To Kill A Whistleblower

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist for such accusations are typically rooted in knee-jerk paranoia and an insatiable desire to assume the worst about those we dislike or distrust. However, because human nature is as pernicious as it is inspiring, there are events that are deftly muddled by those guilty parties who purposely conflate the relevant details to bury the truth and discredit their accusers in the court of public opinion. That being said, if my close friend or fellow DNC staff member was murdered in cold blood – yes, Seth Rich’s death was ruled a homicide by Washington D.C. police after being shot twice in the back – I would by no means seek a hasty conclusion to the case, obstruct justice or callously slander those who sought answers to very reasonable questions. Without truth, there can be no justice, and without justice, there is no acceptable resolution or closure for grieving loved ones. If this vibrant and popular man’s death was merely a rogue crime, why didn’t his assailants take any of his valuables? Over 80% of all violent crimes are motivated by theft or personal discord. Why did he suddenly die, before he could give a police statement, shortly after doctors performed successful, emergency surgery in which he was expected to live? And why didn’t his superiors, whose response to such a horrific tragedy bordered more on stoic resignation than sorrowful outrage, immediately invoke a possible political motive being it occurred in the middle of a hotly contested campaign season? There is no party that loves to capitalize on the mere inference of scandal, expendable political capital to sway public opinion in an election year, more than the Democratic establishment itself. Their tepid reaction to such a senseless act, their continued desire to suppress information in this unresolved travesty, speaks almost as loudly as the absence of an arrest nearly a year later.

While these questions could either be quickly dismissed by provable, plausible explanations, or purposely left to linger due to the incriminating nature of such details, the answer to one remaining question, in my opinion, will literally spell the difference between conspiracy and untimely coincidence. If Seth Rich was the infamous source of the DNC email leaks, the insider who allowed Wikileaks to access their vulnerable servers, I have little doubt he was murdered in cold blood to seal a river of damning evidence and criminal behavior. From Hillary’s smug messages degrading Latino’s, blacks and Catholics, to rigging the DNC primaries with party officials to defeat Bernie Sanders and even her blatant collusion with the “unbiased” press to falsely accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment, these leaks were so utterly damning that they splintered the Democratic base come election day and created a public relations firestorm her Presidential aspirations would not escape. It is no secret the Clintons have a lurid history of skillfully and viscously attacking those who dare cross or attempt to hold them accountable for a litany of lies and abuses; i.e., Bill’s alleged rape victims, Vince Foster and the culturally eponymous Clinton body count. Likewise, Debbie Wasserman – a longtime Clinton ally and propagandist whose brother is also an assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington – was fired 18 days after Seth Rich’s murder, or 2 days after the first leaked emails were released, but more profoundly as part of an obvious ploy to shift blame during an exploding Wikileaks scandal that further magnified Hillary’s “corrupt” image and voter credibility issues. Yes, it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to connect the dots of suspicion and logically surmise that an ardent Bernie supporter within the DNC machine was targeted for attempting to expose a hopelessly compromised party. To quote the immortal Shakespeare, “who profits” because honesty does not invite a platonic mix of power, money and politics.

I find it incredibly disconcerting the liberal media will chase Russian rainbows without refrain or discernible proof, only to ignore a very tangible trail of unexplained irregularities surrounding the extremely suspicious and brutal murder of one of their own party’s operatives. There is a stark difference between sabotaging an incoming President simply because you disagree with his policies, and being slain for consciously exposing real corruption. Regardless of the outcome, or the inevitable political fallout, we must never forget a 27 year-old man who had a contagious lust for life and a clear love of politics was denied his future by a ruthless killer. Whether his death was a random act of violence and this is all baseless conjecture, or an orchestrated plot was hatched to silence dissention within the DNC, an unpunished murder is all that remains of a promising individual who may have died for simply trying to do the right thing. And if that doesn’t deserve our undivided attention, if only for the sake of laying his soul to rest and restoring his family’s peace of mind, nothing will acquit our conscience for failing to demand due diligence.


