegiance to the survival of your newfound home and fulfilling the nonnegotiable steps required to pursue a civilized life becomes an unconscionable burden, what’s the cost of remaining in your native country that so egregiously failed you? The only sanctuary from common sense and the inevitable consequences of one’s actions is under the extreme auspices of the unvetted liberal mind. And if that’s too difficult or radical to comprehend, then please leave your front door unlocked, your checkbook on the table and the birth certificate of your children on the nightstand next to the unchecked baggage of reason’s latest refugee.

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Man on Fire


Flaws or not, I haven’t seen a a President handle the press so deftly since one Ronald Wilson Reagan. While the Gipper was extremely adroit and witty, and he never relented or surrendered his convictions, the sheer level of contempt he faced was not near as caustic or juvenile as it is now. I admire the fact Trump makes no apologies for doing his job, that he’s quite intuitive in regards to people’s true intentions and he does not hesitate in exposing the media’s hypocrisy and hysterics. The MSM has become so hopelessly partisan and dishonest by design that these blunt, unfiltered exchanges – not those watered down, spoon-fed talking points, mind you – are exactly what America needs to hear right now. Real journalism is not predicated upon political advocacy or shameless assumptions sold under false pretenses; it’s a fluid presentation of tangible and verifiable data conveyed for the purpose of informing people rather than recklessly inciting them for personal gain. How can everyday Americans ever make a prudent and enlightened decision for the benefit of their country, if not their own family, when they are routinely denied the most unadulterated details?

As an institution vital to the collective conscience of any society, journalism should embody an unconditional commitment to objectively conveying the news with an ingrained respect for the individuals/subjects covered, as well as the intelligence and well being of their audience. Sadly, I can find few such examples of invested dignity in the media today. Rabid activism, pundits waging political vendettas with the goal of achieving a singular end, is now marketed as reputable reporting. The issue is not whether correspondents identify as liberal or conservative, for that is inevitable, as long as such beliefs are not incumbent upon needlessly distorting fact, selectively reporting current events or fabricating slanderous allegations to sway public opinion. The real crime is that culpability and consequence are increasingly viewed as naively quixotic. If the Fourth Estate cannot serve as the universal watchdog of our republic, both identify impropriety and report the truth with equal vigor, America will succumb to the same fates as many other infamous propaganda states: divided by fear, conquered by blind apathy, or dismantled according to its own complicit ignorance. Thank God at least our President got that memo.

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To Convict by Contempt

By the sheer onslaught of media semantics, I would have thought General Flynn sold 20% of America’s uranium supply to a Russian conglomerate for an included stipulation of $2.3 million in donations made payable to his private “charitable” foundation; i.e., a political slush fund that siphoned millions from disaster relief efforts. Or, by the Democratic Party’s complete overreaction and clear lack of objectivity, I would have never guessed Hillary Clinton went unpunished for selling political favors to Saudi Arabia, Iran and China – some of the most unapologetic human rights abusers – to fund her presidential aspirations while working for the Obama administration at the State Department. Selective outrage over real felonious behavior? Never! No, instead of esteemed statesmen exercising proper judgement, we have a drunken lynch mob screaming impeachment because a highly respected general, one who developed many working relationships over his illustrious career, omitted PHONE CALLS made to a Russian diplomat regarding sanctions; communications that have since been cleared by the FBI as consistent with federal law. Wow, and to think I almost forgot Mr. Barack Hussein Obama tried to send Palestinian radicals 400 million dollars of taxpayer money as he slithered out of office, spent more unauthorized funds attempting to subvert the integrity of Israeli elections or that he personally ratified a “fair” time table for the terrorist Republic of Iran to assemble a nuclear arsenal: a militant regime that pledges to destroy America and Israel on a daily basis.

And how did the least qualified candidate, boasting the most radical associates in U.S. history, reward the same journalists that covered his tracks and gave him a free pass into the Oval office? He TAPPED the phones of the “free press” to monitor “friends” for non-compliance only to smugly proclaim several years later that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to America! Is it time for the IRS to target outspoken conservatives again in the name of “unity” or should “We the People” just pretend the former Attorney General actually pleaded the fifth to protect Obama’s good name from the illegal concept of justice? Oh, that’s right, Congress must immediately investigate Kellyanne Conway for the innocuous suggestion of purchasing dresses as an obvious means to combat the left’s malicious campaign to smear Ivanka Trump’s family name and destroy her livelihood. If I may, what “moral” and principled Democrats came to her defense as an entrepreneur, a woman, a human being? Of course they didn’t. Why stand for intellectual diversity, decency and tolerance when you can potentially waste millions in petty vendetta’s designed to help grown children cope with the repressed reality they lost an election. Why honor your commitment to serve the American people and the Constitution to the fullest extent of your abilities, to embody earnest discourse and compromise, when you can cry, cajole and plot until the simplest, most discernible truths become partisan false flags of criminality?

