Dollars & Sense: Because Facts Matter

A little FYI for a certain former President having the audacity to take credit for America’s current economic resurgence. Because facts matter!
Barack Obama never enjoyed a single annualized growth rate of 3% and his 1.8% average was the lowest since World War II, welfare recipients skyrocketed from 26 to 47 million, he nearly doubled the national debt from 10.5 to 19.5 trillion – surpassing 100% of our total GDP and roughly the equivalent of all other presidents combined – despite collecting record tax revenue from the highest number of domestic regulations/duties ever imposed, he nearly bankrupted the coal industry, and America suffered its first two credit downgrades in our nation’s history. And for the record, the unemployment rate only fell significantly during his second term because the U.S workforce suffered the largest mass exodus since the Great Depression…an estimated 14.5 million Americans freshly excluded from the true jobless equation by Jan 2017. The man was an unmitigated disaster for our economy but a hero to socialists and Marxists because his true goal was to dismantle private enterprise, foster mass dependency and redistribute other people’s hard earned money in the name of social justice: an insatiable hatred for our founding Judeo-Christian heritage, our rapid global ascendancy, and most notably that innovative, transcendent catalyst most synonymous with liberty which made it all possible…capitalism.
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What Lies Beneath

Peter Strzok – a vocal, anti-Trump, FBI agent who praised resisting DOJ holdovers like Sally Yates criminally leaking classified information, was allowed to question General Flynn and fraudulently changed the concluding remarks of the fake Hillary email investigation from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” – was a senior lieutenant on Mueller’s partisan hit squad. He was only recently dismissed after his duplicitous ties and nefarious motives were publicly revealed.

Andrew Weissmann, a lawyer currently aiding Mueller’s Russian witch hunt to unearth any discernible crumb of vaguely interpreted indiscretion, was invited to and attended a Hillary election party in New York City.

Another attorney, Aaron, Zebley, the same accessory who represented the infamous Clinton IT specialist and who actually physically smashed evidence to protect Hillary, is also assisting Mueller and Comey’s vindictive campaign to evict Donald Trump by fabricating election collusion. He is still an active participant in the never-ending probe despite his obvious conflict of interest.

Robert Mueller’s “grounds for impeachment” inquisition is so hopelessly biased and fatally compromised that no matter how many indictments he issues or what his final conclusions may be, any sane court of law would immediately invalidate the findings over a clear unethical breech of legal protocol and for failing to provide an objective, fair evaluation of evidence, subpoenaed testimony and wrongfully targeted suspects.

How dangerous and incestuous has the Deep State community become? So corrupt that the FBI knowingly accepted/conspired on the creation of a fake Russian dossier to help the NSA obtain a surveillance warrant under false pretenses so the Obama administration could spy on a Presidential candidate and his transition team for the explicit purpose of attempting to frame an innocent man solely to overturn an election result and thwart his “America First” agenda. If treason and sedition are still crimes, there are more than one pair of handcuffs lacking an accomplished felon.

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The Gift of Charity

For the over 2 billion Christians around the globe, Christmas is a sacred celebration marking the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. It has also become increasingly synonymous with commercialism, materialism, and the almighty power of the dollar. Now before you sense a lengthy diatribe against greed or self-indulgence, my answer may honestly surprise you. I personally do not have a problem with gift-giving as long as these traditions are put in proper context. Charity is not only a virtue but one of humanity’s most redeeming qualities when it is done strictly from a standpoint of love, altruism, rather than the jaded expectation of reciprocal reward. I do freely admit many children have lost sight of what Christmas embodies – God’s undying love for mankind, his children, and that of his only begotten son – but many have not been properly taught, and two, well, they’re kids. It is neither insidious or unnatural to be excited by the prospect of receiving presents for they fill our hearts with both joy and wonder. However, above all else, we should be even more enthusiastic and grateful for those everyday blessings present in our lives – the lifelong love of supportive parents, a caring and faithful spouse, healthy children, and the basic amenities of food, shelter, education – modern complacency too often takes for granted or freely expects.

And yes, even when people lack any of these invaluable necessities and struggle to overcome such trying tribulations, we as Americans must never forget to give thanks for the divine gift of liberty, an eternal light conceived in God’s compassion and grace, which warns ours senses and strengthens our hearts against hate, cruelty and depravity. For no matter how bleak or barren tomorrow may seem, America offers a bounty of self-fulfilling opportunity, generosity and level of hope from despair that millions throughout the world, still to this day, can scarcely imagine.