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Two Scoops of Sanity


While Kathy Griffin’s disgusting actions are not worthy of the ‘shock value’ attention some celebrity degenerates so desperately crave, they are disturbingly symptomatic of the mindless hate engulfing our country. In essence, her behavior is the toxic byproduct of an antagonistic culture, “fake news” and triggered fascism if you will, that rejects intellectual diversity and ruthlessly demonizes a man every waking minute of every single day without any regard for the truth, the welfare of America and the safety of her people. When constructive discourse is stripped of merit in favor of feeding a political lynch mob, college professors can keep their jobs after advocating genocide, racist students are actually allowed to organize “A Day Without Whites” as they verbally assault and physically threaten non-minority professors, a popular talk show host profanely berates the President with homophobic slurs but without consequences, a 10 year-old weary child is mocked as ‘autistic’ for braving the morning hours of election night, and highway billboards depict Donald Trump as a Nazi for opposing illegal immigration – laws created/ratified by both parties and a prosecutable crime in nearly every developed nation – and seeking to temporarily ban unvetted immigrants from Middle Eastern countries that either lack the resources or moral fortitude to document militant elements; an executive action exercised by previous Democratic Presidents without the faintest public whisper of party opposition. Maxine Waters kindly said it best…”if Hillary proposed the ban, I would fully support it.” Somewhere, facts still matter more than the syndicated newsrooms of fabricated outrage or the indoctrinated campuses of mob justice.

Oh, and by the way, Nazi merchandise that symbolizes authentic genocide is still available on Amazon while Confederate figures are being condemned and destroyed whether or not they partook in human servitude – a global institution practiced by only 1.6% of Americans before the Civil War – but needlessly continues to flourish across Africa and Asia today without notable protest or tangible international action.

Not only are these reactions devoid of rationale thought or any semblance of dignity, they are being actively cultivated and justified by political elites for the sake of overturning an election result that symbolizes our founding struggle to live as a Constitutional Republic free the historical ravages of intolerance and tyranny. Yes, who needs media accountability when the revisionist anchors of the Islamic creed, those “humanitarian” voyages and ruddy seas ransomed by the Tripoli pirates, are somehow magically sown into the iconic tapestry of the American dream? If America is truly dying, it’s because “We the People” have become too sick and self-indulgent to notice; let alone inconvenienced enough to care.

I am not going to hypocritically proclaim I embraced Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as honest, moral contemporaries worthy of my respect. I did not. However, my disdain for their political rhetoric and unscrupulous dealings never morphed into literally calling for their heads, threatening their supporters’ rights, using obscene gestures to voice my opposition or rioting in the streets of futility. Common decency and basic decorum, philosophical benchmarks of any civilized society, never constitute mocking our fallen heroes on Memorial Day or moralizing the number of scoops of ice cream a 70 year-old man has for dessert rather than unmasking the juvenile exploits of Antifa anarchists who are funded by some of the same commercial sponsors as their so-called ‘esteemed’ networks. That, my friends, requires a spoiled, detached and much less evolved mind.

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The Folded Flags of Freedom

The Conservative Depot

Courage, bravery, honor, valor…these are but a few of the timeless tributes used to memorialize the silhouette of the American soldier. Yet these fabled words pale in comparison to the greatest embodiment of our Armed Forces: love. Love is the saluted soul of their service, the intrinsic calling of a sacred duty, and the billowing breath of an enduring creed. Love of country, family, and most of all, love of liberty – God’s most precious and nonnegotiable gift – moves ordinary men and women to confront the most unconscionable forms of evil, to stand guard in the growing shadow of tyranny, when most would flee or kneel before the ruddy sword of subjugation.  And despite the willingness of these selfless volunteers to sacrifice their lives upon the altar of freedom, to die so hope and humanity may endure, there are still those Americans who blissfully desecrate the flag, disparage their…

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By the Slice

I find it ironic that Fox News allowed progressive Republicans and Rupert Murdoch’s liberal sons to slowly poison their brand and now they’re confused as to why their network has become the annoying love child of Shep Smith & Paul Ryan. When you consciously embrace mainstream semantics over your founding principles to avoid the sharp corners of conviction, i.e., attempt to concoct a more palatable product to indulge your critics and wage petty vendettas, your ratings are but a reflection of your level of betrayal and hypocrisy. Yes, enjoy trying to disguise yourself in the shallow end of the ideological cesspool where the Clintons are victims of Russian hackers on their payroll and any right-minded individual who rejects the status quo must resign under the mere shadow of choreographed accusation or the applied ‘social media’ pressure of the celebrity lynch mob. Just remember…politically correct, non-binary snowflakes can’t function unless you sing Kumbaya in a braille romper as your newly opened mind lies prostrate in the middle of a pedophilia ring at a Podesta pizza parlor celebrating “tolerance” during Ramadan. The problem in this increasingly absurd world of fascist collusion isn’t Seth Rich; those unheralded whistleblowers who possess tangible evidence and intimate knowledge of widespread corruption. It’s those crooked mouthpieces that silence dissent to dismiss a pattern of deceit and even death by allowing the real criminals to seize the national narrative and thus swiftly bury any discernible hint of the truth.