Speaking of egregious conflicts of interests, unlike our Russian counterparts who renounced Communism as a failed ideology, it is common knowledge Barack Obama was spoon-fed and mentored by staunch, anti-American Communists since the age of 9; from his maternal grandparents in Hawaii, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, to the notorious Frank Marshall Davis and eventually the Weather Underground terrorist himself, Bill Ayers, who now writes children books for the common good of indoctrination. Not surprisingly, Valerie Jarrett – a Chicago lawyer who became Obama’s closest friend and White House confident – also had strong ties to the same Communist Party member: Frank Marshall. Her father was Dr. James Bowman, a renowned pathologist and geneticist investigated by the FBI for his equally extensive dealings with Communist associations and individuals. In fact, in 1950 Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage. Soon after his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955, Bowman fled to Iran where he pledged to continue the fight against American interests. And to think we’re talking about dresses and the exact timing of a cordial diplomatic call. If only Democrats tapped their conscience when Ted Kennedy solicited Russian agents in 1983 to subvert federal law and torpedo Reagan’s relection chances. Does revolution deliver?

I have no interest in giving history lessons to obstinate adolescents who invent scandal at the cost of ruining lives for political gain. I also refuse to indulge the mindless fantasies of parading progressives who cannot delineate between treason, convictable offenses and impeachable impropriety, and genuine oversight. Should have General Flynn disclosed his conversation during his confirmation? Absolutely. However, his informal discussion was by no means nefarious in nature or an unreasonable act considering his impending confirmation. I’m far more disheartened that an unwavering patriot who devoted his life to serving the country he loves, had to respectfully resign from a position that was earned through a lifetime of sacrifice and achievement. Instead of entertaining these exaggerated claims unleashed to incite a media circus and thus undermine Trump’s reforms, America deserves real leadership. Where were these sterling standards of protocol and concerns for national security when Barack Obama was nominated for President, let alone when allowed to operate with reckless impunity for 8 years? How was Valerie Jarrett, a self-admitted Communist whose goal was to “fundamentally transform” America, granted access to the highest levels of our government and empowered to conduct secret meetings with Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, resulting in public issued travel permits from a known terrorist sponsor and assurances assisting Iran’s nuclear ambitions?

Despite my sincerest desire to believe in the forbearance of my fellow man, the answer to the obvious intent of cancer is as brief as it is disturbing. Those obsessed with power will abuse any means, embellish any lie or remove any obstacle to achieve that end. Attempting to appease such contempt for civility, disregard for human diversity, will cordially invite the demise of everything you hold dear. Historically speaking, you cannot coexist with militant malcontents who abandon reason and decorum for the self-legitimized pursuit of uncontested rule. You can only dispose of tyranny’s ranks by demonstrating a willingness to risk death to eradicate any disease that threatens the moral sanctity of life’s natural born liberty. I fear we are rapidly approaching a reoccurrence of that very costly lesson.

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The Generic Brand of Bad Government Healthcare

The greatest driving force in human history is not hate or greed but self-preservation; an innate resistance to losing one’s life, livelihood and family. It is through our natural instinct to survive the rigors of human nature, the rise of everyday competition, that circumstance breeds urgency, innovation, excellence and even empathy. Sadly, I can lend no such credence to the state of government healthcare. While the political leviathan of socialized medicine is supposedly predicated upon universal need, it is more commonly defined by waste, apathy, and the not-so-friendly institution of centralized ineptitude.

If you want a glimpse into the frightening future of medical malpractice, look no further than our VA hospitals where poorly equipped facilities offer about as much hope as they do heartache. Whether in need of routine checkups or critical surgical procedures, thousands of our veterans are treated as burdens and callously left to linger on waiting lists; a growing number of which die from neglect or commit suicide out of sheer anguish. These stories of socialized futility are hardly aberrations for similar experiences are prevalent in England, Cuba and yes, even the liberal love child known as Canada; a country that boasts one-tenth the U.S. population and an average wait time of two months for an MRI. In a fifteen year period researchers estimated 50,000 Canadian women died while waiting for adequate care. If advocates can claim the moral high ground by invoking greed but ignoring reality, what’s the cost/benefit ratio of a life lost to gross negligence or equitable incompetence? Dependency doesn’t demand excellence; it invites the lowest bidder to misspell mediocrity on your entitled epitaph.