As someone who truly rejoices in the festive revelry of the Holiday season, a virtuous reminder of personal rebirth and redemption that should last throughout the year, there is no greater gift than human empathy…most notably, a genuine concern for the well-being of family, neighbors and complete strangers. Muddled in the hustle and bustle of our own daily lives, our growing impatience and demand for satisfaction, society is too easily blinded or even numb to the struggles of our fellow brethren. As we are increasingly consumed by modern contrivances and hoarded possessions, there are countless souls who have never known love, who cannot escape the ravages of disease, who sleep in abandoned warehouses or parked cars in the dead of winter, who frequently go to bed hungry, are sexually abused by supposed figures of trust, or lack the support to overcome loss, domestic violence, depression and substance abuse. To these forgotten or falsely stereotyped individuals, the slightest hint of compassion or a kind face with whom to share their feelings – perhaps a cup of coffee, a phone call for help made on their behalf or a warm embrace – exceeds the dollar amount of any highly coveted, mass marketed, commercial item.

Making a lasting difference in the world, endeavoring to walk in the benevolent footsteps of Christ, begins by teaching our children the greatest act of charity is their time, humanity, forgiveness and willingness to think of others before themselves. And although it is true I believe no child should go without a present or a family’s love on Christmas day, I gain far more satisfaction from giving to and helping others than any ornate present I may receive. Whether volunteering to feed the homeless, befriending an orphan in foster care or donating services to a senior citizen in need, hope resides in our capacity to embody charity, spread good will and cheer, each and every ordinary day of the year.

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Diapers and Double Duty

I hate to burst your pompous bubble wrap, Al Franken, but you personally admitted to sexually harassing\assaulting women after irrefutable evidence surfaced of your vile behavior. Unlike your woefully insincere apology and your party’s clearly calculated attempt to claim the moral high ground, your resignation was more than warranted. Roy Moore and President Trump, on the other hand, were clearly targeted by an orchestrated wave of unsubstantiated accusations just weeks before their respective elections. Not only was no credible proof offered and not one criminal charge filed, Gloria Allred represented nearly every so-called victim: many of whom had direct ties to the Democratic Party, a history of false allegations or later admitted to being contacted as potential accusers. Despite your spiteful and vindictive claims, wishful thinking or private “locker room talk” does not constitute actually physically groping, kissing or repeatedly harassing another human being against his or her will. Unless innocence is no longer presumed in a court of law and guilt pardoned from any required burden of proof, I’m going to have to ask you to check your diaper. America is sick of your delusional and divisive stench.

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From Abraham to America: The Divine Capital of the Judeo-Christian State

For the sake of posterity, not indulging the baseless claims of revisionists and anti-Christian antagonists, I’ll try to be as credibly concise as possible. The theological, geographic roots of Judaism stretches back over four thousand years – or three times greater than the first documented revelations of Mohammad – and Canaan, better known as modern-day Israel, represents a covenant between God and Abraham to consecrate a “Holy Land” for a “sacred” people. Likewise, the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem to his transcendent Sermon on the Mount near the Sea of Galilee until his mourned crucifixion in Golgotha, the divine source for our natural born rights, serves as the moral basis of our Constitutional charter and the very ideological foundation of Western Civilization itself. To claim Islam or modern-day “Palestinians” have any legitimate claim over Israel’s ancestral homeland, the newly and rightfully recognized capital of Jerusalem itself, is to disregard history itself.

In 624 AD, Mohammed plundered an Arabic caravan and murdered 70 Meccans for material gain. Between 630 and Mohammed’s recorded death in 632 AD, Muslims conquered the bulk of Western Arabia and southern Palestine through approximately a dozen separate invasions and bloody conquests. These clashes were in large part “Holy Wars”, debunking the popular myth the Crusades were “The First Holy War”, as if Christians nefariously invented the mere concept of religious conflict. Immediately following Mohammed’s fall, the new Muslim caliph, Abu Bakr, launched Islam into nearly 1,500 years of perpetual imperialism through invasion, war and forced subjugation; a blueprint Islam still follows to this very day.