In other words, just like those “enlightened” college professors protesting free speech and fact checking fake news with Marxist propaganda, lie for the sake to avoid investigating real scandal at the behest of those inventing it for political gain because you hate the brazen nature of a man elected to drain the festering swamp rather than being forced to apologize for upsetting your fragile sensibilities by doing his job. Or are Juan Williams and Bill Kristol just so hopelessly bitter they could market lemonade assassination plots as suicide prevention tips? Then again, who needs accountability when logic is banned in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the victims of peaceful Islam keep washing up on a Mediterranean beach of xenophobia because our taxes aren’t high enough to stop terrorism by fighting global warming, because racists refuse to fund sanctuary cities welcoming unvetted illegals with free healthcare and voter registration cards, and a nation of laws didn’t impeach a rogue administration that deported the Constitution, religiously belittled America for the sake of “unity” and thanked our most bloodthirsty enemies with insatiable regularity and bottomless pockets.

If you’re going to cut every last shred of independent thought from your network, that defiant luster which created your unrivaled popularity, please do so without treating your shipwrecked audience and abandoned conservative anchors as dead weight in a red sea of journalistic integrity. More than one knife in the back of common sense constitutes a coup d’etat, or corporate mutiny if you will, but a maritime lobotomy license requires a Geraldo treasue hunt with chop sticks on a Solyndra paddle boat. Were you actually asking me if I regret my vote, Fox News, or were you just making idle chit-chat until I change the channel? I already did…over two months ago.

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Teaching Men to Fish


The media’s favorite punching bag, the 45th President of the United States, just sealed a $109 billion dollar deal in military sales with Saudi Arabia, which includes a commitment of an additional $250 billion in commercial investment that will secure hundreds of thousands new American jobs. Considering Trump has literally created half a million jobs and boasts a GDP of 4% in in just 5 months of work, his proactive approach merely confirms his predecessor was either deliberately sabotaging our economy or was simply incompetent. The conveniently misplaced fact Barack Obama lost roughly 300,000 manufacturing jobs during two terms in office and never eclipsed an annualized 3% economic growth rate in any single year of his tenure – his career 1.5% GDP growth rate was the most anemic since Herbert Hoover and the fourth worst in U.S. history – illustrates how inept and destructive his policies were to the American people. Once you digest the uncooked truth that 95 million are no longer in the workforce or the unemployment equation, food stamp recipients rose from 27 million to 47 million between 2009 and 2017, medium household income dropped by over $2500 and the Marxist in Chief raised the national debt almost as much as all other presidents combined, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize capitalism and a healthy private sector are the most synonymous with liberty, opportunity and upward mobility. Entitlement, excuses and self-pity never built a home, provided clean drinking water or spurred the most transcendent discoveries in human history. If necessity is the mother of all invention, apathy is the father of futility.

The business of America has always been business because accountability and hard work are not incumbent upon one’s race, religion, education, political affiliation or economic disposition. Both attributes are, however, fundamental cogs of a vibrant, sufficient and moral society. For every minute a profane feminist, political propagandist or social justice warrior wastes blaming others for the nature of his or her plight, they could be diligently working towards overcoming those inevitable obstacles that are part of everyday life. In other words, everyone of able body and mind owes to themselves, their family and their country to work and be part of the solution, contribute to a robust and solvent population, instead of becoming resigned to the problem itself. If Donald Trump the greedy “collusionist” is so hopelessly ignorant as the media loves to suggest, he accomplishes more in a morning of “privileged bliss” than those pesky details of real success his omnipotent critics conspire so tirelessly to dismiss. Or perhaps he should apologize for using his unique talents to pursue good paying jobs that can literally transform generations of his fellow citizens’ lives.