I’m not here to claim private healthcare is a pinnacle of perfection endorsed by the most meticulous proctologists. Hardly, for few within the business are truly clean. However, by comparison, independent providers and physicians are overwhelmingly driven by an inherent need to survive by offering a product and degree of service superior to their competitors, including a federal singularity that caters only to itself. In other words, when you make the rules and there is no commercial alternative, what is your motive to improve and innovate to satisfy the expectations of your customers? Better yet, what are the consequences for failure? The same government that can’t balance its checkbook or give a simple, unrehearsed answer wants to dictate every aspect of your life; most notably, the acceptable terms of your unconditional surrender. If Washington is so incestuously corrupt, as Bernie Sanders loves to reiterate, why would anyone want to give more power, money and control to those who so summarily abuse it?

Healthcare is the Holy Grail of progressivism because its inescapable necessity invites political indoctrination; a medium easily manipulated to blackmail voters or a convenient ploy to question the sanity, but more succinctly the rights, of any gun owner. Many of the same Congressmen who profusely declared Obamacare a success – fiscal fairy dust that made healthcare even more unaffordable and countless employees unemployable – refused to subject their own families to its ill-conceived guidelines. Attempting to pay for the healthcare costs of over 300 million Americans, let alone squeeze them into a broken mold showcasing a singularly inferior product, is about as progressive as barbecuing science books to raise awareness for Global Warming. Unless you believe imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery, the road most traveled is typically the one with the most dining options and the fewest bureaucrats selling trillion dollar sporks. Why would choosing insurance or a trustworthy doctor be any different?

The inherent flaws of private healthcare do not require sacrificing liberty or quality care on a glass altar of unsustainable socialism. Lasting and immediate reform can be achieved by eliminating or restricting the exclusion of “pre-existing” conditions, adjusting the rates of emergency and surgical care, opening foreign pharmaceutical markets to lower the cost of drug prescriptions, and by establishing tax-free healthcare coops for businesses or municipalities. Likewise, the cost of routine medical procedures can be lowered by either subsidizing the purchase of vital Hospital equipment or by providing abatements for the companies that manufacture these devices. If Washington can waste 100 billion annually on illegal immigrants, or subsidize the human rights abuses of terrorist nations, Congress can refund our forsaken trust by finding creative methods to lower the medical expenses of actual citizens without infringing upon the autonomy of choice.

As for those struggling individuals unable to afford insurance, a greater emphasis should be placed on upgrading, staffing and properly equipping community health centers; as well as encouraging more area doctors and nurses to volunteer their expertise in exchange for student loan forgiveness or future job preference. Whereas “access” to medical services is a right, free or discounted healthcare is a privilege incumbent upon helping yourself; albeit by working to survive or by seeking higher education/training to earn a better living. There is absolutely no shame in requiring assistance during times of financial distress or personal misfortune. However, other than enduring a permanent disability, refusing to provide for your family or make an honest attempt to meet your medical obligations is not need; it’s exploitation. A lack of personal accountability is a surplus of contempt for those affected by its absence.

Forcing Americans to embrace a single-payer healthcare system is as absurd as claiming only one company should sell shoes or manufacture cars. After all, Crocs are equally traumatizing whether at the plant or in the office and who doesn’t want a convertible Yugo bird feeder with fully functional headlights? The American pioneers of discovery were not the offspring of a federal mandate, clammoring for affirmative action, nor were they motivated by the thought of the fruits of their labor being confiscated for the common good of bad government. Rather, they personified a spirit of ambition that risked failure for the potential reward of a dream – realized by a tireless work ethic – dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

While most medical personnel possess an intrinsic desire to both transform and save lives, they also rightfully deserve to thrive within an environment that both compensates their unique abilities and stokes the fire of human ingenuity. If “necessity” is the mother of invention, competition is undoubtedly the father of competence. Although some degree of oversight will always be required to combat fraud, negligence, and to maintain safeguards within an ever-changing industry, “the people” deserve the best possible care with the least amount of political subversion. Government does little-to-nothing as well as the private sector because in the real world efficiency, specialization and solvency are not logical fallacies mocked as enemies of the state. When Socialism is defined as Communism without a bayonet in your back, success is defined by the number of functional limbs left to command instead of by the number of lives saved from its dysfunctional grasp.

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The Education Emancipation

Without the ability to control and manipulate students, progressives are like Pavlov ringing a bell; only they are the ones left salivating to the anticipation of indoctrination. The core responsibility of public education is to provide a functional skill set for our children, to prepare those who will seek further enrichment and to help foster well-adjusted, productive members of society. Unfortunately, ever since the 1950’s, Marxist agitators like Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky realized the best to topple America, our fierce independent spirit and Judeo-Christian values, was not by brute force but by the audacity of a few malcontents poisoning the pipeline of public education with spoon-fed, anti-American propaganda.