The lust for Muslim conquest stretched from southern France to the Philippines, from Austria to Nigeria, central Asia to New Guinea and included over 1,000 incursions into Europe alone which predated the onset of the “Crusades”; that infamous Christian “Holy War” which is routinely depicted by academia as an unprovoked campaign of intolerant, brutal aggression. While I will not deny the fighting was undeniably vicious and some European armies made no distinction between Muslims and Jews, the Crusades were clearly calculated reciprocity, not unsolicited hostility.

Headquartered in Arabia, the Muslim goal was to first erect a central government in Damascus, followed by Baghdad and later at Cairo, Istanbul or any other advantageous Islamic center. The local governors, judges, of these distant colonies were appointed by central authorities, Islamic law was introduced as the absolute decree of their newfound rulers. In essence, two classes emerged in these newly captured territories: the native, tax-paying residents and their colonialist dictators…the Islamic Caliphate.

Predominantly populated by Jews and Monophysite Christians, “Palestine”, the prophesied “Promised Land”, was the first Western, non-Arab region invaded by Muslim imperialists. At the time, Palestine was in great decline under the rule of the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire, a Greek speaking people. The Muslim annexation of Palestine began with the battle of Yarmouk in August of 636 AD with an estimated 75,000 soldiers. With the help of local Jews who initially welcomed the Muslims as liberators due an underlying hatred of their current despotic leaders, these Islamic invaders eventually conquered the remainder of Palestine but were unable to capture Jerusalem. Beginning in July 637, Muslims laid siege to Jerusalem, which lasted for five months, and concluded with its surrender in February 638 AD. And although Arabs did not ransack the esteemed city, the attack was but a taste of Islamic tyranny which in due time would illustrate many trademarks of Muslim oppression. In short, only Christian and Jewish people were made to pay tributes and neither could bear arms, ride horses, proselytize (preach their faith) or build without Muslim permission. Baghdad also used these colonial wars of conquest to provide the Caliphate with a steady stream of slaves, many of whom were turned into eunuchs.

Beginning in 725 AD, after nearly a century of Muslim occupation, the centralized Islamic government was subverted by a rise in extremist factions which deemed Arabic the official language, demanded the conversion of all “infidels” to Islam, and systematically drained the wealth and economic vitality of Jerusalem. In approximately 750, the reigning Caliph destroyed the walls of Jerusalem, leaving it defenseless, only to later be rebuilt in time to defend against the Crusaders. During this period, Jerusalem and its Christian/Jewish majority suffered greatly during alternating periods of peace and war. The countryside of Israel (970-983 AD) and that of Jerusalem (1024-1077 AD) was repeatedly laid waste and local resources pilfered. The Caliphate ordered the wholesale destruction of Christian churches – although Islamic mobs independently unleashed their own ruinous wrath – and in 1020 the Caliph of Cairo ordered the cultural genocide of Jerusalem by building small Mosques over existing Christian churches, robbing Christian pilgrims traveling from European countries and by attacking Christian processions in its city streets.

Not until 1099 AD or after roughly 450 years of uninterrupted Muslim rule was Jerusalem briefly recaptured before changing hands on numerous other occasions. All in all, Jerusalem has been destroyed at least twice, besieged (surrounded) 23 times, attacked on 52 separate instances, and captured/recaptured an astounding 44 times. The “City of David” – including Eastern Jerusalem’s subsequent Christian proliferation and the West Bank remnants of Islamic infiltration – was not fully returned to the rightful descendants of Abraham until the victorious culmination of the Six Day War in 1967 when Israel decisively repelled the combined advances and undying aspirations of Jordan, Syria, and Eqypt. Furthermore, a number of today’s self-proclaimed “Palestinians” currently occupying the Gaza Strip, the same archaic militants defined by incessant depravity, are most likely the direct descendants of 12th century, seaborne Philistines indoctrinated into conquering Islamic tribes.

For those anti-American apologists who adamantly disagree with President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the proper home for our foreign embassy, claiming it will destabilize the Palestinian “peace process” and compromise their right to a sovereign homeland, please allow my “Islamophobia” to digress. The very basis of Islam is the unconditional submission and forced conversion of non-believers. Nothing during the past 1500 years has led mankind to believe their sordid mission has changed or reconciled the Q’uran’s belligerent teachings, inhumane practices, with the societal values of the civilized world. Even during the renovation of Jerusalem’s famed walls and city infrastructure under Suleiman the Magnificent, the occupation by the Ottoman Turks between the 16th and 19th centuries, the subsequent rise in Mosques and Islamic symbols were specifically commissioned to commemorate a “great victory” over a conquered indigenous people and their native religion. Assimilation was little more than a sharpened ultimatum without an address.