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The Russia Ruse: A Red Dawn of White Noise

The greatest historical parallel between fascism and Communism is that both ideologies were exceeding efficient at one common practice: demonizing all opposition, threatening political opponents, by accusing nonconformists of what the very establishment did themselves: deceive, manipulate and seize control under false pretenses. These regimes and their supporters relied on inciting mob justice, mass hysteria, because their radical agenda and slanderous ploys would inevitably self-destruct under the legitimate scrutiny of rational thought: i.e., free speech and due process. The theatricality of fear and fabrication are powerful allies in the red fog of political assassination.


Enter Donald Trump, a brash and ruthlessly mocked entrepreneur, who ran on a populist platform of putting ‘America First’ by reforming a septic establishment and challenging the filtered of media. His victory so shocked the status quo – those who refused to take accountability for, let alone acknowledge, 8 years of failure, corruption and rampant anti-Americanism – they immediately sought to discredit his policies, or more succinctly, torpedo his presidency by any means necessary; that lone circling shark who poses the biggest threat to the globalist agenda and their monopoly on the perversion of the truth. Rather than embracing the fact Trump created more manufacturing jobs in 5 months than Obama lost during his entire tenure (300,000), that an unapologetic capitalist immediately created monthly budget surpluses in lieu of a redistributing socialist who doubled our nation debt, and illegal border crossings fell by roughly 70% by simply enforcing the law, elected adults became petulant children obsessed with petty vendettas and concocting sensational allegations of impropriety, instead of honorably serving their country and the Constitution they swore to uphold.


As a result of the President’s immediate success and tireless work ethic, a culture of disinformation quickly ensued to cloud public perception of a competent, adept leader. The common sense necessity of border security became a bellwether of racism, a constitutional travel ban issued by previous presidents invoked hollow cries of xenophobia, successful job creation and revitalized industry were reported as corporate greed, affordable healthcare without penalized mandates became a mandatory death sentence, and truth became fiction as mere suggestion “supplanted” honesty. In essence, the same “unbiased” press and conspiring Democratic party that tried to destroy his candidacy with numerous unsubstantiated charges of sexual misconduct just weeks before the election – smearing a known billionaire who was never formally charged or served with a civil suit by any accuser before his candidacy – revealed just how incestuously toxic they were by openly declaring war on the very man who so effortlessly exposed their blatant hypocrisy, infantile games and ill-conceived policies.


Because perception is often more powerful than reality, this entire Russian Conspiracy fiasco was hatched by the suddenly unemployed think tank of one extremely bitter Hillary Rodham Clinton; the very pay-to-play, “what does it matter”, Goldman Sachs advocate of the poor who is still in utter disbelief as to how a politically incorrect, patriotic CEO somehow survived an orchestrated media firestorm, an avalanche of sordid celebrity rants, death threats from naked feminists and Black Lives Matter, attempts by the DHS to hack the electoral databases of multiple states, and a community organizer’s final hour plea to illicit votes from illegal immigrants. Character assassination, voter fraud, funded protests and political witch hunts intended to overturn an undesirable election result? The concept of guilt is always subjective when proof is a Nancy Pelosi press conference and the liberal litmus of “intent” never installs a private server in a bathroom, deletes 33,000 “non-classified” emails, destroys government property, and religiously lies about it for posterity’s sake. Apparently manslaughter is now an imaginary crime because falling asleep at wheel requires a crosswalk full of irresponsible children.


And then there was the curious case of James Comey; a registered Democrat with documented financial ties to the Clintons who testified to Congress there was no proof of Russian election tampering. After being fired for failing to stop a waterfall of leaks or earnestly investigate the numerous indiscretions of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, he somehow produced a three month-old “memo” less than a week after being relieved of his duties. Although withholding such information is a prosecutable crime in itself, this revelation is a disturbing reminder of how the Deep State mindset has enabled a hyper-partisan climate in which the rules increasingly only apply to one side of the aisle; i.e., those who make us feel “uncomfortable” or offend our fragile sensibilities. Perhaps this is why the FBI or anti-Trump Congressional hoard showed absolutely no concern when the Washington Post celebrates yet another leaked rumor going viral in a vile attempt to convict a President without regard to truth or context. The end always justifies the means when there are no consequences in the aftermath of animosity: to injure with extreme prejudice.