The incessant onslaught from social conditioning leaves a trail of carnage far greater than any singular battle or standing army.  How else could you convince millions and a majority of millennials that America is an evil empire built upon mass victimization; that capitalism is the root of our problems rather than the engine of ingenuity, a ladder of opportunity and mankind’s liberation from Big Government? How else could you justify attacking intellectual diversity and free will in our streets, let alone in our publicly funded institutions of higher learning…key cogs of a civilized society built upon discourse and democracy? I don’t need to bath my senses in a filtered pool of mass conformity to realize the bubbles are America’s last breaths. And I sure don’t need to kneel before the altar of Howard Zinn to be baptized by half-truths beneath the sanctimonious drivel of progressive brain surgeons.  I just need to breathe and think for myself without the assisted-suicide benevolence of Big Brother.

The left’s opposition to Betsy DeVos goes far beyond contested credentials and the informal grammar of “tweets”. Her confirmation is a tangible threat to their monopoly on the minds of future voters. When educational excellence becomes the bell curve of mediocrity and behavioral problems become the gold standard of appeasement, why shouldn’t parents reserve the right to reallocate their tax dollars for the private instruction of their children?  People’s hard-earned paychecks aren’t signed permission slips granting moonlighting political advocates the means to abolish the occupational integrity of objective learning. They now represent the voided vouchers of public trust in government.

Did you ever ask yourself who writes the textbooks of Common Core curriculums or why teachers are now overwhelmingly and disproportionately liberal? I can assure you it’s by no means a coincidence or the subject of a PBS investigation.  When a public educator stomps on the American flag in the classroom or zealously demonstrates a mock assassination of the President, it’s of little surprise when God is expelled for conservative “extremism” or a boy exercising his First Amendment rights is attacked and suspended for wearing a campaign hat. There is madness and then there are publicly funded lies contributing to an ideological coup d’état: more commonly known as, treason.

My goal is not to disregard or pardon America’s historical transgressions for those are cultural scars, indelible reminders, of how far we have progressed as a nation. My goal is remind “We the People” that the Constitution, and not the flawed cultural norms of any era, provided the blueprint for overcoming our most daunting challenges and blatant injustices.  For the 1.6% of Americans that owned slaves during the height of the Antebellum period, how many textbooks laud the over half a million whites who suffered and/or died to end human bondage? Do they mention or label Brazil as racist for importing 5 million black slaves to toil in their gold mines; a number 15 times greater than those servants transported to America? How much credit is given to those Northern evangelical Christians who both spearheaded the movement to both topple servitude and secure suffrage? And lastly, were “Native” Americans not “nomadic” tribes who displaced/conquered other settlers, who slaughtered each other in droves over “territory” and who routinely enslaved enemies or engaged in slave trading?  Or perhaps I should complain my non-native American “privilege” does not include free land, tax exemptions or a complimentary college education despite engaging in such historical depravity.

Contrary to seasoned revisionists, history was never intended to be a politically correct menu of convenience passed around among partisan critics. It is but a vigilant reminder of the grotesque fallibility imbued into the imperfect nature of mankind. Whereas older generations endeavor to never forget about ravages of war, terrorism or the threat of Communism, younger generations are endeavoring to forget everything history has taught us; most notably, that America was born from the ashes of tyranny and the censorship of blind subjugation. And what exactly has leftist academia learned from the oppression and murder of dissidents under Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Castro? What textbooks or lesson plans have been adopted to warn our sons and daughters about an Islamic creed that still justifies and contributes to 1400 years of bloodshed, intolerance and misogyny? If you choose to label capitalism as the gospel of greed, please inform Cloward & Piven that capitalism has liberated far more from poverty – built more bridges, hospitals and universities – than the noble bread lines of socialism. The best thing to happen to old lingering, Marxists is naïve, young millennials allergic to the aroma of common sense.

Instead of reaffirming America’s founding charter – those values, liberties and innovative discoveries that have repeatedly  transcended the modern world – progressive educators are promoting hate and conformity to exact political supremacy: i.e., think as we do, Government is your master, entitlements are your birthright. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, there is no excuse for disparaging intellectual diversity, independent thought, or suffocating a universal beacon of hope and liberty. The quickest way to handicap a child and ensure the demise of a free nation is to hijack the very tool of their empowerment…education.  The nonnegotiable function of our educational system is to provide a quality, competitive curriculum that fosters an ingrained knowledge, if not an undying appreciation, of the timeless ideals America was founded upon: freedom, limited government, faith, hard work, accountability and duty. Honoring America does not require inciting division and discord to extract the last drops of rogue individuality. It rightfully demands honoring our youth, their parents, and those responsible teachers who still believe political terrorists have no place in our classrooms.

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