“Peace and Palestinian sovereignty” is an oxymoronic fallacy that is as prevalent in anti-Semitic circles as it is historically obtuse. After all, when the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II pillaged Jerusalem and its sacred Temple – one of three great exoduses of Israelites into Egyptian bondage – it was populated by Jews, not Palestinians. Why, you ask? Because “Palestinians” were not invented yet. Yes, I concur, a most troubling revelation. Regardless of these omitted facts and the Islamic incarnation of such cultural misappropriation, America and Israel are forever intertwined by an unbreakable premise. America was established upon the moral cannon of Judeo-Christian principles – the indelible ideal our Constitution was forged solely for a moral and religious people – and the Biblical account Christians are called upon to defend the “Holy Land” for God’s “chosen people”; or more succinctly, the salvation of all mankind.


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The Anatomy of Entrapment

For those unfamiliar with the Logan Act, it is little known piece of legislation that prohibits private citizens from acting on behalf of the United States in disputes with foreign governments. It also became the preferred form of entrapment when the Obama administration obtained a warrant from the FISA court under false pretenses to illegally wiretap a presidential candidate, the eventual nominee, and unmask his transition team; a first in American history. If Flynn is guilty of violating the Logan Act for simply engaging a Russian diplomat, with whom he had a relationship with for years, to discuss United Nations policy concerning Israel, what exactly has Barack Obama been doing for the past year by shadowing President Trump around the globe and holding private meetings with foreign dignitaries concerning global warming, immigration and free trade? Perhaps my definition of intentional subversion, impersonation or even treason is a bit hazy. Regardless, telling a lie to conceal a harmless act was Flynn’s only real mistake. It’s even more silly when you realize Martha Stewart was charged for the exact same thing, lying under oath, only for those charges to be dropped because her most significant indiscretion was insider trading…a much more serious transgression.
If this entire media induced hysteria over Russian election collusion never materialized – a false narrative the scandalous Clinton campaign concocted to pardon her failed candidacy and in the process undermine Trump’s legitimacy – an honorable man who dedicated his entire life to serving this great country would not be disgraced by those who disparage America and our military on a religious basis. For those keeping score of these petty games and who grow tired of con artists fabricating injustice and exploiting mere technicality, that also means the President never obstructed justice…he merely exposed the laughable hypocrisy of the intelligence community and fired a failed FBI director who leaked memos, faked investigations and routinely ignored real corruption.
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Pallbearers and Tax Collectors

If you’re seething about most significant tax cuts in modern US history –
i.e., giving less of your hard earned money to a government that nearly doubled the national debt to 19.5 trillion in 8 short years, watched welfare recipients skyrocket from 26 to 47 million, sent billions in aid to known terrorist regimes, and funded idiotic projects such as studying fish on treadmills or documenting alcohol consumption at frat parties – then by all means feel free to send Washington a monthly stipend emblazoned with the inscription, “sucker”. But if you freely accept America was founded upon the non-negotiable precepts of limited government, transparency and fiscal responsibility, then you refuse to give your car keys and checkbook to a habitual drunk driver crying because actions have consequences and voters expectations. Instead, put a pinwheel on their head, push each one down the Congressional hill of dishonor and tell these detached bureaucrats to find one business in the private sector that would indulge their incompetence, corruption and recklessness.
If everyday citizens ran their finances liked Washington – elitists who got rich off the system, including the record debt they themselves created – “We the People” would be bankrupt and living in the gutter within months. The only difference is that regular people are cannot give ourselves a bailout, simply print more money or play “distract and blame” politics to conceal our own negligence. Sorry, but mortgage companies don’t deal in excuses or sensational speeches that do not abridge equity or debt ratio, they accept interest, foreclosures and liquidation. The fact we this country is enjoying its third consecutive quarter of over 3% growth (current estimates have our fourth quarter GDP at 3.9%), consumer confidence is at its highest level in over 17 years, more foreign businesses are investing in our communities and affluent American companies like Apple are bringing their manufacturing operations back from foreign markets, is proof capitalism is far more synonymous with economic vitality and opportunity. In other words, if you’re doing everything in your power to succeed and provide for your family – millions of law-abiding Americans who struggle, sacrifice and live paycheck to paycheck – shouldn’t you be rewarded for your work ethic, innovative spirit, rather than handcuffed by those political parasites attempting win an election who disparage your efforts as “privilege” solely to justify giving the fruits of your labor to a millennial culture paralyzed by envy and entitlement?
This isn’t a matter of partisan politics but of economics and common sense. Lower taxes, practical spending, plus a more diverse job market and increased entrepreneurial opportunities means more prosperity and disposable income…which in turn fosters greater tax revenue without actually having to raise taxes and further burden the middle class or small businesses. While no socialist or communist country has ever taxed its citizenry into prosperity, statists are extremely adept at turning capable, ambitious, self-sufficient individuals into dependent, apathetic zombies who are somehow content with food rations and inept healthcare, a politician’s promise of uninterrupted mediocrity, in lieu of an elected body empowering every man, woman and child with two hands a dream to seize control of their lives and reach a level of satisfaction no self-serving form of government could ever provide.
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Dining on Desperation