While I’d love to dismiss the schizophrenic delusions of scheming despots, I cannot in good conscience. First of all, expressing your hope that a good man and career civil servant would be exonerated is neither illegal nor unreasonable. It is a simple affirmation that pales in comparison to Bill Clinton privately meeting with Loretta Lynch on a tarmac to shield his wife from prosecution, or Barack Obama telling his former Attorney General to Plead the Fifth to conceal the true nature of his Iranian dealings. Second, just because some leftover Obama loyalists have been duped by salacious propaganda into believing Donald Trump is the physical manifestation of Satan, doesn’t give subordinates the right to divulge national secrets or reinvent the rules of confidentiality. Unlike those planted saboteurs within his administration, our Chief Executive has the authority to share information, classified or not, with any foreign leader that he deems worthy or relevant to the best interests of the county. Regardless, the only thing “classified” about ISIS is showing the civilized world where to annihilate the true embodiment of evil; a target Barack Obama gladly painted on America’s back every single day of his presidency.


Contrary to the relentless conditioning of progressive programming, if any President or administrative appointment was going to be indicted, dare I say impeached, it was the corrosive elements with the Obama administration; those agents allowed to act with reckless impunity beneath the gloating applause of network news and the complicit silence of our intelligence community. Unfortunately for fans of equal opportunity and due diligence, no mysterious memos magically appeared to sooth hurt feelings or suggest guilt in the kangaroo court of public opinion.

If I may, where was the liberal Gestapo’s acute level of concern and stringent demand for culpability when Barack Obama used government agencies to target conservatives, when his administration wiretapped the press, members of Congress and even a presidential candidate, repeatedly lied to the public and the courts to pass the single-payer Trojan horse known as Obamacare, colluded with Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch to obstruct justice in regards to Fast & Furious, Lois Lerner and a $400 million ransom paid to Iran, allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the highest levels of our government, approved Hillary’s sale of Uranium to Russia in exchange for campaign donations and future speaking engagements, ignored the Clinton Foundation defrauding disaster survivors to fund her campaign, interfered with Israeli elections, transported unvetted refugees into America, granted visas to internationally red flagged immigrants, incited a homicidal war on cops, and attempted to send $221 million in taxpayer dollars to Palestinian militants as he slithered out the backdoor of infamy? The truth is if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were held to same, sterling standard as Donald Trump, where blind hatred superseded any tangible proof of criminality, the only organized social “resistance” would be in the form of The View decrying the assumed gender of their orange jumpsuits.

When the goal is to turn molehills into mountain ranges, turn the most innocent sentiments or routine duties into imaginary impeachable offenses, nothing will satiate the foaming lynch mob; those juvenile malcontents who embarked on a path of political sabotage to demonize a man from the very inception of his nomination. Sadly, the crass and profane behavior of media personalities, politicians and everyday citizens has not only become acceptable in contemporary circles, it is a blaring reminder of how far “We the People” have fallen as a society. America was founded upon the nonnegotiable ideals of individual liberty; a free republic that demanded open and constructive discourse from its elected officials to find lasting solutions to our most daunting challenges. Instead of a government defined by mutual respect and compromise, Washington has regressed into a street hustle where a sizable but growing faction of whining adolescents incessantly connive and conspire to seize power by any means possible. To these malignant souls, the welfare of the country and the people are mere afterthoughts, impressionable and expendable pawns to be sacrificed in their insatiable lust to control and humiliate their most hated adversaries.


Other than the obvious waste of taxpayer resources, I openly welcome the appointment of Robert Mueller as special investigator because I have little doubt his findings will confirm the truth: that current political misappropriation that starves the fascist engine of ignorance and paranoia. Ironically, as the masses are forced to digest hourly catcalls of impeachment and “scandal”, DNC lawyers are currently arguing in court as to why they had the right to repeatedly lie to their electorate, rig their primaries to defeat Bernie Sanders, and fraudulently secure the nomination for the most corrupt candidate in American history. And yet these are the duplicitous snakes accusing Donald Trump of such grotesque wrongdoing. Democrats and the vengeful remnants of Never Trumpers know they do not have the necessary votes to impeach the President, or the required majority to initiate proceedings, but the persistent stigma of scandal is far more damaging than its eventual resolution.


Rather, their overriding mission is to magnify the manufactured appearance of impropriety in order to deflect from any meaningful accomplishments and thus weaken his reelection chances in 2020. By endlessly beating the drum of Russian tampering and feasting off mere inference from orchestrated classified leaks, the Red armies of intolerance will vilify and dehumanize the one individual whose unyielding nature exposed just how corrupt, divisive and destructive the media/political establishment has become to the survival of America’s founding creed: life, liberty and justice without undue government interference.


I have long feared America was on the downside of history, but the unhinged behavior of political terrorists has confirmed we’re spiraling towards our own self-imposed demise. While critics will denounce my assertions as presumptive and pretentious, I pose one final sociological proof. If Democrats held healthy majorities in both Congressional houses, Donald Trump would have been impeached before his sixth month in office; not for any egregious crime or unprecedented action, but for winning an election…a singular event that has revealed how detached, dangerous and viscous the modern left has become. Democracy and intellectual diversity are obviously too much of a burden to bear, so screaming tantrums, public tribunals and cultural anarchy are now the preferred charities of enlightened progressives.

I have no problem with discerning minds disliking Donald Trump for any number of reasons. Such is life. However, I have no patience for those who believe his every decision requires their explicit approval or an engraved apology carved into his tombstone. The President of the United States could literally save a school bus of handicap children from drowning in a river, or cure cancer, and his selfless actions would still be condemned as crimes against humanity. When ‘right and wrong’ become a political construct and justice is no longer a moral derivative of rational thought, patriotism is labeled as hate speech, rogue judges subvert the law with senseless spite, and the faintest whisper of opposing viewpoints triggers violence and accusations of extremism. I’m not interested in repeating a shameless lie until it is somehow perceived as irrefutable truth for the sake of achieving political supremacy. I’m interested in allowing the fearless leader I voted for to finish ‘draining the swamp’ before the country I love and the last vestiges of integrity are forever buried beneath the marginalized victims of baseless entitlement and cultivated malice.
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I Am the Infidel

The only way for mankind to survive the ideological plague known as Islam is to systematically remove the radical roots of their uninterrupted culture of hate. Otherwise, just like minimally invasive bombing campaigns or PR campaigns warning native citizens not to trigger their misunderstood foreign assailants, we’re merely putting a political band-aid on unadulterated evil. If you’re going to tout your imaginary War on Women, begin by challenging every single Muslim to eradicate their misogynistic and medieval practices that deny females their God-given rights, if not their lives. If you’re going to admonish Chic-fil-A for merely voicing their opposition to Gay Marriage, stop financing, let alone recognizing the legitimacy of Islamic nations who torture and stone homosexuals to death for merely existing. If you incessantly plot to deny Christian business owners and organizations the right to religious freedom – the very First Amendment of our Constitution – then publicly condemn the barbaric and discriminatory tenets of Sharia Law your administration is consciously allowing to infiltrate our public institutions. And finally, how can anyone expose and defeat an ideological movement that liberals embrace more than America itself because sympathizing Democrats refuse to differentiate between conservatism and Islamic genocide? One questions tyranny and corruption without refrain or capitulation, the other invites it to appease their hatred of America’s Judeo-Christian ideals…our individual liberties, economic prowess and hallowed way of life.

ISIS is ISLAM. There is no distinction for death is glorified, human life trivialized, and hate justified in the name of honoring a violent diatribe of antiquated intolerance. Its billions of ardent followers, scattered across almost every sect of society, can overwhelmingly be characterized into two groups: the tip of the sword or the muted voices of consent lurking in the shadows of civility’s tolerance. Their singular goal is not to conform or coexist with Western Civilization – those seeking enlightenment, peace and happiness in hopes of living a more fulfilling life – but to threaten, terraform, and assert its septic lust for global domination. Whether beheading innocent children in the Iraqi desert, exploiting the naive invitations of globalist leaders or attempting to biologically overrun free and Christian nations the likes of Great Britain, Sweden and Germany, modern Islam has no other noteworthy accomplishments – albeit educational, technological, or economic diversity – other than that of religious subjugation. Israel, from the seize of Jerusalem in 637 to the Seven Day War of 1967 and the Munich games massacre, knows this conundrum all too well for Jews have toiled and died for millennia on end battling the Islamic caliphate; which now seeks a glorious and universal return to power.