A national security adviser was asked by a senior Trump official to speak to a Russian dignitary, among others, to solicit support for a UN resolution regarding Israeli settlements. Oh the horror! If it was any other country, at any other time, “crickets” from the media and Democratic peanut gallery. Let us not forget, the man was spied on, illegally unmasked and the wrongfully obtained information from a private conversation used against him. But we all know false election collusion narratives must be fed and God forbid if Hillary was charged for lying about her illegal server, sending classified information over unauthorized communications or destroying evidence to “prove” her innocence. If General Flynn lied to protect a simple breech of protocol regarding foreign contact, without any real malicious intent or serious crime committed, then so be it. He should and did admit to his mistake. But why isn’t this heightened sense of scrutiny for any possible infraction being applied to those guilty of far greater indiscretions?
“The false statements involved mirror the false statements to White House officials which resulted in his resignation in February of this year. Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. Flynn. The conclusion of this phase of the Special Counsel’s work demonstrates again that the Special Counsel is moving with all deliberate speed and clears the way for a prompt and reasonable conclusion.” ~White House Lawyer, Ty Cobb.
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Kate Steinle: A Victim of “Privilege”

san fran

How are you not guilty of murder, let alone involuntary manslaughter from “accidental negligence”, when there’s a dead body, gunshot residue on your hand and you admit firing the weapon that killed her; a firearm stolen from a federal agent, no less? When political hearsay replaces logic and common sense becomes a micro-aggression! Apparently if you’re an illegal immigrant living in California, shielded by the sheer lunacy of Sanctuary Cities, the law is secondary to the warped perceptions of bitter social anarchists. It’s obvious a sizable percentage of judges and jurors are incapable of delineating fact from identity victimization propaganda; i.e., the growing mindset in extremely progressive states that politics trump judicial obligation because illegals are obviously helpless victims of a racist American society and therefore worthy of special considerations. Sorry to disgrace the “honorable” court but “intent” does not magically exonerate criminals from the consequences of their actions.

A conviction of guilt doesn’t require three bystanders filming a suspect standing over a bleeding body while holding a smoking gun. You simply have to prove there is no other likely, plausible explanation within the scope of the evidence at hand. Regardless of your personal opinion of the verdict, the fact liberals are rejoicing over this historic injustice, claiming Kate’s Law should now be nullified to allow similar future tragedies, illustrates just how shameless, morally bankrupt and dangerous the left has become in the wake of such a senseless loss. It’s painfully absurd to call yourself a “feminist” or a champion of women’s rights after celebrating the unpunished murder of a callously marginalized life. 

Sorry to disappoint the Jose Garcia Zarate fan club, but I never viewed our legal system as a color-coded game of partisan contempt – white versus black, man versus woman, Christian versus atheist, Democrat versus Republican. Rather, I recognized the concept of “justice” as the most sacred duty of a sovereign, constitutional republic to reassert the rights and value of a human life. For once our judicially system is irreconcilably compromised, tyranny and mass injustice are merely a formality. If we as a nation of laws cannot demand accountability, deliver legal recompense with damning proof and grieve for an innocent woman gunned down in the prime of her life by a trespassing non-citizen with 7 felony convictions and deported 5 times, this nation is no better than a banana republic that claims witnessing a rape is a violation of one’s right to privacy. And if that’s now the universal standard of prescribed innocence, Europe would like to share their secrets of culture capitulation by teaching unreasonable Americans how not to trigger foreign militants into robbing, assaulting or killing their loved ones. As long as subjective advocacy perverts the rule of law and tangible evidence no longer indicative of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, “justice” will remain the battered political hostage of detached apologists who actually correlate forensic science with white privilege and “racism”.