Oh, it’s not that Christianity and Judaism do not bear their share of historical black eyes for practically every religion has them; their believers simply evolved and learned that bloodshed in the name of any ideology or God was a senseless and fruitless endeavor. Islam, however, hiding behind human shields in the religious squalor of the Middle East to plot terrorist attacks against our civilian epicenters, continues to wage war on humanity in lieu of reforming its most vicious practices and destructive beliefs. Therefore, those souls remaining at the table of the civilized world have but two choices: cut off the calloused hand of unapologetic hate, that which religiously celebrates the Holocaust and 9/11, or embrace evil to the sound of their own demise. Any other suggestion is an ignorant exercise in futility.


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A Man of Honor

In a world increasingly bereft of genuine role models and benevolent souls, Neil Gorsuch is a much needed breath of fresh air. He is honest, respectful, poised, patient, insightful, compassionate and most of all an unflappable patriot who puts his love of country, his sworn constitutional duty, above the petty politics of squabbling partisans and scheming activists. Despite being surrounded by bitter bureaucrats seeking to twist his every word and taint his honorable legacy, his dignified and articulate answers have turned the most disingenuous attacks into the most memorable reminders of what constitutes competent, mature leadership. Any failure to confirm this man would serve as an ignorant display of gross negligence and a tragic loss for what little integrity remains in our dysfunctional judicial system. Although dissension within constructive discourse is healthy and the most seasoned legal minds will always digress to some degree, it is how they conduct themselves and their relative commitment to the law that differentiates the scholars from the usurpers. The questions his smug detractors are asking shouldn’t focus on whether he supports abortion, the Second Amendment or restricting Muslim immigration, but rather what is his rationale, judicial precedent, for addressing our most divisive issues while upholding the Constitution of the United States; still, and always, the supreme law of the land. Political anarchy is a poor substitute for jurisprudence, due process and accountability.


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Punishing Political Terrorists


Because free speech is a nonnegotiable necessity of a democratic, tolerant and civil society, I propose a mandatory sentence of one year in jail and a permanent loss of voting rights for physically assaulting anyone over their political beliefs; including public schools, community transit, college campuses or against any man or woman who is entering, leaving or attending a political rally. Enough is enough. Politically motivated violence against others is not a Constitutional right; it’s a hate crime.



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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Forgive us, Mr. Comey and Nancy Pelosi, for being so sanctimoniously silly and naively cynical. It’s common knowledge Barack Obama wiretapped the press, Prime Minister Merkel and members of Congress, so why would anyone entertain such a laughable assumption after intimate details of General Flynn’s and Jeff Sessions’ innocuous conversations were leaked to the “honorable” media, let alone after becoming acutely aware of the reality Loretta Lynch petitioned the FISA court multiple times until she got permission to engage in surveillance of Trump Tower? Apparently one cannot be found guilty of “spying” after secretly asking to do so under false pretenses. Not only would a slew of other globalist nations eagerly participate in such an unscrupulous endeavor to desperately derail a nationalist President who rejected mass Islamic immigration and international wealth redistribution – most notably the entire, anti-American United Nations itself – but since when was the Obama Administration ever objectively investigated by the FBI, DOJ, or CIA for a skew of abuses and cover-ups; many of which they participated in or possessed intimate knowledge of personally?

The same “reputable” FBI that exonerated Hillary Clinton for at least five provable felonies – illegally setting up an unauthorized private server, lying to a Congressional committee and the FBI, transmitting unsecured classified information to foreign contacts, and destroying government property\evidence – did nothing to expose or indict Hillary for selling government favors to radical regimes in return for massive contributions made to the Clinton Foundation as part of her future campaign slush fund; of which hundreds of millions in charitable donations were defrauded from disaster relief survivors. If our federal intelligence community were so overwhelmingly cognizant of the corruption infecting Washington over the past 8 years, i.e., “rationale” men and women who would have stopped the IRS from targeting Conservatives or charged Loretta Lynch after pleading the fifth due to her knowledge of a 400 million dollar ransom payment made to Iran, Obama would have never began a second term, Hillary would have been ineligible to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination, and George Soros would have been arrested and tried for sedition, inciting civil unrest and tampering with national elections. Then again, some “public servants” would rather keep America operating under a fog of delusion to protect their own radical agenda and keep their carefully rehearsed lies from ever seeing the inside of a real courtroom.

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