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A Fear of Ignorance

While globalists and the media conspire daily to protect and enable Islam’s destructive creed, its refreshing to have a President who actually has the conviction and courage necessary to expose their hateful, violent intolerance of Western society. The only thing “shocking” or “inappropriate” about those disturbing videos he shared is the disgusting fact so many progressives continue to blindly defend the vile behavior of those Islamic immigrants who tirelessly seek our submission – albeit through economic collapse, cultural coercion or demographic attrition – to a barbaric ideology that is unquestionably incompatible with our founding ideals. Actually, it’s “shocking” Western leaders have never demanded a formal reformation of Islam’s most barbaric practices and regressive beliefs despite an unyielding legacy of bigotry, misogyny and death.
If 1500 years of mass oppression and human atrocity is not convincing enough to stoke the fires of international concern, then we deserve to suffer the same fate as those European nations currently inundated with acid attacks, sexual assault and public battery, pedophilia and incessant terrorism. It’s not simply a matter of weeding out the “bad apples”, for those who are not the proverbial “tip of the spear” are either steadying the hand plotting our demise or applauding the victorious aftermath of evil. Rejecting all forms of malice, albeit Islamic supremacy or domestic crime, is incumbent upon our ability to combat and differentiate the two. One is the product of our society’s decaying moral values and encouraged political hostilities, the other extends from openly inviting nearly two millenniums of unrepentant “Jihad” to freely walk through our door without a care or legitimate suspicion.
Do you actually believe it was a coincidence the Obama administration enabled Iran’s nuclear aspirations, illegally gave radical regimes and organizations billions in foreign aid, condemned Israel with spiteful regularity or transported as many unvetted refugees into our slumbering cities as possible? Hardly. Even more telling, if you were a destitute foreigner from a war ravaged region living under a host country’s grace and generosity, would you deface their sacred monuments, attack handicap kids, murder gays or gang rape children and women? Not a chance in hell unless you were a sadistic cult which neither had the sanity or basic decency necessary to appreciate the opportunities, life sustaining amenities and safety, afforded to your people! Linda Sarsour and Valerie Jarrett have repeatedly disparaged and threatened this nation – the exploding Muslim community in Dearborn, Michigan waves the ISIS flag and shouts “Death to America” – despite basking in those liberties and protections they would not find in any glorious Islamic caliphate. How many so-called “moderate” Muslims have condemned these ungrateful actions or marched in our streets to demand accountability, cultural assimilation, as a means of preserving their newfound blessings? More profoundly, how many Islamists truly love America, respect our Constitutional sovereignty or unconditionally recognize our right to exist, if at all? So few you would need to detect a muffled whisper beneath a roaring train fleeing an advancing avalanche during an earthquake.
No, contrary to politically correct accessories, defeating Islamic tyranny is very much a grave matter of having the fortitude and wisdom to realize if Muslims were the dominant populace or in control of our public institutions, to what end would they unleash their wrath on our families and unsuspecting communities. Whether “We the People” acknowledge the lion in the room is of no consequence because predators do not recognize the rights or screams of their prey. Rather, they feed on their victim’s ignorance, vulnerabilities and false sense of security. “Islamophobia” is not a racist or mindless fear of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. It is an educated and rational response, an offensive oxymoron, to anyone who is acutely aware of Islam’s teachings, history and unbridled aspirations to harm our loved ones and topple this beloved republic’s enduring creed; a beacon of hope from despotic rule and religious persecution. Islam is, and always has been, the mortal enemy of modern civility, our capacity for human empathy and the divine concept we are all born equal, blessed with inalienable dignities, to live free from the soulless depravity of forced subjugation; that which still breathes in the Middle East, Africa and Asia without refrain or global condemnation.
“The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine—must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die. But the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science—the science against which it had vainly struggled—the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome. Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.”
~ Winston S. Churchill, The River War
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